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Terms Definitions
before death
2 eyes wide
depression, concave recess
act of cutting apart
alcove lighting
usually have dimmered switches
elongated prominence adjoining a surface
Largest singlur bone of teh face
what color make evry other color
This dimension of colored illumination deals with the quantity of illumination passing through a color media
10. The classification of bullet wounds in which the bullet enters and stays in the body
rendered thoroughly dry; exhausted of moisture
Head shape where the zygomatic bones taper towards the forehead & jaw line
internally and externally
2 method of complecin color
dark redish stain caused by contusion, injury, trauma or post mortem stain
8. The classification of wounds where there is only marginal abrasion
26. What solvent is suggested to remove fresh Iodine
crevice in the skin accompanied by adjacent elevators
Removal of skin by friction against a firm object is
deviation. copper like. it can be the result of TB, hutchins disease or uremic poisoning
3 color ideally apart. the riches of all harmony and provides a balanced atmosphere
12. What is the restorative art treamtent for a first degree burn
Cosmetic application
a hue into which various quantities of white are mixed. The white dilutes the color, lightening its value.
a hue into which various quantities of black are mixed. The black darkens the value.
disfigured by loss of a natural part through force
Sun light
This would be considered a source of natural illumination
semi diffused lighting
In this type of illumination, the light rays are interrupted by an apparatus placed over the source
point lighting / direct lighting, semi- diffused lighting and diffuesed lighting
3 types of illumination
the act of breaking up the beam of light
what happen to the rays of light that an object has no use for
10. What is the preferred method of hair attachment for short or thin hair and for hair-line attachments
Wax Attachment
3. Should a pre-injection be used on a long bone donor
tertiary hue
the mixture of two secondary colors or an unbalanced mixture of complements with the warm hue predominant. Browns and gray hues are not found in the color wheel.
Drying Powder
a white powder used to dry a cosmetized surface.
Width of those nose can't be determined by knowing which of the following?
Width of the ear
emphasis, absoption and conversion
types of effect color illumination on a colored object
19. What solvent is the preferred treatment to remove nicotine
Lemon juice, household bleach
12. What is the suggested solvent for removing lipstick
Dry cleaning solvent
29. What is another name for the whip suture
Continuous Suture
Intensity (chroma)
the amount of strenght a color has. It describes the degree of purity of the brightness or dullness. The amount of hue a color possesses.
Hue, Brightness and Saturation
What are the 3 dimension of colored illumination
Harmony of related hue and contrasting
name two general types of harmony
5. Describe the restorative art treatment for skin slip
Puncture blisters; remove loose skin; apply surface compress of cavity fluid; hypo deeper tissue if necessary; dark and dehydrated tissue may be waxed and cosmetized
6. Why are leaking vessels clamped during a long bone donation
To prevent loss of embalming solution
4. What does the textbook suggest about the thickness of the amount of hair you restore
Apply thicker hair than needed, thinning can be accomplished later
Removal of scabs is usually recommended because
Waxing over a scab can destroy the normal contour & proportion
8. What are the three options for treating a stain
Remove or decrease with bleaching; Cover with cosmetics; bleach then cover with cosmetics
2. Describe the restoration of a curled mustache
requires longer hair which must be directed laterally; thinly waxed fingers may be employed to assist in curling (curving) the moustache
5. Describe the hair restoration of sideburns.
Restoration of a sideburn should begin at the inferior margin and overlap each patch of hair. Using wax, glue, or embedding, arrange small patches of hair held together with wax or rubber cement. Affix in an overlying pattern, working from bottom to top
12. What are the hidden points of entry for tissue building a person with sunken temple
eyebrow, sideburn, hair of the temple, behind the top of the ear, behind the anterior part of the helix
11. What are the hidden points of entry for tissue building a person with sunken supraorbital area
several punctures in the eyebrow - much more effective than horizontal through lateral corner of the eyelid
21. What is suggested concerning the length of hair used for reattachment
(Other than at least 2 inches in length) - Use hair patches which are slightly longer than needed
5. What is the most unique aspect of the double intradermal suture
It uses two needles and one ligature
14. When does the restorative art trim the hair that is added during a restoration
it can be trimmed after attachment is complete and dry
17. The family of a person with buck teeth, that normally will not allow the mouth to close, chooses to have you close the mouth. What are the options for this restoration
"stretch" the lips together and place lip adhesive at the line of mouth closure; support the lip(s) with cotton or wax to bring the lips closer together; use a cold cotton compress (so as not to over embalm the area) to hold in place during embalming; cut the frenulas to allow more of the inner mucous membrane to be rolled outward
7. Once a body with an abrasion has been embalmed and the area is smooth, what are the restorative art procedures for treating the abrasion
The area should be dried and sealed, then wax or mastic can be applied, followed by cosmetics
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