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Terms Definitions
Which requires human interaction?
What is VTC?
Video Teleconferencing 
Data rate of OC12?
622 mbps
What is the nomenclature for DAMA?
What does IW stand for?
Information Warfare
What department is responsible for maintaining the readiness of all electronic equipment under control of NCTS?
What does TG stand for?
Task Group
Which layer in the atmosphere collapses at dusk?
The relationship between our capabilities and operational planning in the joint and multinational environment. Is which of six areas of naval doctrine?
Naval Planning
What is a CTO?
Computer Tasking Order
What is the oldest Intelligence organization in the US Navy?
Freq range of UHF?
300Mhz - 3Ghz
What does TU stand for?
Task unit
Active Directory Users and Computers) - Used to look up customers and provide account support when ADAEO is not available.
What is DSCS?
Defense Satellite Communications System is a high capacity, SHF satellite based subsystem that provides jam-resistant comms.
Define ANCC
Automated Network Control Center replaces manual patch and test facilities ashore with a fully redundant computer-controlled switching and circuit monitoring system.
Discuss proper escalation procedures.  
-Identify symptom
-Determine escalation path to RDM, ESD, or FS
-Fill out proper checklist
-Inform T2 to view and give permission to escalate
-Escalate ticket
Define AMD
Activity Manpower Document lists in one document all the Requirements and Authorizations in a specific Activity.
What does ATM stand for?
Asynchronous Transfer Mode
What Common Port is used for LDAP?
Which attack relies on incorrectly filtered escape characters?
SQL Injection
Who developed the Sailors Creed?
James B. Watkins
What devices are used to tunnel unclassified data through a DNS?
(Service Manager 7) – HP Software program replacing quickway and remedy, and is used to create and track existing tickets. 
What is EHF FOT?
Extremely High Frequency Follow-On-Terminal is the terminal used to configure EHF LDR/MDR services.
What does A.H.T. stand for? 
Average Handle Time 
Who can serve as the TSCO?
Security manager
What is CWSP?
Commercial Wideband Satellite Program -provides up to 4 Mbps connectivity for data and voice communications.
What is closely related to positioning but can be distinguished from it by a greater emphasis on determining a meaningful location?
International Maritime Satellite - multipurpose commercial SATCOM system providing both simultaneous voice and IP data up to 128kbps.
Define DSN.
Defense Switched Network is an interbase, non-secure or secure C2 telecommunications system that provides end-to-end command use and dedicated telephone service.
What is the data rate of an E-1?
What command would you use to release the current IP address?
All sum frequencies above the carrier frequency?
Upper Sideband
What is AESOP?
Computer program design to automatic frequency planning for radar and weapon system as well as the process of generating communication plans.
What does PSTN stand for?
Public switched telephone network
Which messaging format does the Navy Correspondence Manual not cover?
Video teleconferencing
What is IEEE?
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or IEEE is an international non-profit, professional organization for the advancement of technology related to electricity. 
Which Command is the DAA for the Navy?
Define Multiplexing 
is a process where multiple analog message signals or digital data streams are combined into one signal over a shared medium.
What is an OSRI?
Originating station routing indicator - service messages are addressed by the telecommunications facility to the serving Nova. 
Describe TEMPEST. 
used to analyze and measure unwanted signal leakage do to equipment radiation.
What war did the only successfully anti-ship missile attack on a U.S. Navy warship? What ship?
Iran-Iraq War
USS Stark
What is a TYCOM?
Commander in charge of a speciality
What is a sf-312 used for?
classified information nondisclosure agreement
Radio wave Ducting will:
something that will confine whatever is traveling along it into a narrow 'pipe'

102.7: Battle of Normandy

D-Day June 6, 1944
The largest amphibious operation in history.
What does the USNO do?
United States Naval Observatory
they maintain the time
What RAID level is used to mirror without parity or striping?
What is the purpose of the krone block copper?
What does NREMS stand for?
Navy Regional Enterprise Message System
What is the TNOSC?
Theater Network Operations & Security Center is network management and CND of the Army's network in a specific functional theater of operations.
Define WRA
Web Risk Assessment - scan a website to determine if there are any OPSEC related vulnerabilities.
What is ONE-NET?
is a Navy-wide initiative for IT services in the OCONUS Navy locations. 
What is the DoD's most capable and powerful communication satellite?
Wideband Gapfiller
What is the minimum time required at the Service Desk? 
