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Which pseudopsychology claims to understand personality through a study of positions of heavenly bodies?
Which neurotransmitter is associated with the control of the pain response?
Professor Jones surveyed her six classes and found that students who slept less than five hours the night before the exam received lower exam scores than those students who slept seven hours or more. What kind of correlation is this relationship between h
The _______ divison controls ordinary day-to-day bodily functions.
Which supposed ESP ability involves being able to "see" something that is not physically present by touching another object?
Harlan wanted to write realistically about street gangs, so he pretended to be a teenager and joined a real gang. This is most similar to the method of:
Participant Observation
Who is most associated with the technique of introspection?
Jeff is undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor. The surgeon applies electrical simulation to various areas around the tumor, causing Jeff to report tingling sensations in various areas of his skin. The tumor is most likely in which lobe of Jeff's brai
Which of the following properties of sound would be the most similar to the brightness of light?
Which of the following is responsible for controlling how much light enters the eye?
Researchers have been able to demonstrate depth perception in babies as young as:
2 months
______ was (were) the focus of Watson's behaviorism.
Observable experiences
Recognizing the face of someone you run into at the mall is a function of the ______ hemisphere; being able to retrieve that person's name from memory is a function of the _____ hemisphere.
right, left
Damaged nerve fibers in the body can repair themselves because they are coated with ______, which forms a protective tunnel around the nerve fibers.
Which of the following terms refers to the psychological effect of the length of light waves?
The sense of taste is closely related to the sense of:
The ______ theory explains how we hear sounds between 100 and 1,000 Hz.
Who was denied a Ph.D. despite completing all the requirements for earning the degree?
Mary Whiton Calkins
George has a small stroke that results in a partial paralysis of his left side. The damaged area is most likely in his _______ lobe.
Right frontal
Which part of the brain is the link between the brain and glandular system?
Ellis turns around and around in a circle. When he stops he feels like his head is still spinning. What is responsible for this sensation?
Semicircular canals
Allison opened her new puzzle but soon realized that the puzzle pieces inside had nothing to do with the picture on the box. With no picture to go by she realized she would have to use:
Bottom-up processing
When a neuron is in the resting potential state, where are the sodium ions?
Outside the cell
The Muller-Lyer illusion exists in cultures in which there are:
Buildings with lots of corners
We know when we are moving up and down in an elevator because of the movement of tiny crystals in the:
Otolith organs
Several years ago two scientists announced that they had achieved "cold fusion" in the laboratory, but further studies failed to replicate their findings and later they found that the original scientists had used sloppy methods. This highlights what criti
All evidence is not equal in quality
The action of hormones in the bloodstream is most similar to which of the following?
The action of neurotransmitters in the synapse.
Which of the following is the correct path of a reflex arc?
Sensory neuron to interneuron to motor neuron
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