Earth Science Final Review- Astronomy Flashcards

Terms Definitions
post meredian
drives geological activity
spring tides
very high tides
8th planet from the sun
hot material rises, cool material falls
jovian planets
juptier saturn uranus and nepturne
an angle measurement which extends from an object in the sky, to the observer, and out to the observer's horizon. highest reading is 90.
mean solar day
average length of day
the jovian planets differ in the amount of hydrogen and helium ____ accumlated
also saw four moons obriting jupiter, proving that not all objects orbit earth
A large number (millions to billions) of stars held together by gravity
All matter and energy, including the earth and the galaxies
Replaces the eyepiece of a telescope with a photographic plate
waves produced by stars
every kind of wave
nearly identical to the size of earth, surface is hidden by clouds: hellish conditions due to an extreme green house effect, even hotter than mercury, 470 degrees celcius during the day and at night
jupiters four galilean moons
io, europa, ganymede, and callisto
jovian atmospheres
hydrogen in compounds in jupiter form clouds, could colors corresponds to freezing points of different hydrogen compounds
study of spectra of stars by analyzing special properties they give off
a unit used in astronomy to describe large distances (1=3.26 light years)
the closest star to Earth and the center of our solar system, also main source of energy
first elements formed in Big Bang
hydrogen and helium
as mass increases
the force of gravity increases, massa nd gravity are directly proportional distance and gravtiy are inversely propotional
large sized jovian moons
greater than 1500 km, ongoing geological activity
number of waves that pass by a point in a second
astronomical unit
a unit of measurement equal to the average distance between the earth and the sun
7th planet from the Sun; is large and gaseous with thin, dark rings and rotates tilted on its side
Electromagnetic Energy
Travels at the speed of light; defined by the wavelength which affects its frequency
Huge bright ball of gas and dust in space
jovian planet cores
are all very similar, mass of ten earths
The Hertzsprung-Russell (H-R) Diagram
Shows the absolute magnitude of a star
When several radio telescopes are wired together, the resulting network is called a radio ________.
a) interferometer
b) receiver
c) antenna
d) refractor
a) interferometer
When several radio telescopes are wired together, the resulting network is called a RADIO INTERFEROMETER.
magnetic fields importanct to earth
keeps the solar wind from penetrating earth and prevents radiation
stages of small star dying
small stars can become a white dwarf
A star that expands and cools once it runs out of hydrogen
Red Giant Star
Which property of a star can be determined by its color?
a) age
b) distance from Earth
c) temperature
d) chemical composition
c) temperature
A Star's temperature can be determined by it's color.
Which pair of solar system bodies comes closest to approximating a "double planet," that is, two bodies of roughly equal mass close enough to revolve around each other as they orbit around the Sun?
a) Earth; Venus
b) Pluto; Charon
c) Uranus; Sat
b) Pluto; Charon
PLUTO AND CHARON are a "double planet," that is, two bodies of roughly equal mass close enough to revolve around each other as they orbit around the sun.
The measure of a star's brightness is called its ______________.
a) magnitude
b) parallax
c) intensity
d) color index
a) magnitude
The measure of a star's brightness is its MAGNITUDE.
does mars have a magentic field
no, it use to by evidence of rocks but no longer does
Where is our sun located in the Milky Way?
a) within one of the spiral arms
b) at the exact center
c) in the galactic halo
d) at the tip of one of the spiral arms
a) within one of the spiral arms
The sun in located WITHIN ONE OF THE SPIRAL ARMS of the Milky Way galaxy.
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