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Unified Combatant Command
Terms Definitions
what is JP-8
* Who orders abandon ship?
What is RSO
Radiation Saftey Officer
who builds up ammo skids
What is VLA
Visual landing aids
What are the CBU Bombs
What is FOD
Foreign Object Damage
What are the Different OPTARS
* What is CDC?
Combat Direction Center
What is the MK-46
Primary Anti-submerine Torpedo
What is the SPN-46
PALS aka Easyrider
What is ECM
electronic counter measures

primary is rapid blooming
What is the Rate AG
Aerographers Mate
What are the Wind Warnings
Small craft
What is AFCS
automatic flight control system

autopilot for approach
* The F-14 has how many seats?
* What is an AD ship?
Destroyer Tender
* What is a VP squadron?
P-3 Orion
* Heavy cylinders arranged in pairs are called what in relation to ground tackle?
* What is an SSBN?
Ballistic Missile Submarine(Nuclear)
What does IM-1 do
Maintenance, Admin, Production Control, QA, Material Control, Berthing, IMRL
How many Helo spots do we have
What is NAMDRP
Naval Aviation Maintenance Descrepancy reporting procedures
What is the name of the firetruck
What are the different thunderstorm and tornado warnings
Severe Thunderstorm
What is the ICCS
Integrated Catapult Control System
* How many shots per anchor chain?
12 shots
* List the Administrative Bills
Berthing, Maintenance, and Cleaning
* The Catapult and Arresting Gear officer is what division officer?
V-2 Division
* CCS is divided into how many units?
* What is an ASR ship?
Submarine Rescue Ship
* VF squadron is what type of aircraft?
What are the different AGM missiles
Which elevator goes to 54 mag
Lower stage 1
What does Strike Ops do
Writes the Air plan
What is LRCA
Local repair cycle assets

Items able to be repaired onboard
What is a white band on ammo
Illuminating ammo
What are the different types of AB's
* What does MOPP stand for?
Mission Oriented Protective Posture
* What is TACAN?
Tactical Air Navigation – provides pilot with bearing and distance to TACAN station
* Navy commands must have what # of people in order to have a CMC billet?
* Is the SECNAV a civilian or a military official?
* How many .50 cal mounts are onboard CVN-70?
* Who gives the orders in CDC?
TAO(Tactical Action Officer)
What does the TRU do
verification of requisition numbers, data and part numbers
What bomb body is used to build the GBU-24 HTP
What does the DCU do
responsible for all non-RFI components
How many digits are in a JCN
9 to 11
What does G-4 do
They are responsible for elevator maintenance and DCPO
What is the flag pennent for I'm in destress
A warning under NATOPS could cause what?
Injury or death
* What should be submitted if a broken, stolen, or lost tool is discovered?
DD Form 200
* What does NALCOMIS stand for?
Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System
* Who is the CO of USS Carl Vinson?
Captain Wren
* Who wears a yellow jersey with a blue vest?
Tractor King
* What does NSSMS stand for?
Nato Sea Sparrow Missile System
* What kind of ship is an LCC?
Amphibious Command Ship
* Who is the top dog in the Engineering department?
CHENG(Engineering Officer)
What is the magazine capacity of the CWIS
1550 later models
What are the types of Chemical agents
Blister, nerve, chocking, blood
What does the RCU do
receives all requests for material requirements
What is Approach Control
Control of aircraft in approach during case 2 and 3
What does the PMU do
processes and expidites high priority requirements
Newton's First Law
Object in motion will remain in motion until acted upon by an outside force
* What is the reeve ratio for the MK 7 arresting gear engine?
* What is the Oscar Flag used for?
Used for man overboard
* Which unit of SRS is responsible for the verification of requisition data?
TRU(Technical Research Unit)
* What are some uses for LP air?
Laundry, laboratories, hospitals, pneumatic tools, and various shops
* What are the duties of CDC?
Detection, evaluation, and reporting of air, surface, and subsurface contacts to the appropriate control stations
What are the MK-80 series bombs and how much do they wieigh
MK-82 500
MK-83 1000
MK-84 2000
What are the subdivisions in G-5
Ammo accounting, QA, Admin, Ordanence Control
What are the different types of AIM missiles
AIM-7 Sparrow
AIM-9 Sidewinder
What are the Prestart precautions
chauks set, parking brake on,

