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Terms Definitions
Ch 13
paths of action
Ch 5
Evaluating Art
when mass encloses space
white, black and gray
During the Renaissance, artists received growing support from a new class of wealthy merchants and bakers, such as the Medici Family, who, with great political skill, dominated the life of Florence.
perspective parallel lines remain parallel, they do not converge as they recede
figure/positive shapes
subject or dominant shapes
A two-dimensional or implied two-dimensional area defined by line or changes in value and/or color.
Byzantium Art
Distinctive style; motionless, elongated and abstracted figures with symbolic rather than naturalistic meaning
Churches had plain exteriors
Abstract Sculpture
Constantine Brancusi (Sleep; Sleeping Muse; The Newborn; Bird in Space)
Society in the Renaissance was liberated and driven toward self understanding and awareness of the world in which humans lived: 1. New values 2. Technological achievements 3. Painting & sculpture took on as great or greater importance than architecture. 4. Technique of chiaroscuro. 5. Linear perspective was developed after noticing that distant objects appears smaller than near ones. 6. atmospheric perspective. 7. The nude reappeared.8. Beauty became equated with moral goodness.
Jasper Johns
deceptively simple; objects of contemplation; Target With Four Faces
fool the eye
Trompe l'oeil technique means
created through the regular recurrence of elements with related variations
Wet: Pigment; Binder (wet plaster); Vehicle (water)
Miriam Schapiro, 1985, Fabric and Acrylic
visual arts
drawing, painting, sculpture, film, architecture and design
A graphic design (identifying mark) based on pictoral (rather than typographic) sources. A form or image implying or representing something beyond its obvious and immediate meaning.
gives a composition unity, continuity, flow and emphasis
modeling that uses pliable materials such as clay, wax or plaster
photographic process resulting in a reverse (negative) image from which a positive photograph can be made.
Implied Line
Implied lines suggest visual connections. Implied lines that form geometric shapes can serve as an underlying organizational structure.
Georges Seurat
-Used a process called Pointillism -Worked with theories about optical color mixing and color complements
Zaria Art Society
Nigeria, dedicated to expressing African identity; Uche Okeke - "Natural synthesis" modern and African influence, (Ana MMuo)
Mark Rothko
** -Abstract Expressionist who worked with the idea of spirituality in his work, he saw a close relationship between aesthetic experiences and spiritual experiences;
-Layered oil paints in strong solid blocks with no structure and no central focus to create a psychological and spiritual void where one could meditate, called COLOR FIELD;
paintings pioneer of color field painting;
paintings evoke different emotions; sensuous appeal and monumental presence;
Blue, Orange, Red;
cross hatching
cross directional lines that create depth of form
The gradual shifting from light to dark to create the illusion of a curved surface is
documented social issues
Lewis Hine, Coal breakers, Pennsylvania
a structural framework or metal based on a triangular system used to span, reinforce, or support walls, ceilings, piers, or beams.
the legal distance that a building must be from property lines.
projective drawing
drawings that come from memory, imagination or visions
waxy substance used to protect areas of paper from watercolor; removed later to leave white area.
395 AD Roman empire split with capitals in Rome and Constantinople.
Name the elements of art. Line, Shape, Mass, Space, Time, Motion, Light, Color, Texture.
Latin American Modernism
Latin America vs Europe: Cannabalism. Tarsila do Amaral (Abaporu); Xul Solar (Dragon); Paul Klee; Armando Reveron (Untitled); Frida Kahlo (the Two Fridas);
The "Renaissance"
14-16 century: (the "rebirth" of the art and ideas of classical Greece and Rome) began in Italy in the early 14th century and reached its culmination in the early 16th century, having spread to other parts of Europe.
black and colors, a liquid used for printing or writing or drawing
organic shape
irregular often curving or rounded and relaxed shapes
formal theories
focus attention on the composition of the work and how it may have been influenced by earlier works.
The material used in paint that causes pigment particles to adhere to one another and to the support, for example, linseed oil or acrylic polymer.
a liquid with which pigment is mixed by a painter
(448 - 432 BCE) Temple to Athena Parthenos (goddes of wisdom, arts, industries, and prudent warfare; protector of the Greek navy)
built using 4:9 ratio; columns bulge and lean in to correct for optical illusion.
The Barbizon School
(France) -Time of great change in society and art should show it -Portrayed "proletariat" or working class or direct observation of nature -Group of landscape painters who worked in the "open air" not in the studio
Baroque painting
Baroque painting had many of the same attributes that Baroque sculpture and architecture had: theatrics, sexual innuendo, and violent subjects. Baroque used revolutionary techniques of dramatic, selective illumination of figures out of deep shadows - a hallmark of Baroque painting. Contrary to the traditional idealized interpretation of religious subjects, Baroque realistically presents models from the streets.
reasons for art
Day to Day, worship and ritual, personal expression, social causes, visual delight,
refers to the purity of a hue or color
List and define the types of sculpture, each according to its own set of characteristics.
modeling: manipulative, additive, clay; casting: mold, solid or hollow, metal, polymers; carving: subtractive, unforgiving, stone or wood; constructing and assembling: putting pieces together (often welding), sometimes found pieces.
Andy Warhol
-He was an artist who took images from popular culture, soup cans, etc. and through his art gave them greater than usual importance; -Emulated the manufacturing process for everyday items in the art process;
-Recognized cultural icons (Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, etc.) and used them as heroic figures by mass producing their images (just like the Greek ideal human forms);
His art form a sort of portrait of America of early sixties.;
his studio was called "The Factory";
Marilyn Diptych; Thirteen Most Wanted Men,
Ability to see (or to be aware) and to respond.
Discuss the history of typography.
art and technique of composing printed material from letter forms; early European used design from carved Roman letters; now designers are making their own; Tobias Frere-Jones (Armada, Garage Gothich)
in-the-round aka freestanding sculpture
Sculpture which is meant to be seen from all sides.
mature, develop critical skills, develop an aesthetic awareness
Our concept of what "good art" is changes as we ______________.
Discuss time and motion in works of art.
time can be implied by placement within the work (top is farther in the past); motion can be implied by physical posture which invokes feeling of motion, or by multiple images showing movement. Also can be actual movement (film, kinetic).
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