Education in Modern Society Quiz 3 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
"Philosopher" means?
Lover of wisdom
Social Characteristics of Classrooms
Tax funded schooling
Tax funded schooling
social relations involving authority or power
Existentialists believe "you are your choices" True or False?
Deductive reasoning goes from?
General to specific
In "We Shall Remain," Lalawethika's name means
According to the PowerPoint, rather than being seen as an exciting exploration of self and society, many high schoolers see school as something to be...
______________ is concerned with the good, the true, and the beautiful
philosopher who believed in an absolute right or wrong; asked students pointed questions to make them use their reason, later became Socratic method
KIPP Academy
Desire, dedication, determination. sat class, 2 hrs of HW, 3 weeks of summer classes, 67% more time in class. charter school.
___________ believed common schools would be the equalizer of the conditions of men, allowing equal opportunities to rich and poor.
Horace Mann
Who was the person who rediscovered Aristotle's works and brought the West out of the Dark Ages?
General Intelligence
a general intelligence factor that according to Spearman and others underlies specific mental abilities and is therefore measured by every task on an intelligence test.
Howard Gardner is
A psychology professor at Harvard
Knowledge apart from human experience is
A priori
the study of values and value judgments
Public schools often evaluate children through..?
Objective tests
B.F. Skinner states that recall is more important than recognition. True or False?
Wooden books covered in transparent cow horn were known as?
Horn Books
Carol Gilligan
did research to challenge Kohlberg's because all his subjects were male
showed that female responses to moral dilemmas could not easily be categorized within the hierarchy of thinking that kohlberg has designed
females had an abstract concept like justice had no value in itself, what mattered were the real consequences for human beings. women appear hesitant and indecisive, even morally undeveloped because they consider the complexities of relationships, stuck in stage 3
"What is of value?" is the study of?
The Success For All program was created by
Bob Slavin
What is a more liberal outlook on education according to Richard Rorty?
Alfie Kohn refers to what as "sugar coated control"?
Which method states that we always retain the Truth inside, we just have to Remember it
Socratic Method
Extrinsic Value
something that has value only because of its relationship to something else; what makes it valuable is "outside" the thing. Related words: intrinsic value (opp.)
Episode 1 of "We Shall Remain," was about the ___________ tribe.
Episode 3 of We Shall Remain, "Trail of Tears," is predominately about the _______ tribe
Women are earning over half of the undergraduate and masters degrees today. True or False?
This textbook taught moral lessons of working hard to succeed.
McGuffey reader
Paulo Freire
devised a method of teaching reading that drew its vocabulary from the everyday lives of Brazilian peasants; words like tenant, plow, and labor
it made the formerly illiterate peasants "critically literate" about their political and economic oppression and more effective and confident in expressing their unhappiness to landowners
John Locke, as well as Berkeley and Hume, were classified as?
British Empiricists
Who believed it was against nature to bind children in blankets at birth?
Jean-Jacque Rousseau
What video proclaimed the message "there is no normal brain"
"Let's Talk About Neurodiviersity"
John Dewey
He was a philosopher who believed in "learning by doing" which formed the foundation of progressive education. He believed that the teachers' goal should be "education for life and that the workbench is just as important as the blackboard."
________ were sacred and used by the Wampanoag in making promises to others.
Wampon beads
According to "Invitation Theory" it is best to?
Intentionally invite others
law and order
helping my sister clean the table after dinner is right because thats the rule in my family
According to behaviorists, being taught means
"induced to engage in new behavior."
The federal government tracks poverty by noticing which kids?
Have free or reduced lunch
The third wave of change went from?
Industrial Age to Information/Post-Industrial Age
Fredrick Douglas was a major influence in making what change within schools?
Putting an end to segregation
According to Stanely Aronowitz, labor should be..?
A calling rather than a job
The Youtube video "An Anthropological Intro to Youtube" is about
How Michael Wesh's video climbed to the top of the web because of the relationship between the web and its users.
The case of Sarah Roberts against the Smith school resulted in?
Desegregation of schools in Massachusetts
According to Alfie Kohn, the more we reward children the more
The children lose interest in learning
What is not a characteristic of Herbert Spencer?
He thought the state should have a firm control of the schools and the curriculum they taught
According to Alfie Kohn the more kids are rewarded the..?
Less interested they are in the content.
In 1875 the Kalamazoo Case was taken to the Supreme Court where they ruled that?
High school education would be paid by taxes, thereby bridging the gap between elementary and college education
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