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Terms Definitions
we are
They do
vous faites
which, what, what kind
Is there a sin to...
Where does Inhibin come from
Which variable (independent or dependent) may influence or affect the data you are collecting?
The independent
incorrect responses that are offered as alternative answers to a MC question (wording SHOULD NOT give away as bad answers--plausible, NOT tricky)aka foils.
A spontaneously aborted human embryo is characterized 
with respect to karyotype, and it is found to be normal except that it 
contains only one chromosome number two. This is an example of what 
type of aneuploidy?

Was ist deine Lieblingsfarbe?
Blau ist meine Lieblingsfarbe.
dna in the nucleus stores the instructions for protein synthesis and this dna is organized into structured called
Brucella pinnipediae and Brucella cetaceae are lumped into the category Brucella maris and are the appearent cause of abortion in marine mammals.
The names Brucella pinnipediae and Brucella cetaceae have been proposed as the names for Brucella species found in marine mammals.
True or False?
List the two required DOS system files, and the required command interpreter in the order they load when booting a PC.
Who discovered that DNA was shaped like a spiral?
Trinkst du gern Kaffee?
Ja, ich trinke gern Kaffee.
Which of the following products was NOT one of the products associated with the chinese zone of the asian sea trading network?
cotton textiles
QUESTION NO: 431Which of the following tools can send a signal down a cable and measure how long it takes tocomeback?A. MultimeterB. Voltage event recorderC. TDRD. Toner probe
Answer: C
QUESTION NO: 306Which of the following is port 123 commonly used for?A. IMAP4B. HTTPSC. NTPD. DNS
Answer: C
Any Mycobacterium species
What organism usually induces a delayed type hypersensitivity reaction within 4-8 weeks following infection?
schmorals node
herniation into the vertebral body or threw cartilaginous end plates. can see on x ray bc it colapses trabecular bone
The main area of responsibility for every phlebotomist is:
preanalytical processes
What happens during the process of nutrition?
Digestion Ingestion Egestion
QUESTION NO: 53A new LAN switch is installed with on fiber ports. Which of the following would a technician needon the new switch to allow compatibility to the existing fiber network?A. RouterB. RepeaterC. Media converterD. Hub
Answer: C
Forbids health plans from placing lifetime or annula limits on health coverage that are less generous than those placed on medical or surgical benefits
For the dorsal hand vein procedure on an infant, the angle of the needle to the skin should be?
15 degrees.
Which of the following was NOT one of the three military centralizers of Japan?
Hiata Ashikaga
Chlamdophila abortus and Chlamydophila psittiaci
Chlamydophila pecorum has also been indicated but has lower virulence and is hardly mentioned.
What two species of Chlamydophila produce disease in ruminants?
Which cells make up the myelin in the PNS?
Schwann cells
Name 3 ways that industrialization has negatively affected the environment.
factories take up space, deforestation, and pollution
QUESTION NO: 198An office has just added an employee kitchen area. The work area and equipment has stayed thesame. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason why they are now having wirelessconnectivity problems?A. DistanceB. InterferenceC. Encrypti
Answer: BExplanation:In this scenario the error occurred due to interference. Wireless performance is affected by outsideinterference. A microwave can be classified as an outside interference
Level of Analysis
The point of level at which a theory's explanatory variables are located.
How did the first Congress organize the judicial branch?
To organize the judiciary, lower courts were authorized called federal district courts, which hear cases involving the constitution and federal laws and appellate courts that handles the cases that have already been tried in district court and have been appealed. Also, The federal courts each have their own courts to rule on state laws. The U.S. Supreme Court was then setup as the highest court of appeals in the nation.
Skin Test
Lymph node aspirates - microscopic examination with Warthin-Starry stained smears
What is the best methods for diagnosing infection with Bartonella henselae?
Name the four principle parts of verbs.
1. base form -- the infinitive
2. present participle -- (is) ____-ing
3. past -- (reg.) -ed; (irreg.) varies
4. past participle -- (have) + (reg.) -ed; (irreg.) varies
ex. -- (reg.) walk; is walking; walked; have walked
ex. -- (irreg.) write; is writing; wrote; have written
What do the severity of these disorders depend on:
The severity,how long the patient was exposed to the stressor, cultures,age, and proximity to the stressor.
The most important objective of bed rest for a client with bilaterial pneumonia would be to:1. allow the client uninterrupted sleep2. Reduce the oxygen needs of the body3. Decrese the need for pain medications4. Prevent the client
2. Reduced the oxygen needs of the body
What are two ways to revise a stringy sentence?
1.  make into 2 or more sentences
2.  turn complete thoughts into phrases or subordinate clauses.
most common cause of death in sepsis is hyperthermia
F - due to organ failure b/c of ischemia - eventually cardiac arrest
To where?
wie viel?
how much?
C'est quoi?
What is it?
Somos trabajadores.
We are hard workers.
Titus and timothy
Characteristics of
church officers
How could increased leaf longevity (longer-lived leaves) function as an adaptation to low-nutrient
Vibrio cholerae
What organism causes disease pandemics initially asssociated with undercooked shellfish?
How many sleep disorders are there?
What forms from 3-dimensional framework and 2 planes at 90 degrees?
Feldspar and quartz
the first abnormality to be observed it _______ a change in the normal shape, size and organization of tissue cells.
Branhamella ovis
What is the Gram negative organism that is found in high numbers in bovine keratoconjunctivitis but is not the real cause of the disease?
do you want? (L. you want?)
tu veux?
Volcanic Craters
Found at summits of most volcanoes after eruption lava sinks back into vent and solidifies to be blasted out by a later pyroclastic explosion
Who did Dorthea Lange work for?
Farm Security Administration
QUESTION NO: 613Which of the following network protocols allows for automated alerts and reports on networkdevices?A. SMTPB. SNMPC. IGMPD. TLS
Answer: B
QUESTION NO: 348Which of the following would be used before a technician crimps a connector to a UTP/STP cable?A. MultimeterB. Punch down toolC. Cable testerD. Cable stripper
Answer: D
8. Qui est Lavallière?
8.(answer) la valliere est un collectioneur d'art amoureux fou de mona lisa
List 2 methods that we have discussed used to map human genes.

