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National security
Terms Definitions
What command is TNCCENT?
Example of non-reportable PDS?
Late Destruction
What Intelligence agency was established with the National Security Act of 1947?
Define AESOP.
Afloat Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Program is a surface navy spectrum management software tool.
What is essential protective measure to obtain reliable operation in a cluttered electromagnetic environment?
Adapting logistics support to changing conditions. Is which of the Seven principles of Naval Logistics?
Define CUDIXS?
Common User Digital Information Exchange System
What is ORM?
Operational risk management
risk decision making tool
Describe the following:
Human Intelligence
Open Source Intelligence
Measurement and Signature Intelligence
Signals Intelligence
Communication Intelligence
Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence
Electronic Intelligence
Imagery Intelligence
Define SCI
Sensitive Compartmented Information - classified information concerning or derived from intelligence sources, methods, or analytical processes, which is required to be handled within formal access control systems established by the Director of Central Intelligence.
What is a SF-153?
COMSEC Material Report
Define the 5 attributes of IA:
Who is responsible for the pier router?
What command is charged with operating a secure naval network that enables information operations?
What is the speed of a DS0?
What is the frequency range of EHF?
Core missions are to protect U.S. national security systems and to produce foreign signals intelligence information. Which command Mission Statement is this?
What is a security incident that occurs whenever classifed data is placed onto a system of a lower classification?
Used in conjunction with Remedy to work on new and existing tickets
What is CUDIXS?
Common User Digital Information Exchange Subsystem - provides a 2400 baud full duplex interface, over a satellite link with mobile platforms.
Define Frequency
Cyclical processes, number of cycles per unit time.
Define CCS
Communications Control Ship is a designated platform respsonsible for the execution of a strike groups communications.
What is a SF-312?
Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement
Identify SSO Navy
Special Security Officer is responsible for implementing SCI security policy and procedures and performs management and oversight of the Department's SCI security program.
Define DAA
Designated Approving Authority - the official with the authority to formally assume responsibility for operating a system (or network) at an acceptable level of risk
State the purpose of OTAT/OTAR. 
Over-the-Air Key Transfer 
Over-the-Air Rekeying
Define VOIP
Voice Over Internet Protocol delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over IP networks.
What is a SF 368?
Quality Deficiency Report
What form is used to record when personnel open, closed and check safe?
How many years is a solar cycle?
11 years
Who would you escalate a ticket to that requires a re-push of software to a machine?
Who is the Secretary of Defense?
Robert M. Gates
What are the 5 attributes of IA CIA/NA?
Sunspots will not affect this range of radio wave.
Which of these transmission media can not be tapped?
Fiber Optic

101.17 Describe the effects and treatment of the following temperature related injuries:    FROSTBITE:
–Superficial: Ice crystals forming in the upper skin layers after exposure to a temperature of 32 degrees or lower.
–Deep frostbite: Ice crystals forming in the deeper tissues after exposure to a temperature of 32 degrees or lower. •Treatment:
–Get the victim indoors, warm the area by placing them in warm water or with hot water bottles. Other methods include placing them under the armpits, against the abdomen, or between the legs of a buddy.
–Never rub the frostbite area. Seek medical attention immediately.
Define EHF TIP
EHF Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) Interface Processor provides an ethernet connection between a ship's ADNS router, MDR, and another ship or shore for IP services.
What is DCO?
Defense Connect Online - Instant Messenger
Discuss the IO (Information Operations) Core Capabilities:
-Provide broad strategic concepts
-Provide an orderly schedule of decisions
-achieve unity of effort
-identify any special forces
If comms cannot be restored in 48 hours, what is submitted?
What is a branch of astronomy that deals with measurements of celestial bodies?
Who was the National Security Act of 1947 signed by?
President Truman
 101.11 State the three methods of controlling bleeding. 
Direct pressure
Pressure Points
Tourniquet (Last Resort)
Who would you escalate a ticket that requires replacement of a keyboard?
Field Services.

101.13 Describe the symptoms and treatment for shock. 
•Symptoms include:

Vacant or lackluster eyes, Shallow or irregular breathing, Cold, pale skin, Nausea, Weak or absent pulse.

