Revolution and Nationalism Vocabulary Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Refusal to buy
system of racial integration
Red Army
Military organization constructed under leadership of Leon Trotsky, Bolshevik follower of Lenin; made use of people of humble background
architect of Italian unification; prime minister of Piedmont-Sardinia
Joseph Stalin
Communist statesman; leader of Bolshevik Party; became ruler of USSR after Lenin; assumed full military and political leadership.
totalitarian method of instruction in the government's beliefs to mold people's minds, by taking over control of the schools.
long march
6000 mi journey by chinese
Who benefited from the church reforms?
They wanted a fast revolutionary change in Russia.
a male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917), Russian word for Caesar.
what was lenins slogan
peace, land and bread
Young Italy
young people who preached about unification
this is the widespread unrest of workers and other members of Russian society, various revolutionary movements began to grow.
March Revolution
It immediately followed the Petrograd strike.
Trans-Siberian Railway
The world's longest continuous rail line. It connected European Russia in the west with Russian ports on the Pacific Ocean in the east
Political Nationalism
People started to wonder if Liberal governments would work in Latin America, maybe they need to go back to Military Dictatorships
karl marx
a german journalist who introduced the world to a radical type of socialism called marxism
great purge
a campaign of terror joseph stalin streatened power
discontent in Mexico
only small group benefited from business in country, most people poor, low wages in factories and mines, more wanted democracy
In 1912, he became the new president of the new Republic of China.
People in China who had a lot of power, wealth, land and their own militaries
conflicting promises over Palestine
originally promised to Arabs as homeland then promised to Jews as homeland, led to conflicts between Arabs and Jews still felt today
Czarina Alexandra
During World War I, she ran the government under the influence of Rasputlin.
new economic policy
lenin's plan to revive the economy and restructure the russian government in 1921
Good Neighbor Policy
Set by by F.D.R. saying that the U.S. would be a good neighbor and stop bullying Mexico
How did Joseph Stalin create a totalitarian state in the Soviet Union?
Stalin used fear, eliminating his competition, controlling education, are just some ways he created totalitarian.
What allowed families in Great Britain to focus more on consumerism?
All members were part of the work force and this allowed them to make more money creating more consumerism
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