Somatic Cell Hybridization,FISH (fluorescent in
situ hybridization) method,

Lod Score method, pedigree analysis,


Which of the points innervated by a branch of the 11th intercostal nerve is prohibited for needling in women who have never been pregnant, according to some ancient texts?
Mauna Loa in Hawaii is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire
Windows 98 handles requests for files via the ________ Manager.
Installable File System
Feelings that one experiences when a stranger gets "to close for comfort"?
Anxiety, fear, security.
Who established the first Spanish colony on the American mainland?
-Vasco da Gama
-Manuel des Capas
-Ferdinand Magellan
-Christopher Columbus
-Vasco de Balboa*
i am ok, thanks. and you?
cosi, cosi, grazie. E tu?
#70: What sacrament are you preparing to receive?
The sacrament of Confirmation.
What is the Solar Nebula Hypothesis?
The hypothesis that explains the origin of our
solar system. According to this hypothesis a rotating cloud of matter began to condense and gave
rise to the sun, planets and other bodies in our solar system
What does the inscription of a prescription consist of?
Name of the drug
      (Pg. 594)
Diagram the negative feedback loop which regulates the secretion of thyroid hormones.
T3 and T4 inhibit TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone)
cold, dry, stable air
What type of air is associated with a cP air mass?
HCI converts ingested ferric ions to ferrous ions that can do what?
Be absorbed and utilized for hemoglobin synthesis.
Each of the infinate numbers of rays on rough surface......
obeys the law of reflection.
Binds to bacterial transpeptidases and clocks cross brindging in peptidoglycan
What is the mechanism of Penicillin as an antibiotic?
As you progress sequentially down from UB-12 to UB-28 on the inner line of the UB channel, which is the uppermost point which is properly needled perpendicularly?
UB-22 (It's the first Lumbar spine point)
Who was the first black president of South Africa? When did he become president of South Africa?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
The first black president of South Africa was Nelson Mandela and he was elected in 1994.
In the Buccal phase, what is the functon of the tongue?
Collects food and pushes it back into the oropharynx.
How many amino acids could be made from a sequence of 15 bases?
5 because it takes a sequence of 3 bases to code for an amino acid.
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