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Graffiti indicates...
Widespread literacy
The _________________________ feature in PowerPoint provides the capability to create and insert charts into a presentation.
The _________________________ key moves the insertion point from one cell of a table to the next cell.
The ____ can be minimized.
Bitmap graphics can be ungrouped.
slow wave sleep
synchronizedeyes relaxedmuscles relaxedsex organs normal*sleepwalking and talking occurs here
22. To check a presentation for spelling errors, click the _____ button on the Standard toolbar
d. Spelling
____________________ allow you to resize a graphic.
Sizing handles
Click the ______________________ to access the Print menu.
Office Button
Which tab includes the Group button?
The Hide Presentation command hides supporting slides.
controls skeletal muscle and all voluntary movement
6. In the accompanying figure, the _____, displayed on the right side of the screen, is a separate window that enables users to carry out some PowerPoint activities more efficiently
d. task pane
What is initially transparent, disappears if not used, but is bright in appearance when the mouse is moved over it?
the Mini toolbar
Some formatting changes show in the corresponding shapes but may not show in the associated Text pane.
(T or F)
Disassembling a clip art picture is known as ____________________.
PowerPoint can produce slides based on an outline created in all of the following EXCEPT:
An action button can activate a hyperlink.
everything happens together stage 4 ex cheerleader cheer
Golden Mean: Moral virtue is the appropriate location between two extremes.
20. Pointing to the _____ command on the Popup menu and then clicking a desired slide allows you to move immediately to any slide in a presentation.
a. slide indicator
What buttons are on the Quick Access Toolbar? (3)
Vector graphics also are known as ____________________.
Object-oriented pictures
When a transition is created, it can be applied to all slides with the Apply to All button.
(T or F)
You can change the color of SmartArt and of WordArt.
Once selected, the arrow keys can move an object incrementally.
Quick Access Toolbar
a customizable toolbar containing a set of common commands that function indepently of the tab that is currently displayed
A.P.Mary Wells
first female principal of an ad agency, helping form Wells, Rich and Green.
The quickest way to begin a new presentation is to use the Start button on the _____.
Windows taskbar
When a new slide is added to a presentation, PowerPoint keeps the same layout used on the previous slide.
(T or F)
Art in PowerPoint 2007 is contained in the Microsoft ____________________.
Clip Organizer
To remove all effects from an image, click the ____________________ button.
Reset picture
When an action button is selected, use the ____________________ command on the shortcut menu to display the Action Settings dialog box.
Edit Hyperlink
Slide Sorter View
a view of your current powerpoint slides that allows you to rearrange them
A.PElmo Calkins and Theodore McManus
invent "pull"- soft sell advertising
slide view (normal view)
Displays the Slide, Outline and Notes Page views in one window, each view having its own pane.  Any change made in one view is automatically reflected in all the others. ?
Slide View allows you to work on one slide at a time. While in Slide View, you can add any element to a slide, including text, graphics, shapes, and graphs.
When an object is close to a guide, it automatically ______________________ to attach to it.
Where is the Reset Picture button located?
in the Adjust group
Mid brain forms:
mid brain- very old, less complex for visual and hearing (humans use cerebrum more)sensory functionstates of concisenesssleep cycles
If you have highlighted a word and want to have a different word replace it, what must you do?
Type the new word
What is a placeholder?
Placeholder- is a region of a slide, or location in an outline, reserved for inserting text or graphics
What happens when PowerPoint encounters a proper name, an abbreviation, or a technical term?
It treats the word as a misspelling and place a red line under it.
Why did the Format tab appear?
It appears when you select text to which you could add a WordArt style or other effect
What do the black boxes (solid placeholders) in the left footer placeholder and right footer placeholder in the Preview slide portion of the Header and Footer dialog box indicate?
Current date and time and page number will appear
What do you have to do to display the custom screen tip?
Hover the mouse over a hyperlink
Which of the following is FALSE about applying picture styles?
A picture style can be added to a picture but not to a clip.
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