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Terms Definitions
nasolabial fold
orbital cavity
eye socket
Standard of Color (Spectrum)
give or casting light
The lest common facial profile
light colors blank more light
anterior ridge of the nose
inner rim of the ear
Determinative Pigment for ALL RACES
deepest concavity of the ear
Charaterized by wide cheekbones and narrow forehead and jawline. The greatest width is across the cheekbone.
Which of the following conditions requiring restorative art is classified as traumatic?
convex profile
forehead recedes posteriorly from eyebrows, while chin recedes from the plane of the upper lip; most common basic linear form(profile)
dome lighting
Relatively large, luminous light fixture submerged in the ceiling and provides direct illumination.
To treat sunken ____________ inject points between the knuckles.
contrasting hues
Include complementary, triad, split complementary, double complementary, tetrad and non complementary contrast types of color schemes.
firming wax
talcum powder, corn starch (argo)
Sallow Complexion
Complexion with a YELLOW variation
Color scheme which involves shades, tints and tones of ONE COLOR
convex-concave profile
forehead recedes and chin protrudes
The least common geometric form of head shape
from the frontal aspect is
Surgical reduction
After embalming, the eyes appear distended. Acceptable treatment includes application of heat and:
A receding chin and protruding forhead chacterize a facial profile as
Which of the following components of restorative
wax is incorporated to impart color to the wax?
the forhead and eyebrows project an imaginary line, and the chin protrudes more then the superior mucous membrane.
Color intensity of purity; synonym for intensity.
force and weight
Chromatic colors exhibit different degrees of aggressive activity. These activities are associated with the illusions of ________ and ________.
Opposite colors on the color wheel -any two hues that when mixed produce gray.
Color in vision is principally a ____________________ study.
A crust over a sore or wound
Broad with very sharp angles and straight lines. Hairline is somewhat straight.
supraorbital area
convex, receding surface between the upper rim of the eye socket and the upper eyelid
most common, straight line from the root to the tip
Brush, Spray, Air Brush
Application of Liquid Cosmetics
A color scheme that involves THREE hues at least three hues apart on the color wheel
Cream Cosmetic
2. Include Pigments supplied in Ointments, Sticks, Pastes, Mucilages, Hydrocarbons, Soaps
3. Have a vehicle of Oil, Grease or Glycerine
Quadratus labii superioris
facial marking: quadratus labii superiors in conjunction with the levator anguli oris creates the nasolabial fold, nasolabilal sulcus & the nasal sulcus
an elongated prominence of flesh which accompanies a furrow
What is the location of the superior border of the
chin when measured from the base of the chin to
the eyebrows?
A vertical forhead and a chin that recedes from the projecton of the upper lip charaterize a facial profile as
When restoring hair, what is used for stray or straggler hairs?
Platysmal sulci
The transverse dipping furrows of the neck
Superior jaw or the skeletal base that holds the upper teeth, the roof of the mouth, the nasal cavity sides and the floor of the orbits.
Alvelor processes
Found in both Maxilla & Mandible. Eminences along teeth.
Breaking up a beam of sunlight into individual colors is known as ____________.
A pure hue appears to lose its vividness against a ___________ background.
Kinds of Powder
1. Drying Powder
2. Tinted Powder
3. Pigment Powder
triangular fossa
depression between crura of the ear, second deepest depresssion of the ear
convex or blank nose is identified as one with a hump in the linear form
nasal sulcus
the angular area between the posterior margin of the wing of the nose and the nasolabial fold
common transverse sulcus
palpebration furrow slightly above the eyelashes. acquired
Opaque Cosmetic
1. Very Thick Cosmetic
2. Can hide almost everything
Yellow to Green Discoloration
Can be caused by Jaundice
1. The visual impression left after a stimulus is removed
2. Should be the COMPLIMENT of the color that was observed
The dimension of color that deals with PURENESS or DULLNESS
round head type
aka infantine (childish) type; full convex form of features; forehead may be low and broad-cheeks are full and prominent. The chin is globular, lips are full and rounding; the nose is short, broad and possibly concave
lock stitch
Stitch that is used by passing the ligature through both sides of the incision from the outside with the stitch being locked by looping the ligatre.
apply heat from the electric spatula.
