Sculpture Vocabulary 2 Flashcards

straight claw hammer
Terms Definitions
Interior space
The discus thrower
Athur Gansun
Yellow chair
unrealistic depiction of features
Richard Long
shapes in Nature
furnace used for firing pottery.
or millwood: shaped, decorative profiles cut into wood
Ana Mendieta
covers herself with mudd
pottery that has not been fired.
something causing or inducing a reductive process.
round, flat, half-round tools with handles; used for finishing prior to sanding
High Relief
Sculpture that extends/projects boldy into space from a flat background.
composed of three different hues spread equidistant from each other on the color wheel
Decorative stone or iron work supporting stained glass windows
a symbolic hand gesture of Buddhist and Hindu iconography
the act of subtracting (removing a part from the whole)
Acknowledged giant of 19th century sculpture.
Auguste Rodin
straight claw hammer
better for pulling wood apart
pouring liquid such as molten metal, plaster, polyester resin, or clay into a mold
an adjustable clamp for a workbench that will hold wood for carving in place
The artist gathers and joins together a variety of different materials to construct a 3D piece of art.
mobile design line
moveable guide, little weight achieved, used for some layered forms
The art of using materials to transform ideas into a real object. A three-dimensional form that is not utilitarian.
additive process
sculpting process in which materials are added until the sculpture is finished
art that is balanced by having all sides look the same way and have the same shape.
How everything is layed out in the painting.
floor drill press
overhead drill mounted above an adjustable table
drill bit is mounted in a chuck which travels up and down on the quill; drills holes perpindicular to the table
large band saw
long continuous blade looped around large upper and lower wheels
wood is moved on table into blade
table top tilts for bevel
straight cuts and wide curves
looks and handles like clay, but air hardens into metal that can be burnished to give an aluminum-like finish; the surface can be enhanced through metallic sprays
When you take objects and put them together.
An element of art that is three dimensional and encloses volume
subtractive process
sculpting process in which the artist begins with a mass of material larger than what is required and takes away the material until the desired form remains.
a thin mortar used to fill cracks and crevices between tile and glass.
made of clay material and fired at a high temperature
used to true the edges of boards that is to make them straight
point chisel
metal chisel that comes to a point; different sizes from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch
Terra Cotta
a baked clay often used to make pottery and sculptures
condition of clay when it is ready to be glaze
polyester casting resin
liquid material that is mixed and when cast into a mold, hardens clear
bent gouge, spoon gouge
has a spoon-like end; available in deep and shallow
What is pre-conquest carving?
An applied art - decorates a stone artefact. there are no free standing statues and nearly all sculpture is low relief
Potter's wheel process
1. ball 2. throw down in center 3. center 4. well 5. open well 6. collar in 7. pull up 8. wire 9. trim
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