When non pilot starts, shall be tied down
AM’s are divided into how many ratings?
3: AME, AMS, and AMH
* State the 3 different methods for controlling bleeding
Tourniquet, Direct, and Indirect pressure
* What is the difference between both types of AAE?
Aircraft Inventory Material is semipermanently attached to the A/C and is transferred along with the A/C. Mission-Oriented Material is assigned to and configured by the AIMD
* What is METCAL and it’s purpose?
Metrology and Calibration Program – ensures items that require a calibration are within established tolerance limits
* How fast are the winds during a Hurricane?
64 knots or more
* What are the 3 different axis in relation to aircraft aerodynamic terms?
Longitudinal, Lateral, and Vertical
* When an A/C is about to be launched, what protects personnel from the hot exhaust gases being emitted from the A/C?
JBD(Jet Blast Deflector)
What are the volumes of NAMP
vol 1- Maintenace, polocies,
vol 2- Depot level maintenance
vol 3- 3M data sys
vol 4- data proccessing requirements
vol 5- SOP
What is a grey and red band on ammo
Irritant or harrasment ammo
* What is the most valuable form that can be generated on NALCOMIS for use by the workcenter?
MAF – Maintenance Action Form
* What is the purpose of NALCOMIS?
It’s a computer based program used by IMA activities to collect, process, store, review, and report data to support NAMP requirements
* Name some watch personnel you can find on the Bridge
OOD, Lookouts, Conning Officer, BMOW, Helmsman, Lee Helmsman, QMOW
* What are the duties of Strike Ops?
Planning daily a/c operations to support the requirements of the Battle Group Commander and writing the Air Plan
* Name the positions manned in CATCC
Air Ops Officer, Assistant Air Ops Officer, Watch Officer, Supervisor, Plotters, Board Keepers, Launch/Land Recorder
* What are the 4 different types of chemical agents?
Nerve, Blister, Blood, and Choking
* What is the responsibility of Material Control?
To ensure workcenters are able to order and obtain the correct parts to complete the maintenance task
* What does the Watch, Quarter and Station bill contain?
List of personnel by division, berthing assignment, work space, GQ station, and Watch stations
* What is a Class C mishap?
Property damage of $10,000 - $200,000. Could also be 5 lost working days or more.
* What duties does the LSO(Landing Signal Officer) have?
Responsible for visual control of the A/C in the terminal phase of approach immediately prior to landing
* Name some of the components of landing gear
Strut, Tire, Wheel Brake, Retracting and Extending mechanism
* What are some items that can be found with each inflatable life boat?
Signal mirror, flashlight, whistle, food rations, first aid kit, distress signal, and a dye sea marker
Where is number 6 helo spot and what is different about it
on the fantail
it's not marked
* What are the 3 causes of nearly all a/c handling mishaps/incidents?
Poor supervision 2. Disinterest 3. Disregard of applicable handling instructions
* What is a Class D mishap?
Property damage less than $10,000 or a non-fatal injury that doesn’t meet Class C criteria
* Why is JP5 used onboard instead of other JP fuels?
JP5’s minimum flashpoint of 140 degrees F meets naval approval onboard ships
* Page 2 of your service record contains what?
Emergency data such as beneficiary and addresses
* What kind of items can be procured with the OPTAR fund?
Aviation fuel, flight deck shoes, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, consumable office supplies, aerial film, publications, and flight deck PPD
What is a cross deck pennant
Holds up the arresting wire off of the deck
What is the Importance of the Battle of the Coral Sea and when did it take place
Responsible for the abandonment of the Japanese attempt to land at port Morsby