•Treatment includes:

Lay the victim down flat, Elevate feet 6-12 inches, Cover victim with blanket to maintain body heat, Reassure and calm the victim (if conscious). 
State who can give the order to initiate Emergency Destruction
Commanding Officer
Abbreviation used to reduce the length of a name while maintaining reasonable interpretation of an activities identity?
Plain Language Address
What are two types of practices dangerous to security (PDS)?
Reportable and non-reportable
What Icon would you use to hide a windows shared folder?
What is a SF-703 used for?
Top secret cover sheet
What is the one letter designation of a priority message and quickly must it be responded to?
3 hours
What is the purpose of the Broadcast Keying Station?
Xmits FSM
Describe a Global Positioning System.
A satellite-based radio navigation system operated by DoD to provide all military, civil, and commercial users w/ precise positioning, navigation, and timing.
Describe the six programs of Brilliant on the Basics:
Career Development Boards
Sailor Recognition
Command Indoctrination
Command Ombudsmen support
Discuss the capabilities of the following environmental satellites. 
Geostationary Environmental Satellites - the backbone to short term forecasting. 
Polar Operational Environmental Satellite are able to collect global data on a daily basis for a variety of land, ocean, and atmosphere apps
Defense Meteorological Satellite Program see's clouds, snow, and fire in the visual and infrared spectra.
What is a DD Form 448?
(MIPR, Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request) - Request material from other branches/departments
What is OWA?
A web interface of outlook web application that resembles microsoft outlook. (access email)
What is a FLTCOM?
Commander in charge of a specific fleet AOR.
What ip address is used for loop-back testing?
127 network (
What are actual Fleet Broadcasts?
PMUL - Pacific
LMUL - Atlantic
IMUL - Med/Indian
What happens when the SL-100 does a cold restart?
all calls drop
Why is it important to follow EMCON?
To avoid electronic detection
What is the SF-702 used for?
open, close, and check log
Who's classes were held on top of a wood structure in the Navy Headquarters Building in Washington learning how to intercept operations as radio operators?
On-The-Roof Gang
Describe the following modulation types and their common usage:
Amplitude Modulation is a technique used in electronic communication, most commonly for transmitting information via a radio carrier wave.
Frequency Modulation conveys information over a carrier wave by varying its frequency.
What are the IP Service requests for NIPR/SIPR/SI?
Communications Information Bulletin
What are the 3 fleet multi-channel broadcast packages (fleet satellite broadcasts)?
PMUL: Pacific
LMUL: Lant
IMUL: Indian Ocean
Explain the role and discuss services provided by the JFTOC.
Joint Fleet Telecommunications Operations Center. 24-7 One Stop Shop for C5I needs. (C5I=Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Collaboration, Intelligence)
List the officer accession programs that are available to enlisted personnel:
Seaman to Admiral (STA-21 Program)
Limited Duty Officer (LDO)
Chief Warrant Officer Program (CWO)
Navy Officers Candidate School (OCS)
Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program (MECP)
Medical Service Corps In-Service Procurement (MSC IPP)
What is SF 1449?
Request to buy, ship, and receive commercial products.
Identify the 5 steps of ORM
Identify Hazards, Assess Hazards, Make Risk Decisions, Implement Controls, & Supervise
What is the function of NCDOC?
To coordinate, monitor, and oversee the defense of Navy computer networks and systems and to be responsible for accomplishing Computer Network Defense.
What does Apogee mean?
A point in a satellite's orbit when it's farthest from the center of the earth
Discuss the purpose of the MOV program
Material Obligation Validation - purpose is to ensure overaged material obligations reflected in the inventory.
Discuss the various types of METOC products available through the Navy Oceanography portal (NOP):
Naval Oceanographic Office maximizes sea power by applying relevant oceanographic knowledge in support of National Security.

