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Terms Definitions
Unconditioned Stimulus
explicit/declarative memory, EX
Declarative memory cognitive meaning
Ego-approach prediction level
predicts grades
refers to thought and knowlege
His theory on therapy:Emphasize successes Collaborative effort with the clientTherapist writes down the client’s negative thoughts, then challenges their distorted thinkingTry to get the client to make a new, fair self evaluation Try to change self-limiting behaviors which limit the client’s potential
Theory of
2.Arousal + Emotion
Cannon-Bard Theory
flashbulb memories
memories for emotional events
biochemical units of heredity that make up chromosomes; segment of DNA capable of synthesizing a protein
methods of psychoanaylsis and criticisms
-free association
-psychoanalysist beliefs cannot be proven
-very lengthy and expensive
A group of psychotic disorders characterized by major disturbances in thought, emotion, and behavior; disordered thinking in which ideas are not logically related; faulty perception and attention; bizarre disturbances in motor activity; flat or inappropriate emotions; reduced tolerance for stress in interpersonal relations and withdrawal from people and reality, often into a fantasy life of delusions and hallucinations. See schizoaffective disorder, schizophreniform disorder, and brief psychotic disorder.
True/False: both active sites on nicotinic receptors must be bound to ACh in order to be activated
One's general standards about right and wrong behavior
dichotic listening
different auditory messages are presented separately and simultaneously to each ear. the subjects task is to repeat aloud one message while ignoring the other.
Ineffective Encoding
We don't 'remember' something in the first place because we didn't learn it properly
cells that hold neurons in place
Sucking rhythmically in response to oral stimulation
ABC's of antisocial relations
-A: affect=prejudice
-B: behavior=discrimination
-C: cognition=stereotype
cognitive dissonance
anxiety that results from simultaneously holding incompatible attitudes or beliefs, as when one likes a person but disapproves of their habits
social facilitation
stronger responses on simple or well-learned tasks in the presence of others
Mamie & Keneth Clark
Findings ended school segregation
Goals of Psychology
-Describe: involves a careful description of the behavior based on scientific observation -Understand: the ability to state a cause of a behavior -Predict:The ability to forecast behavior accurately -Control: to alter conditions that effect
Werther Effect
Social Influence is stronger if someone is similar to us
Which thinking process is described?Talking on the phone and driving. Being able to concentrate on the phone conversation and being able to drive without really paying attention to signs, turns, etc...
Subconscious Thinking Process
Vestibular senses
contributes to your system of equlibrium and body position in space are you upright, on your side, etc
Cerebellum in memeory
Implicit memory --> Classical conditioning
Somatoform Disorder
recurring physical symptoms with no apparent physical cause
Reciprocal altruism
some animals will commit biologically unselfish acts
Sensation seekers
individuals who routinely seek out novel, complex situations and are willing to take physical and social risks in order to achieve thrills
Binding problem
The challenge of tying different attributes of visual stimuli, which are handled by different brain circuits, to appropriate objects so we perceive a unified object.
Frontal Lobe
motor cortex and prefrontal cortex, involved in movement. planning, flexibility
_____ are participants who receive special treatment.
Experimental Group
termination insomnia
wake up much earlier than intended
racial memory
feelings, patterns of thought, and experience that have been transmitted from generation to generation and that deeply influence the mind and behavior
case study
an observation technique in which one person is studied in depth in the hope of revealing universal principles
resting potential
balance between + and - charged chemical ions (Na+ and K+)
socially useful type
a personality that is well adjusted
Problems in Living
deviance in behavior from certain psychological, ethical, or legal normsThis deviance is NOT illness, and therefore is not properly within the realm of medical (psychiatric) intervention
Values of t
sample mean = population mean; t=0
sample mean greater than pop. mean; t>0
sample mean < pop. mean; t<0
case markers
indicators used by languages to relate a word and the "action" in the sentence, for ex., whether the word idientifies the source of the action, the receiver of the action, and so on. in most langs, these are function morphemes
social support
various types of aid and succor provided by members of one's social network
relative deprivation
Feelings of discontent aroused by the belief that one fares poorly compared w/others
Hindsight Bias
-The "i knew it all along" phenomenon-The tendency to overestimate the predictability of known outcomes after the fact
-baseline: 65%(shock to 450 volts)-Does obedience go up or down if-the subject (teacher) has to force the learner’s hand onto a shock plate?- 30%-The subjects (teachers) are women?-65%-The experimenter tells th
(miligram obedience experients)basic paradigm
Inferential Statistics
Branch of stats concerned with drawing inferences about populations based on sample data.
response-consequence learning
learning to associate a response with a consequence. ex; getting a treat after a trick.
TAT sample
Who are these people?
What are they doing/thinking?
What led them to this moment?
What will happen next?
Psychologist could be found working?
Police departments, government agencies, industry, shcools, nuring homes
long term potentiation
long lasting change in the structure or function of a synapse that increases the efficiency of neural transmission and is thought to be related to how info is stored by neurons
incremental view
you can accomplish what you try to accomplish
sensory systems
the parts of the nervous system tha provide information about the environment
Health risks of Bulimia nervosa
Damage to intestines, tooth decay
refers to one's view of oneself as male or female. a term that is important to the sociocultural pespective.
the complex molecular strands of a chromosome that contains thousands of different genes, lacted at fixed positions
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
holistic style thinking
people focus on the overall context, particularly the ways in which objects relate to each other; common in east asian cultures
2-7: early use of words and symbols to represent objects and relationships. Egocentrism, animism, artificialism, conservation
placebo effect
a reaction to a placebo manifested by a lessening of symptoms or the production of anticipated side effects.

unconscious perceptions - priming
exposure to a stimuli influences how to repsond to the same or another stimuli
also known as subliminal stimuli
What are the symptoms of dementia?
asking the same questions repeatedlybecoming lost in familiar places being unable to folow directions getting diroriented about time, people, and places neglecting personal safety, hygiene, and nutrition
Selective Attention
-how we focus on one thing and ignore most other things
Oberg's Dictum
Keep mind open, but not so open that you believe everything.
During a psychology experiment, a researcher uses a probe to lesion the ventromedial nucleus of a rat's hypothalamus. After the procedure the rat will most likely...
eat more and gain weight.
what is freud's definition of mental health??
"to love and to work"
What is the stepping reflex?
Basis for complex motor skills hold infant with bare feet touching floor, infant will mimic a stepping response (disappears near 2 months)
Nicotine increases levels of ____ in the ___ ___ of the CNS is what is responsible for the ____ and ____ and eventual dependence caused by nicotine
reward circut

euphoria and relaxation
operant conditioning pos and neg punishment
trying to decrease the likelihood of of a response or behavior . POS decrease likelihood by adding something (spanking) to situation, NEG decrease likelihood by subtracting something (fines).
Is the human need for contact universal?
Another important stimulus motive in humans and other primates is to seek various forms of tactile stimulation. The importance of contact has been demonstrated in nonhuman animal studies as well as in premature human infants.
How are our perceptions of other people likely to be influenced by stereotypes?
They ignore the diversity w/in social groups and foster inaccurate perceptions of people.
For Freud, a person stuck&#10;at a developmental stage __________.&#10;&#10;&#10;&#10;
can move on to the next&#10;stage if they confront the current stage&#10;&#10;&#10;&#10;
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