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Terms Definitions
General knowledge
Left temporal lober
alternatives of evolution theory
"Footnotes" centered, supplemental informaiton
psychomotor intelligence

Psychomotor intelligence involves the physical, outward side of a person as opposed to the other intelligences which are more internal.
A specific and testable prediction
William James
1842-1910 founder of functionalism
projective tests
rorschach inkblots, thematic apperception test (tat)
endocrine system
the body's "slow" chemical communication system; a set of glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream
the major active ingredient in marijuana; triggers a variety of effects, including mild hallucinations
A desired outcome; something one wishes to achieve or accomplish
4th month
face looks human, bones defined
Black and white brightness receptors that function best in dim light
process of assigning causes to behaviour
made up words; completely new words
An organized system of assumptions and principles that purport to explain a set of phenomena
should capture the essential features of the various disorders
Thermal regulation
works like thermostat
deviations from set point causes psychological and physiological
one whose personality type is intermediate between extrovert and introvert
A machine, commonly used in attempts to detect lies, that measures several of the physiological responses accompanying emotion
provides input to other brain stem structures and cerebellum
organized cluster of knowledge about a particular objects or event abstracted from previous experience with the object or event.
disorganized speech
a severe disruption of verbal commuication in which ideas shift rapidly and incoherently from one to another
Sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex.
S/S of intoxication of hallucinogens
Belligerence, impulsiveness, psychomotor agitation, increased HR, BP, ataxia, seizures, panic reaction, delirium
Classical Conditioning
acquiring a new response (the conditioned response) to the conditioned stimulus
Little Albert acquired the fear of a white rat
“Studies show that males manifest higher levels of aggression than females across all cultures.” If you assume that this statement is true, it would seem to implicate ________ as the primary basis for the observed higher level of aggression in males.
b. heredity
feelings that predispose us to respond in a particular way
region of the brain above the hindbrain that contains the reticular formation
strengths of trait theory
i.    Simple, scientifically validated way of assessing individual differences in average psychological tendenciesii.    Capacity to move from a psychological to a biological level of analysis
Attachment Motivation
the desire for physical and psychological proximity to another person, so that the individual experiences comfort and pleasure in the other person's precence
Researchers have identified two separate areas that control eating:
Laternal Hypothalamus (LH)
Ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH)
Americans self treat more frequently than doctors with
OTC drugs
Mean Square (Between)
Between-groups variation / Between degrees of freedom
glilal cells
cells in the nervous system that support, nourish and protect neurons
temporal lobe
part of brain where amnesia could occur
Pilot studies
after materials are ready, try them out on a few participants to see if they work the way you wanted them to
What types of a agents facilitate the action of a neurotransmitter?
Concrete operational period
mental operations applied to concrete events;mastery of conservation;7 to 11 years
A fast and efficient strategy that may facilitate decision making but does not guarantee that a solution will be reached.
control condition
the condition of an experiment that contrasts with the experimental condition and serves as a comparison for evaluating the effect of the treatment
Episodic memory
d. is a memory for personally experienced events.
Social dilemma
when there is a motivational conflict both to cooperate and to be selfish
Intermittent Reinforcement
When reinforcer is at interval times, not continuously
study of the human mind and it's functions
Which technique uses this method to collect data?Subjects are administered a standardized measure to obtain a sample of their behavior. Tests are usually used to assess mental abilities or personality traits.
Psychological test
mode of thinking that occurs when the desire for harmony in a decision-making group overrides a realistic appraisal of alternatives
Postive Skew
A curve or distribution of scores that has extreme scores above the mean that are atypical of the majority of scores.
anterograde amnesia
loss of the ability to create memories after the event that caused amnesia, leading to a partial or complete inability to recall the past
self serving bias
people's tendency to take credit for their successes but downplay responsibility for their failures
problem solving- Heuristics
mental shortcuts or rules of thumb that provide answers. not always dependable.
relative deprivation
the perception that one is worse off relative to those with whom one compares oneself
Women sex differences
• seek mates willing to make long-term commitment - greater parental investment?• seek mates able to provide resources for self and offspring - e.g., economic resources•more jealous of emotional infidelity in partnersLong-Term Relationships
maintenance rehersal
one of 2 types of mental rehersal; repeating information over and over to keep it active in short term memory
ability of the lense of the eye to change its shape and bend light rays so that objects are in focus
A process in which the CR is observed even though the CS is slightly different from the original one used during acquisition.
parietal lobe
part of the cortex that is used for sensory
Initiative vs. Guilt
4-6 yrs-sense of a good or bad kid
two effects from stimulation of photoreceptors
1) excited photoreceptor transmits excitation to other cells that relay signal to brain, 2) lateral cells make contact with neighbor sells and inhibit their activation
(long term study of gifted individuals)

1,500 youngsters (average IQ = 150)
Found to be above average in height, weight, strength, physical health, emotional stability, and social satisfaction throughout adulthood
Known as "termites"
Found that most gifted kids grow up to be socially successful and above average in psychological adjustment
Tweety Bird is tired of being chased by Sylvester the cat, who wants to eat Tweety for dinner. Tweety could reduced Sylvester's desire to eat by
Destroying Sylvester's hypothalamus
visual cortex
an area at the back of the brain that interprets signals from the eyes, makes sense of what we see
out of mind out of sight is a good summary of the view of a child who has not yet mastered
object permanence
Stimulus onset asynchrony (SOA)
The time between the onset of one stimulus and the onset of another
Piaget's stages: concrete operations
age 7 - 11 or 12
can do logical operations
understand reversibility- mentally going through a series of steps backwards
- can do conservation
-cant think abstractly or hypothetically
If you want to decrease the likelihood of caretaker burnout in the health-care system, you could
d. arrange practitioners’ schedules so they get temporary breaks from patient care.
If the assumptions of a parametric test are met, will using a nonparametric test instead, increase or decrease power?
decrease. if the assumptions were not met, it would increase power
True/False: you should add an antidepressant to mood stabilizers during depressive stage of bipolar d/o.
False: no added benefit of giving anti depressants. It's better to add another mood stabilizer or antipsychotic. ECT if very severe depression
Size of Denominator of F effects on power
If the denominator of F is smaller than the F term is bigger, power is greate (and vice versa)
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