6 Months 
Discuss Space Situational Awareness.
The requisite current and predictive knowledge of the space environment and the operational environment upon which space operations depend.
In Naval Logistics Sustainability is?
Providing logistic support for the duration of the operation

101.12 Identify 2 of the 11 pressure points.

•Facial artery.....jaw       •Superficial temporal artery.....temple
•Subclavian artery.....collar bone      •Common carotid artery.......neck
•Brachial artery......inner upper arm    •Brachial artery......inner elbow
•Radial/Ulnar artery.....wrist            •Femoral artery.....upper thigh
•Iliac artery.....groin                        •Popliteal artery.....knee
•Anterior/posterior tibial artery.....ankle
Diffraction is
is the name given to the mechanism by which waves enter into the shadow of an obstacle
Elevation angle is?
The angle at which the radio wave travels from the antenna to the atmosphere.
Discuss the importance of an IG
Initiate audits, evaluations, and investigations relating to programs and operations of the DOD.
When is a 21 gun salute fired off?
Washington's Birthday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Honor the President
An ATO for NIPR is granted for how many months?
24 months
What is MDR?
Medium Data Rate is an upgrade to Milstar provides 4.8 kilobits to 1.544 megabits per second.
What is DODN GIG?
the global information grid is a globally interconnected, end-to-end set of information for disseminating.
Define the following:
Apogee is a point on the orbit farthest from the center of the Earth (away)
Perigee is the point closest to the center of the Earth will be halfway around the orbit. (close)
What satellite would have a period approximately equal to one day? Approximately how far is it from the Earth?
Geosynchronous orbit
19,300 nautical miles
What is a HSGR?
High Speed Global Ring provides an increased transport link between shore facilities.
State the purpose of MMS.
Multi-Level Mail Server.
Store & fwd message system.
Accessed via phone (STE to SECTERA), encrypted up to Top Secret.
Explain how, and in what order, material is destroyed during Emergency Destruction.
Emergency Destruction Priorities:
(1) Superseded keying material and secondary variables.
(a) Top Secret primary keying material.
(b) Secret, Confidential, and Unclas primary keying material 
(2) Future (reserve on board) keying material for use one or two months in the future.
(3) Non-essential classified manuals:
(a) Maintenance manuals.
(b) Operating manuals.
(c) Administrative manuals.
What does TNCCENT stand for and explain the purpose of TNCCENT?
Theater Network Operations Center Central Command
Overall responsible for all 5th Fleet DISA services
What are the primary Satellite controllers?
LOC/LGC - Landstuhl, Germany
BOC - Fort Buckner, Japan
State what is found on the following pages:
Page 2
Page 4
Page 13
Dependency application/record of emergency data
Navy Occupation/Training and Awards History
Service Member's Group Life Insurance - low cost life insurance to Uniformed Service Members
Administrative Remarks
What do the following Operating Signals mean?
ZUG - Negative
ZEV - Affirmative
ZUJ - Standby
What is the ANCC?
The ANCC is a digital patching system at NCTL and other shore stations that allows equipment to be connected digitally vice using physical path cords.
Define the components and functions of the command OPSEC Program.
Appoint an OPSEC program manager.
Utilize Naval OPSEC Support Team (NOST)
Local Opsec guidance
Annual review
What is the direction in space of axes which have been defined on the Earth?
Earth Orientation Parameters
What are stations that possess a TD-1150 and have connectivity to a particular BKS and BRS?
BCS - Broadcast Controlling Station
What is the function of DISA?
Defense Information Systems Agency is to deliver joint and coalition enterprise infrastructure, information sharing services, and command and control that enable joint war fighting.
List the sites that have CUDIXS suites and their capabilities.
NCTS Naples
Each site has at least 3 CUDIXS suites and operate two full and one "mini" config.
What are the TPI requirements?
Two Person Integrity is required for handling, signing, inventory, and destruction for all keying materials.
Explain Intelligence Oversight and state the publications that govern it.
Act of 1980 requires U.S. Government agencies to report covert actions to the house permanent.
Executive Order 12333
Public Law No. 95-511
Executive Order 12334
State the difference between the following:
Normal Power 
Emergency Power
Uninterrupted Power
Primary Source of power
Backup Source of power
Temporary Source of power while switching from primary to backup or to allow time to safety shut down equipment during a loss of power.