Discuss the various types of METOC products available through the Navy Oceanography portal (NOP):
Naval Oceanography Operations Command advises Navy operations on the impact of ocean and atmospheric conditions.
Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center provides the highest quality, most relevant and timely worldwide meteorology and oceanography support.
What are the 3 different types of COMSEC incidents?
Crypto, personnel, and physical
What is DD Form 1155?
Request for supplies and services from commercial vendors
What is a star network?
One of the most common computer network topologies. Consists of one central switch to transmit messages.
101.7 Discuss the timeliness and means for filing mishap investigations reports
Must be submitted within 30 days
What is the sf 701?
Compartment check off sheet end of day check sheet
What is the sf 702?
Open and closure log. it has open, close, and check boxes
State the purpose of the Navy Correspondence Manual:
is issued to prescribe uniform standards for the management and preparation of correspondence.
Explain how DPAS is used to track equipment
Defense Property Accountability System - by recording sensitive information in an approved secure or non-secure system property system in away that national security is not compromised.
Discuss how long a Commanding Officer can administratively suspend access before DONCAF revokes a clearance. 
Will determine immediately and suspend of SCI access for 90 days.
Discuss the procedures for sanitizing an area
The removal of information from the media or equipment such that data recovery using any known technique or analysis is prevented.
State the purpose of a TSR.
Who may issue it?
Telecommunications Service Requests - telecommunications requirement 
By a specifically authorized TCO.
What is the difference between an ISSR and an OSSR?
ISSR is the security filtering for inside the firewalls and OSSR is the security filtering for outside the firewalls
What is the purpose of the Defense Courier Service?
secure transmission of qualified classified documents and materials.
State the sites that have a FMX/DUSC system.
Which one is the master and the alternate?
Describe the mission of the following primary warfare areas: 
Anti-Submarine Warfare - denying the enemy the effective use of submarines.
Surface Warfare - operations conducted to destroy or neutralize enemy naval surface forces
Information Warfare - to achieve or promote specific objectives over adversaries.
Explain SAR/SAA procedures for the following:
PACOM requires EHF SAR/GAR to be submitted via CARS.
SAR's are submitted IAW G-CIB 9A1 format 15 days prior to access.
SAR's are submitted IAW G-CIB 7E 30 days prior to access.
SAR's are submitted IAW G-CIB 7E 30 days prior to access.
Define and state the purpose of ASI.
Authorized Service Interruption is the best possible communications service be provided to users commensurate with available equipment and facilites.
Describe the procedures for preparing hard copy classified material for transportation via DCS:
Shall not weigh over 300 pounds
Items shall be addressed with the standardized DCS two-line address
Security classification markings, special security caveats, and other extraneous markings must not appear on the outer wrapper.
U.S. Postal Service bags, pouches, or sacks shall not be used for DCS material.
Define the following terms as they apply to RADAR:
Bandwidth is the difference between the upper and lower cut-off frequencies of a radar receiver (measured in hertz)
Continuous-wave radar; non-pulsing. Sending out a very pure signal of a known freq. (Determines velocity, can't determine range)
What are the 3 categories of COMSEC material that may require destruction in hostile emergencies?
COMSEC keying material, COMSEC-related material (maintenance manuals, operating instructions), and equipment
101.10 State the three objectives of first aid. 
Save life, prevent further injury, and prevent infection.
What do the following acronyms stand for:
Officer of the Director of National Intelligence
Defense Intelligence Agency
National Security Agency
Central Intelligence Agency
National Geospatial 
Defense Human Intelligence Agency
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Drug Enforcement Agency
Department of Energy
Department of State
Department of Transportation
National Reconnaissance Officer
State the difference between OPCON and ADCON? Who is our OPCON?
OPCON has the authority to organize commands and employ them to accomplish a mission. 
ADCON has the authority over subordinate or other organizations in administration and support.
What is the Request Operations Center responsible for?
To provide queue support for all agents and to include verification in network connectivity.
Define the operating areas of the following numbered fleets:
2nd Fleet
3rd Fleet
4th Fleet
5th Fleet
6th Fleet
7th Fleet
10th Fleet
2nd Fleet - Atlantic Ocean
3rd Fleet - Pacific Ocean
4th Fleet - South America and Caribbean Sea
5th Fleet - Red Sea and Persian Gulf
6th Fleet - Mediterranean Sea
7th Fleet - Indian Ocean
10th Fleet - Cybe
Discuss the purpose of a Red Cross message.
family members use the emergency communication system to notify service members of an emergency or other important event. 
Define and state the purpose of the following VTC mediums:
ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network is a circuit-switched telephone network system.
VIXS - Video Information Exchange System provides a secure GENSER SECRET and SCI VTCs.
DVSG - DISN Video Service Global includes UNCLAS, Secret, TS VTC services.
List the items prohibited in a SCIF and the security risks associated with them.
Cell phones, camera, removable HDD, USB, etc., 2 way radio, IPOD, Playstation, gameboy, PDA, Personal Electronic Devices
Discuss the following meteorological terms and elements:
Sky condition
Atmospheric pressure
Air Mass
The state of the sky when it is covered by clouds.
The pressure exerted by the atmosphere at a given point. 
A large volume of air defined by its temperature and water vapor content.
What is the mission of NCDOC and where are they located
Naval Cyber Defense Operations Command (Little Creek, VA) Security & defend naval networks worldwide.
101.9 State the purpose of a HAZREP message. 
Provides a means for a unit discovering a hazardous condition or experiencing a near-mishap 
List the components of a standard navy message.
Heading (FL6 FM and FL7 TO)
Message Text (FL12)
Ending (FL15 SSN and FL16 NNNN)
Format Line 11 and 13 are BT
16 Format Lines
What are the two different types of ocean eddies? What are the differences?
Cold and Warm.
Cold water breaks off from a cold current and travels counter-clockwise into warmer ocean waters.
Warm water breaks off from a warm current and travels clockwise into colder ocean waters.
State the difference between IPv4 and IPv6?
IPv4 has 32 bit addresses
IPv6 has 64 bit addresses
What is a IT-21 Network?
is a GAN, and is managed by 4 fleet NOCs positioned around the world for 24/7 ops.
In regards to the IDC, what rates fall under the following areas:
Intel: IS
What is a littoral current and a rip current?
A littoral current produced by the transport of the water caused by the breaking action of the waves.
A rip current is formed when opposing offshore currents bend sections of a littoral current seaward, creating rip currents.
Why is it important to have an ATO for your network?
You then have the Authority to operate.
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