First Major battle without major ship's making contact with one another

4-8 May 1942
* How are the detachable links colored on the anchor chain?
Red, White, and Blue then back to Red
* Break down this Date Time Group(DTG): 250701ZAUG00
25 = calendar day; 0701 = time; Z = Greenwich time; AUG = month; 00 = year
* Why are there 2 types of arresting barricades?
One for jet engine a/c One for prop engine a/c BONUS: One for training
A runway # of 18 means the approach end of the runway is how many degrees on the magnetic compass?
175 degrees(if the last digit is a 5 or above round up) or above but no greater than 180
tiger (fighter)
Logistic Support
Transports troops, cargo, or equipment
Logistic Support
el alemán
Ammunition Ship
carrier logisitcs support
Mine Countermeasure Ships
- helo antisub light
6. define MAD?
- magnetic anomaly detector
whats CDI?
collatyeral duty inspector
Fixed Wing Fighter/Attack Squadron
2. Define IFF?
- identification friendly or foe
OILER and Ammunition Support Ships
What Fleet is considered COMLANTFLT?
2. what is length of p-3 ?
- 116’10”
2. what is length of p-3 ?
- 116’10”
Five modes 1&2 are used exclusively by the military for identification. Mode 3A is used by both military and civilian ATCs.
whats CDQAR?
colateral duty quality assurance representative

-relieves qar during short periods\
- or acts as qar when no billet for a qar
The ADB will contain maintenance information for the past ___ flights?
What rate is AZ?
Aviation Mantenance Administrationman
106: Enlisted Ratings Fundamentals
Aviation Maintenance Administrationman
7. what’s BDU-45?
- simulates MK-82 depth bomb for training
reports nalcomis subsystem?
-Selects and produces various reports.
1. trim tabs?
- small airfoils recessed in the trailing edge of a primary control surface.
- Purpose is to enable the pilot to neutralize any unbalanced condition that might exist during flight, without exerting any pressure on the control stick or rudder pedals.
Type of engine on P-3
T-56-A-14 turboprop engine
whats ICRL?

- statment of IMA component repair capability
-also items that are capable for repair
When was VP-45 completely transitioned into P-3C's?
October 1972
Each T-56-A-14 Turbo Prop engine will produce what max shaft horse power?
MG-53 Sea Stallion belongs to what community?
What's the basic hydraulic system (PARTS)?
Actuating Unit
102.4a Describe the symptoms of shock.
Vacant/lackluster eyes, shallow/irregular breathing, cold, pale skin, nausea, weak/absent pulse.
3. what is p-3 engine?
- four T56-A-14 turboprop engines power the p-3, each engine provides 4,600 shp for takeoff
1. explain squadron mission statement?
- home ported in Brunswick
- deploys throughout the Atlantic six months out of every 18 months
- primary mission is all weather antisub warfare (ASW) operation
- secondary mission is ASUW or anti surface ship warfare , recon ops, fleet support ops (FSO0 and search and rescue
69. explain naval messages
- principal means by which commanders communicate
- always transmitted electronically
17. what is CONDITIONAL inspection?
- when unscheduled conditions require an inspection e.g. fod damage, lighting strike, hit bird etc
Symptoms of Shock
pale skin; irregular breathing; cold sweats, weak or absents pulse
Symptoms of Shock
kick the feet up
What is the mission of an F-14 Tomcat?
What does the PH rate stand for?
Photographer's Mate
Collective Pitch on a HELO will produce what?
Vertical Movement
What is the mission of the following naval aircraft: TA-4 SKYHAWK.
105: Naval Aviation Heritage and Doctrine Fundamentals
Formation of U.S. Navy
Reason: "taxation without representation"
Date: 13 October 1775
105: Naval Aviation Heritage and Doctrine Fundamentals
Formation of U.S. Navy
Birthday of Navy
whats a WUC?
work unit code- identifies the system or subsystem being worked on
14. explain the aircrew job of ACOOUSTIC OPERATOR ?
- responsible for detection, classification, and report contact info
109 naval aircraft