State the purpose of the ICD system
Intelligence Community Directives and subsidiary issuances shall serve as the principal means by which the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) provides guidance, policy, and direction to the Intelligence Community.
What is the purpose of a FCC-100 and how many ports?
Multiplexer with 16 ports
List the Naval air officers for the following amount of gun salutes: 17, 15, 13, 11.
Admiral 17
Vice Admiral 15
Rear Admiral 13
Commodore 11
What is a Disk Array Controller.
A device which manages the physical disk drives and presents them to the computer as logical units.
What is the purpose of EHF-TIP?
The EHF-TIP allows EHF MDR resources to be allocated and shared efficiently among participating naval platforms.
Discuss the responsibilities of CINC and TYCOM
Fleet Commander in Charge - Operating forces - ships, crafts classified and organized into command by type.
Type Commander - Responsible for the ships that make up the operational numbered fleets.
Define the follow:
Task Force (TF)
Task Group (TG)
Task Unit (TU)
Task Element (TE)
TF - Subdivision of the fleet 
TG - Division of TF
TU - Division of TG
TE - Division of TU
What is a COCOM?
A commander of one of the unified or specified combatant commands.
List and define 9 categories of computer incidents:
1 Root Level Intrusion (Incident)
2 User Level Intrusion (Incident)
4 Denial of Service (Incident)
7 Malicious Logic (Incident)
3 Unsuccessful Activity Attempt (Event)
5 Non-Compliance Activity (Event)
6 Reconnaissance (Event)
8 Investigating (Event)
9 Explained Anomaly (Event)
Describe the mission of the following primary warfare areas:
Air Warfare - defensive measures designed to destroy attacking enemy aircraft.
Strike Warfare - to destroy enemy targets ashore.
Naval Special Warfare - conducts ops in the coastal, riverine, and maritime environments.
State the purpose of a COMSPOT/Communications service advisory
Communications Spot - will be reported any time communication outages or degradations are encountered by all ships or shore facilities.
Communications Services Advisory - is only shore facilities. 
Define the following terms as they apply to RADAR:
Pulse Repetition Interval is the elapsed time from the beginning of one pulse to the beginning of the next pulse.
Pulse repetition frequency is the number of pulses per time unit.
Radio Frequency. Freq at which radar operates.
State the purpose of MPS-800.
Enables sites on IP, ISDN, and High Speed Serial to participate in meetings with each other.
What does RAM stand for and what does it do?
Random Anti-Terrorism Measures, a method of detterence of terrorist attacks
What is the role of NCTS?
To provide routes to area NCTAMS for world wide connectivity.
Explain the reason for "Two Person Integrity" as it relates to EKMS.
TPI requires the participation of two people to provide a means of restricting access to sensitive material. When dealing with CRYPTO it requires at least two people.
What services are provided by the JFTOC?
JFTOC functions as the primary control point for day to day operations within that AOR.
State the world-wide MCS RI
Each invalid PLA will receive a RI of RUBDPLA side routed on the original message.
Explain the purpose of a mobile detachment.
Provide direct or indirect support to an operational entity.
Explain the mission of NMCI Service Desk.
To provide support to more than 700,000 Sailors, Marines, and civilians to include end-user’s PCs, laptops, mobile wireless solutions for the security and support their missions require.
Explain the DoD escort policy.
If you are an escort you are required to stay with that individual or group you are escorting until they leave.
The movement of all visitors shall be controlled to ensure that access to classified information is deliberate.
As a matter of convenience and courtesy, flag officers are not required to sign visitor records.
State the purpose of the DUSC system.
It is a multi-purpose system that will produce directory updates for the DMS and UAC component and database for the FMX.
Name the locations of all the Network Operation Centers (NOC)?
Quantico, VA; San Diego, CA; Norfolk, VA; Pearl Harbor, HI
What is a bus network topology?
A set of clients are connected via a shared communications line. (Simplest way to connect multiple clients) but have problems when 2 clients want to transmit at the same time.
Describe function and risk associated with following activities:
Privilege escalation 
Brute Force attack
Social engineering
is the act of exploiting a bug or design flaw in a software application to gain access.
is a strategy used to break the encryption of data.
is the act of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information.
What is the purpose of the Center for Information Dominance?
Develop war fighters by providing the right training at the right time.
What is the difference between ebb and flood tide?
Ebb current that flows away from the shore.
Flood current that flows toward the shore.
What is the last line of the Sailor's Creed?
I am committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all.
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