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Terms Definitions
military fortification
cold bath
white marble
Roman tholos
lower class citizens
a stone coffin
Scipio Africanus
defeat hannibal
equivalent to public plumbing
arch of constantine
312 AD
Trajan's Column (Imperial Empire)
Portrait of Vespasian
75 AD
Paxs Romana
Peace ("ara pacis")
How did Caracalla die?
Gemma Augustea
Rome? 10 CE
Commodus as Hercules
2c AD
the columns between the arches
continuous, narrow surface (projecting or recessed) designed to break up a surface, to accent or to decorate
Maison Carree, Early Empire, France
Rich, upper-class citizen of Rome
Tiber River
Rome was located here
a square of a centuriation.
Res Gestae
"things accomplished"; document written by Augustus about all the things he had done/built; displayed on plaques in front of mausoleum
Gemstone carved in low relief
stones that make up the arch
Basilica of Constantine (=Basilica of Maxentius), remodelled
Santa Costanza (mausoleum of Constantine's daughter)
AD 350
Temple of Venus and Rome
135 AD
The end of Roman Art
3 BC
Architectual style
painted architecture framework for figures to move around in; fake architectures
Caracalla made a lavish public _____.
arena centers were filled with ____.
Greek theater 1
Epidauros, Greece, 330-320 BCE
What emperor is responsible for building the colloseum?
Arch of Titus
decorative and nonstructural, victory of Titus over Jews in 70 A.D., shows the Arc of the Covenant being carried away
rough masonry with a rustic appearance on the surfaces
the circular relief narratives on the arch
volcanic city that preserved art of pompeiins
peristyle garden
with marble tables and splendid murals
Villa of Mysteries, Pompeii
mid 1st c BC
Ara Pacis Augustae. View and Frieze
13-9 BCE
Won battle against Maxentius; saw a vision with a cross saying in this sign you will conquer
composite order
ionic volutes and corinthian capital together
a form of surveying (limitatio) in which the limites divide the surveyed land into squares, or ocassionally rectangles. Centuriations are known of various sizes from 10x10 to 20x20 actus. During the late republic and empire the centuriation of 20 x 20 actus appears to have been normal.
Severus' son Caracalla used __________ and etched out his brother.
Damnatio Memorae
Temple of Divine Julius
Forum Romanum, 42-29 BCE
a channel system that carried water from mountain streams into cities by using gravitational flow
Basilica of Constantine
civic building, central nave flanked by aisles, huge sculpture of Constantine, coffered arches, clerestory
public space in middle of a Roman city
Octavian Augustus
Bare feet, holds a baton, wearing torso armor, cupid on a dolphin next to his right leg: Marble
Edict of Milan
granted freedom to all religious groups
roof above nave is higher than roof above side aisles; clerestory windows are above main nave.
Toga praetexta
off-white toga with a broad purple border shown in the right-hand drawing. This toga was worn by curule magistrates and also upper-class Roman children, especially boys, who laid aside the boarded toga during their coming-of-age ceremony (ag 14-16) and ceremonially donned the toga virilis.
Antonius and Fuastina's pedestral shows...
Them going to Heaven
the central building block at the top of an arch or vault
Apollo of Veii
terraa cotta, fresh earth and hollow, influenced by the Greek Kouros, Stylized drapery, some paint
Flavian Amphitheater (Colosseum)
Located in Pozzuoli, is the third largest Roman amphitheater in Italy. Emperor Vespasian and probably finished under the reign of his son Titus
Sacred Way
Dedicated to Titus; road to main Roman center like market
Under Trajan, he made a public Market called the ________ of _________ which was like a shopping mall.
Apollodarus Damascus
2nd painting style
space is completely flat, not molded; "illusionistic"; as if something goes on past wall; sometimes reference to 1st style
Groin Vault
formed at the point at which 2 barrel vaults intersect at right angles
Battle of Milvian Bridge
Night before Constantine won battle w Maxentius he saw a vision w cross saying in this sign you will conquer
The Aula Palatina was used as a Christian _____ _____ and not worship.
audience hall, worship
What is narrative sculpture?
a sculpture that depics a story or historical event. found in monumental arches, coluns, and triumphal arches
Hadrian's pool was located in his _____ and did/did not support a roof. It showed ____s and ____s and provided fine reproductions of _______ sculptures.
villa;did not;pillars and lintels; greek
Augustus of Primaporta- early imperical
-part in hair over left eye and two locks over right is characteristic of Augustus
-confusion between god and man is intentional
What is third style wall painting?
was around 20 BC to 20 AD. Less colorful, was sacrifice ornamentation.
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