what is e-6 mercury?
- fleet air reconisnance
-communications relay and strategic airborne command post aircraft
c. Collateral Duty Inspector (CDI)
-assigned to production work centers to inspect all work and comply with the QA inspections .
-are monitored by QA and QA will establish minimum qualifications for personnel selected for CDI. They are given a written or oral exam.
49. duties of CMC ?
- enlisted advisior oto command, deals with morale, discipline, utilization and training of command.
Mission Commander
Naval Aviator or NFO that is properly qualified.
1st navy pilot in space?
-5 may 1961
-alan shepard
-15 subortital flight
-aboard mercury capsule freedom 7
What is the attitude indicator?
(Vert Gyro)-relativity of aircraft compared to Earth's horizon
What is the purpose of the Date Time Group (DTG) in a naval message?
Who is responsible for all phases of the assigned mission except those aspects of flight safety?
Mission Commander
What are ABE responsible for?
What color jerseys?
Aviation Boatswains mate
Launching & Recovery
What is Hypothermia?
The general colling of the entire body
What are the six areas of a Naval doctrine?
Command & Control
miimum ppe for flight line?
1. cranial2. jersey3. goggles4. sound attenuatrors5. flight deck shoes6. floatation geaar7. survival light8. whistle
- to coordinate planning among all departments
107 aviationWhat is pitch?
pitch is the movement of aircraft about its lateral axis. the up and down motion of the nose of the aircraft.
83. explain part of service record, page 4?
- enlisted qualification history, a chronological history of occupational and training related quals, awards and commendations
what is velocity?
velocity is the quickness or speed of an object in a given time, such as mph
107 aviation
describe lift?
the force that acts, in an upward direction, to support aircraft in air, it conteracts effects of weight, lift must be greater or equal to weight for plane to get off ground.
3 levels of war acronym?
T - tactical
O - operations
S- strategic
What is the mission of the DD/DDG class ship?
Destroyer/Guided missile destroyer
What is the purpose of the airfield rotating beacon?
Identifies airfield location
What is autorotation?
A way in which a helicopter safely lands without using engine power by making use of reverse air flow up through rotor system.
What is the mission of the UH-1N Iroquois?
Helicopter Combat Support
What are the three classification of burns
1st Degree
2nd Degree
3rd Degree
What is the safety responsibilities of the following personnel: Division Officer?
The Division Officer will ensure that personnel comply with all safety instructions.
What is the safety responsibilities of the following personnel: Division Officer?
103: General Safety Fundamentals
4 catagories of tie down?
H -heavy weatherI - initialP - permanetI - intermediate
109 naval aircraftwhat is a c-20 gulfstream?
- used for logistics support
112 CBR fundamentalsdescribe the effect of nuclear explosion, electromagnetic pulse (emp) ?
produced by high altitude, air and surface bursts
112 CBR Fundamentals

explain chemical protective overgarment?
- treated w/ chemicals that neutralize blister agent vapors and sprays, but dont stop penetration by liquid agents.
-has pants, juper w/ hood, gloves, and foot coverings.
17. what’s role of p-3 on EW mission?
- p-3 conduct passive/active detection of surface targets, airborne targets, and land targets. The collection, anazlyzation, and dissemination of electronic capabilities of each target is desired
109 naval aircraft

what is primary mission of the aircraft community, VS ?
- VS = carrier antisub warfare
Define the acronym MILSTRIP and state its purpose.
-Military Standart Requistioning and Issue Procedure - A uniform procedure established by DOD for its own use to govern requistion and issue of material within standard priorties.
purpose of ma-1 overrun barrier?
- for planes not equipmed with tailhooks, but plane must have anosewheel to work
What is the UCMJ Article 92?
Failure to obey a lawful order
How does human error contribute to aviation mishaps?
Part of nearly every mishap
What is considered a mine?
Weapon layed in the water, exploded when combined proximity or contact
What are the flammable material stowage requirments?
Store seperate from oxidizers & away form machinery oily rags can be stored in flammable storage area.
What's JP-5?
A NATO symbol of F44 and is USED on carriers
What is the operational Chain of Command: Unified?
Element of two or more services:
Unified Commands:
Joint Forces Command
Transportation Command
Strategic Command
Geographic Commands:
Northern Command
Southern Command
Central Command
Pacific Command
European Command
What is the operational Chain of Command: Unified?
104: Chain of Command Fundamentals
Navy and other forces together
103.2b Explain the safety responsibilities of the Aviation Safety Officer.
Primary advisor to the CO on all safety issues involving aviation.
111 other ships and subswhat is mission of an SSBN ?
SSBN = balistic missle submarine (nuke prupolsion)
107 aviation

