Russian Revolution Unit Test Flashcards

Terms Definitions
factory worker
radical marxists
Total war
war effect
Russian national legislature
Siberian Prison Camp
royal family of Russia
The Whites
These were Anti-Bolsheviks
concerned with only obvious things
September 14, 1911
Stolypin is assassinated
1850's: poor agrarian society, serfdom=basic social institution, Crimean War (1853-1856), reforms of Alexander II, strive toward modernization
Government supported attacks against Jews in Russia
Harsh or bitting comments- particularly negative comments
george orwell
writer of animal farm
lenin's idea of war communism
Russian Army
giant expense of citizens
believed after a violent revolution everyone would become equal
Trans-Siberian Railway
worlds longest continuous rail line
War Communism
end private trade, nationalize industry, collectivize agriculture, and replace money system
Protest at the Winter palace
Bloody sunday
To quit or give up power
-secret police to terrorize those against the Communists
Self-proclaimed holy man who claimed to heal the sick and have prophecy. He had much influence over Tsarina Alexandra and she often went to him for advise on political issues. He was believed to be having a sexual affair with Tsarina Alexandra and was assassinated by three members of the higher aristocracy; Tsarina Alexandra was very distraught and depressed due to his death (coincidence? I think not). (905)
large collectivized farms, created by Mao
belief that there is no god
Brusilov Offensive makes gains against AH forces
uses force, creates bloody nightmare; able to gain power by playing on the fears of Lenin's original communist party
resistance to any authority or tradition
changes that enable a country to compete effectively with the leading countries at a given time
October 27, 1917
Bolsheviks ban all opposition newspapers
Gregory Rasputin
-an illiterate peasant and self proclaimed holy man.
-Tsarina came to believe that Rasputin had miraculous powers after he helped her son who had hemophilia.
To contemplate or think about why something happened or occured
leader of the Bolsheviks, pulled Russia out of the war and signed a peace treaty with Germany
Great Purge
The widespread arrests and executions of over a million people by Josef Stalin between 1936 and 1938. Stalin was attempting to eliminate all opposition to his rule of the Soviet Union.
a Russian prison camp for political prisoners
people who flee their country because of persecution or danger
revolts of soldiers or sailors against their commanding officers
Nadezhda Krupskaya
Lenin's wife; came from poor family
New promises
freedom of speech, religion, assembly, civil liberties.
Rasputin's Murder
Tsar Nicholas' cousin Prince Felix plans murder.
Royal dinner party. Poison placed in pastries and wine. Does not kill Rasputin.
Shot four times at point-blank range. "You bad boy"
Knocked out. Rolled into a rug and thrown into a river. Dies of drowning and frostbite
a parasite gaining benegits from a host in injuries
Fundamental Laws
issued by the Russian government in 1906, tsar retained great power, Duma was elected by universal male suffrage, upper house could pass laws, tsar had veto power
Petr Stolypin
-a prime minister.
-was assigned to eliminate a threat.
-placed thousands on trial and found many guilty and executed them.
-died (1911) from a gunshot wound.
October Manifesto
document issued by Czar Nicholas II; reforms-Duma, free
supporters of czar and Bolsheviks fought, Bolsheviks won
Totalitarian State
a single party controls the government and every aspect of people's lives
white army
Russians who opposed Lenin and the Bolsheviks.
July Days
The first attempt of the Bolshevik's to take over the Provisional Government. This attempt failed with Trotsky being imprisoned and Lenin fleeing the country.
The five year plans
Stalin's attempt to industrialize Russia like the West;
Farm output, Industry growth, Transportation
Land Reforms
What reforms did Stolypn create for the peasants to help them increase their agricultural production?
large farms operated by peasants as a group
Subsistence Farming
Growing enough food to feed yourself and your family
Bloody Sunday
event in 1905, large crowd of peaceful workers/families converged on the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg and were fired upon by troops, Tsar lost much popularity throughout Russia
Czar Nicholas II
Russian czar in 1900 that was overthrown and murdured during the revolution
Social Democrats
A group of Marxists who believed that a worldwide revolution would begin in Russia with the workers; they were divided into the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks.
Vladimir Ulyanov
adapted the name Lenin when he became a revolutionary
1918 - March
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ends war with Germany. Beginning of foreign military intervention against the Bolsheviks
establishment of USSR
1921: official end of civil war. creation of one of the century's superpowers.
Alexei Stakhanov
He was a miner and became a celebrity in 1935 as part of a movement that was intended to increase worker productivity.
Lenin's exile and return
While he was originally exhiled for his communist ideas, the Germans aided his return to Russia in the hopes of disrupting the Russian
Lenin (Vladimir IIyich Ulianov)
Who strongly clashed with the Czar's ways and was exiled from Russia for having a brother who took part in plotting a murder against the Czar's Father? ( Also leader of the Bolsheviks)
Reds (Pro-Commies) vs. Whites (Pro-Romies)
50/50 split
US aids White
July 1918: Romanovs massacred
Revolution of 1905 (effects)
As a result of Bloody Sunday, strikes, uprisings and mutinies were occuring throughout Russia. To end the revolution, Nicholas II agreed to create a Duma and to make reforms for the people.
World War I (cause -- economic)
Eventually shortages in food and fuel as well as Nicholas II's refusal to leave the war, led to protests that escalated into the overthrow of the czar. He could not meet the needs of the soldiers or the civilians.
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