To reduce swollen eyes
The widest part of the __ is measured by the distance between the two parital eminences.
compound fracture
.A fracture of the bone that results in the bone
protruding through the skin is a
Mental Eminence
This term refers to the projection on the anterior mandible which is triangular in shape and form.
Minor Restoration
This term refers to a procedure which is nonsurgical and used to touch up negligible or small areas that show damage.
Mucous Membranes
This term refers to the lip tissue which is visibly red, having a thin tissue which lines organs and body cavities in contact with air or the exterior environment.
2 incentives while doing RA
1. Psychological effect 2. Professional Resp.
red yellow and blue
What are the three primary hues?
Bridge or interrupted suture
These individual stitches, which are knotted and cut immediately, may be applied before embalming as a temporary suture to hold the retracted surface tissues in position.
cavity fluid or dryene
When bleaching discolorations, such as IV bruises use _________ ________or ____________.
inferior integumentary lip
the part between the inferior margin of the inferior mucous membrane and the mental eminence
platyrrhine (negroid)
nose thats short broad and has the minimum of projection
electric spatula
metls wax, a flat, blunt knife like instrument used for mixing cosmetics and modeling
1. Refers to the name of a color.
2. It identifies the color
Warmest of all Warm color areas on the face
Levator labii superiorius
a head of quadratus labii superioris; intermediate head that lies lateral to the common elevator; raises the upper lip
furrow: sulcus: wrinkle
linear crevice on the skin accompanied by bordering elevations
intertragic notch
the dip between the tragus and the antitragus; deep notch that lies in the front part of the upper margin of the earlobe
simple fracture.
A fracture with no break in the skin is a
The external auditory meatus
Which of the following is considered the primary
anatomical guide for locating and positioning a
restored ear?
Line of Closure
This term refers to the visible line formed when two structures close or align together.
law of areas
Large areas of color should be quiet in effect, while small areas should show strong contrast. The larger the amount of hue used, the more subdued it should be. The smaller the amount used, the more vivid it should be.
Pre - embalming treatments (set features, suture wounds, inject), Embalming treatments (higher index fluid for waxing etc.), Post -embalming treatments (repair/replace as needed. When cosmetizing keep bilaterally similar.)
Order of General Restorative Treatments:
1. Is defined as a solid in the form of fine, loose particles created by grinding or crushing.
2. In mortuary cosmetology, it is used to dry and set the cosmetics as well as supply color.
Two methods of Complexion Coloring
Injecting Dyes and Applying external Cosmetics
loop stitch aka bridge stitch
(method of attachment & support) temporary suture or uninterrupted suture; used when some of the scalp is intact & the ear is gone; loops are tied loosely to allow for wax to be locked through them
lemon juice and Sodium hypochlorite
Which of the following stain removers would remove nicotine stains?
Optic facial sulci (crow's feet)
The furrows radiating from the lateral corners of the eyes
Times to Remove Powder
1. Keep a clean brush for whisking excess powder off of clothing or casket interior. There is always the possibility that some will scatter during the application
or during clean up.
2. If powder gets into the hair, hold the hair and blot or brush it off with a cotton puff. If need be, use dry shampoo with a cotton ball.
3. If powder is heavy in eyebrows, eyelashes, sideburns or mustache, use small mascara brush
or mustache comb to remove the excess.
wings of the nose
the lateral lobes of the nose between the protruding lobe and the cheek
Cavity fluid, phenol, alcohol, preservative gel, and special bleaching fluid
A body has multiple stains on the hands, arms, and face. After embalming the stain is still there. Which of the following could you use to remove the stains?
waxing over a scab can destroy normal skin contours
scab removal is recommended because
the lateral end of the eyebrow.
A hidden point of entry for hypodermic tissue
building in the temporal region is
Bilateral form of the face: oval
the most common bilateral form (of the face) which shows a gentle curvature from frontal to lateral planes; the cheekbones are not as distant as in the square & round type; not as close together as angular type
wax will not easily adhere to moist surfaces.
Tissue to be restored with wax must be firm and dry because
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