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Terms Definitions
Forebrain- Hippocampus
Undifferentiated schizophrenia
Uncategorized schizophrenia
instrumental aggression-child wants obj/ space and pushes/shouts to get it
hostile aggression-aimed at hurting someone
relational-socially exclude
sources:temperament/gender, family-inconsistant/harsh pun., media violence!
The soldiers disease
morphine dependence
2 -6/7
words/images used as representations
"pretend" play
egocentric thoughts and focus
what term designates biological, chemical, or physical agents that can cause birth defects?
Retroactive Interferenve
New informations interferes with old
Ex. Trying to remember everything for three exams in one week
o Buffers: social support, secure attachment style, rewarding career
mental images collectively, especially those produced by the imagination
americanized the Binet (Termite study of intelligent people)
Authoritarian parenting
Authoritarian parents are strict, punitive, and unsympathetic. They valueobedience from their children and do not encourage independence. They aredetached and seldom praise their children. Children of authoritarian parents tendto be unfriendly, distrustful, and withdrawn.
*LSD-Onset: 30-90 min. Duration: 6-12 hours.
*Psilocin: 2-4 hrs
*MDMA: 6-8 hrs
*Cholinergics-Onset: Rapid.  Duration: Depends on dose
*Dissociative Anesthetics-Onset: 5-10 minutes if smoked/injected.  Duration: 4-6 hrs or days depending on dose
*Can take 2-3 days until individual feels normal
Observing unsuspecting people who are naked, disrobing, or engaging in sexual activity
specialized cell activated by a stimulus
started intelligence testing, , wanted to identify slow learners, goal was to measure mental age
sensory neurons
neurons that carry incomnig information from the sense receptors to the central nervous system.
Endocrine system
the body's \"slow\" chemical communication system; a set of glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream
Neurons that connect sensory neurons, motor neurons, or other interneurons.
a person characterized by concern primarily with his or her own thoughts and feelings
all our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, in answer to the question, "Who am I?"
Dissociative Amnesia
inability to recall important personal information - most often related to a stressful experience - that can't be explained by ordinary forgetfulness
fear of going out to public places.
benefits of autonomous motivation
-deep meaningful learning-greater creativity-higher achievement-enhanced well-being
primary process thinking
the language of the unconsciousillogical, irrational
Side Effects of Sleep Apnea
depressionsexual dysfunctiondifficulty concentrating headaches irritability
The tendency to seek evidence to confirm the self-concept
the system for sensing the position and movement of individual body parts
anxious-resistant attachment
insecure bond between child and caregiver. child shows anxiety before separation . resists comforting when parent returns
neurons that have a myelin sheath are
number of complete waveforms that pass by a given point each second
somatization disorder
a long-lasting preoccupation with body symptoms that have no identifiable physical cause
comprehension monitoring
do i understand it? while reading
a procedure, as a reward or punishment, that alters a response to a stimulus
one-word stage
The stage in speech development, from about age 1 to 2, during which a child speaks mostly in single words
cocktail phenomenon
you hear your name across the room
zen buddhism
type of buddhism found particularly in japan, which uses koans to overcome limitations of thought
t-test is used for:
IV: nominal, 2 groups (male-female)
DV: Interval/ratio (GPA)
What is the half life for Paxil/Paroxetine?
21 hours
act-outcome representation
a type of association hypothesized to be the product of instrumental learning; an organism that has acquired this sort of association has acquired the knowledge that a certain type of act leads to a particular outcome.
REM sleep
a stage of sleep characterized by rapid eye movements and a high level of brain activity
suprachiasmic nucleus SCN
regulates 24 hour cycle
7 day cycle
28 day cycle and basic rest and activity
empirical biographical inventory
developed by administering a large number of potential items to a group of employees in a particular job related to job performance 
in a controlled experiment, the group subjected to a change in the independent variable
experimental group
process loss
any aspect of group interaction that inhibits good problem solving
Behavior Therapy
Group of techniques based on learning principles used to change maladaptive behaviors
Glial Cells
cells in the nevous system that support, nourish, and protect neurons
Loss or failing of the senses or mental faculties
Symptoms of Schizophrenia:
disorganized thinking
-delusions of persecution "they're out to get me" paranoia
-delusions of grandeur: think of self as extremely important e.g, view self as God
-delusions of being controlled: the CIA is controlling my brain with a radio signal
conditions for vicarious learning
-effect of reinforcement- if teacher does or doesn't like being interrupted-effect of punishment- teacher's reaction
Difference between feedforward and feedback inhibition
Feedback inhibition receives input from the neuron that is to be inhibited, it is a way of stopping the transmission (if you only want to do one thing, for example) Feedforward receives input from another neuron and trasmits to inhibit a seperate neuron, therefore potentiating hte inhibition
Aversion Therapy
A form of behavior therapy that uses positive punishment to reduce the frequency of an undesirable behavior.
how to prevent physical and cognitive decline in old age
good health, exercise
Consolidation effects
Taking a nap right after studying is best.
Insecure Attachment (Ainsworth)
mom leaves, baby cries. mom comes back. baby still cries; \"angry\" at mom.
leads to Avoidant and Anxious-Ambivalent
from; abandonment/deprivation in first years of live. abusive/neglectful from irresponsibility/depression/stressful situations in family
Squared correlation coefficient
R^2, the squared coefficient between Y and a set of predictors
father substitute
a male who replaces an absent father and becomes an object of attachment
How much the scores in a set vary from each other and the mean.
Kinesthetic Sense
sense of the location of body parts in relation to the ground and each other
Expectations of order
Ex) Someone has three boys. Think that the next one will be a girl! Not true. Look at three sets of coin flips that all have same probability- but the mixed heads and tails one looks most probable. Not true.
Antisocial personality disorder (def)
-A variety of behaviors that clearly violate the rights of other people (lying, aggressiveness).-Men are about 3 times MORE LIKELY then women to have this.
Fleishman et al. (1991)
-reviewed over 65 taxonomies of leader behavior
-developed a 4 factor model that summarized all previous research
-less of a "style" theory and more of a behavior-based approach
1. Info. Search and Structuring
2. Info. use in Prob. Solving
3. Managing Personnel Resources (People)
4. Managing Material Resources (Tasks)
Coming Out: First Stage
admitting to oneself that one has a homosexual or bisexual orientation
You hear someone call out “Help!” The shout arrives at your right ear shortly after your left ear. The source is likely to be
a. off to your left.
What is the inattentive criteria for ADHD?
- careless mistakes
- difficulty sustaining attention
- does not seem to listen
- does not follow through on instruction
- difficulty organizing tasks
- dislikes tasks that require sustained mental effort
- loses things
- easily distracted by things going on around him/her
- forgetful in daily activities
plasticity made possible by three types of changes:
learning can produce an increase in the neurotransmitter released by the presynaptic neuron so that a stronger is signal; can produce an increase in the sensitivity of the postsynapticd neuron; learning can lead to the creation of entirely new synapses
What is the clinical management of depersonalization disorder?
no standard treatment
- benzos may help manage anxiety
- SSRIs may help relieve symptoms
Jeremy’s father is celebrating his 50th birthday. When he tries to read the card his son has given him, he jokes that his arms have gotten too short to be able to read without his glasses. In reality, his vision problem is most likely due to
c. the loss of elasticity of the lens.
Biases in health care for women patients?
-1) Women have often been neglected in medicine and in medical research.-2) Gender stereotypes are common in medicine.-3) Medical care provided to women is often irresponsible or inadequate.-4) Physician-patient communication patterns often make women feel relatively powerless.
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