State purpose of the following flight control surfaces; slats?
- slats are moveable control surfaces attatche dto the leading edge of the wing.
- at low airspeeds it improves the lateral control handling characteristics, allowing the aircraft to be controlled at airspeedsbelow the normal landing speeds. this is known as boundry layer control, boundry layer control is intended primaryaly for use during operations from carriers that is catapult takeoffs and arrested landings.
19. how does ambient air temp influence the operation of the fuel system?
- temp causes fuel weight to change with a constant quality, can make fuel heavier, the colder it is the heavier it is
15. What is purpose of auxiliary power unit (apu)?
These power units furnish electrical power when engine driven generators aren’t operating or when external power isn’t available.
-Use a gas turbine to drive the generator, the gas turbine provides compressed air for air conditioning and pneumatic engine starting. Which makes aircraft independent of need for ground power.
What are the primary flight controls for fixed wing aircraft?
Collective stick controls pitch of rotor blade
Cyclic stick tils blades forward, aft, or sideways which gives directional motion.
Lateral control provided by foot ppedal
What is the Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP)?
Defines amount of protective CBR gear to wear or have readily available. (4) levels of protection.
IAW ORM how do you assess hazards associated with petroleum product evolutions?
Determine associated degree of risk
Responsibilites of CDI
Collateral Duty Inspector
inspect all work and comply with the QA inspetions requred during all maintenance actions performed by Work Centers.
spot check work in progressed
given a written exam
What are the systems of vapor inhalation?
Dizziness, loss of coordination, coma and death depending on the concentration and duration of exposure
Define the following mishap:
Class C
$10,000 or more but less than $200,00 preventing an individual from performing regularly scheduled duty
102.6a State the symptoms and treatment for heat exhaustion.
Symptoms - Skin is cool, moist and clammy, pupils dilate, profuse sweatingTreatment - Move to cool/air conditioned area, loosen clothing, apply cool cloths to head, groin and ankles, fan and give patient solution of 1 teaspoon of salt per liter of water.
109 naval aircraftwhat is a c-130 ?
- a c-130 hercules is logistics support- workhorse of the millitary-people/cargo hauler
111 other ships and subs

what is mission of an SSBN ?
SSBN = balistic missle submarine (nuke prupolsion)
Define and explain: NMCS (Not Mission Capable Supply)
- - Material condition of and aircraft that is not capable of preforming any of its mission because maintenance required to correct the discrepancy cannot continue due to a supply shortage.
Where are the pressure points and how many are there?
11 points
jaw; temple; collar bone; neck; inner upper arm; inner elbow; wrist; upper thigh; groin; knee; ankle
Where are the pressure points and how many are there?
what do you rub when your stressed
What is the purpose of the "Standard Subject Identification Code (SSIC) in a naval message?
4-5 digits stands for subject of document
What is the mission of a VQ community?
Fleet Air Reconnaissance (ES3, EP3,E6, and EC-130)
What is the mission of the following ship class: AS.
1) Submarine Tender; 2) Provides accommodation for flag staff, ships crews, light repair, training and resupply facilities (serves as a base)
Discribe the following engine system: Turbojet
Air is drawn into the turbojet engine, compressed, mixed with fuel, and burned continously
What is the purpose of Operational Chain of Command: Task Unit Commander?
Task groups may be further subdivided into task units (TU).
What is the purpose of Operational Chain of Command: Task Unit Commander?
104: Chain of Command Fundementals
I.E. TG 72 further seperated into TU 72.1.1
11. explain the aircrew job of SECOND FLIGHT ENGINEER?
- acts as relief to FE during long flights
objective of gas free engineering program?
- AVFGE program is to ensure a safe enviornmet when working on fuel systems
What is the purpose of a Movement Report (MOVEREP)?
Account for all ship and command movements.
What is the primary mission of the VS Community?
1) Carrier Antisubmarine Warfare; 2) Perform surface search and sea control; 3) A/C's include: S-3
How does the following pertain to motion: Inertia
A propert of matter will remain at rest or in mostion in a straight line unless it is acted upon by some external force
What is the purpose of a Safety Stand Down?
Devote time to safety training, awareness, and enhancement of command safety climate
What is the purpose of a Safety Stand Down?
103: General Safety Fundamentals
4. State the 5 basic sections of a jet engine?
1. The INTAKE –an opening in front of aircraft engine that allows outside or ambient air to enter engine.
2. COMPRESSOR- provides high pressure air to the combustion chamber/s
3. COMBUSTION CHAMBER- where fuel enters and combines with the compressed air.
4. TURBINE- drives the compressor and accessories by extracting some of the energy and pressure from the combustion gases.
5. EXAUST CONE- eliminates turbulence in the emerging jet thereby giving max velocity. M?
Define the following laws of motion: Newton's 3rd Law
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
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