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Minoan civilization
Terms Definitions
Mycenaean location
snake goddess (civilization)
lion gate (location)
bull leaping (medium)
Landscape (springtime) fresco. Akrotiri. Minoan. 1550 BC. fresco
kamares ware jar (location)
spring fresco (year)
ca. 1650
Discovered Crete
Sir Arthur Evans
lion gate (years)
1300-1250 BCE
Minoan time period
1900-1375 BCE
Flotilla Fresco. Akrotiri. Minoan. 1450-1400 BC
Discovered ancient Troy and Mycenaea
snake goddess (year)
ca. 1800 BCE
palace and knossos (year)
1700-1400 BCE
Toreador Fresco. Minoan. 1450-1400 BC. fresco
Three Deities from Mycenae. 1500-1400 BC. ivory
Lions Gate. Mycenaean. 1300-1250 BC. limestone
Female Figurine. Cycladic. 2500 BC. marble
citadel at tiryns (year)
ca. 1400-1200 BCE
mixed-use palaces with complex ground plans (civilization)
most important room in Mycenaen architecture, throne room of king
Rhyton in shape of bulls head. Knossos. 1500-1450. Serpentine, steatite, crystal & shell inlay
cycladic woman's form based on this shape
from the Palace at Knossos (Crete), Minoan, ca. 1450-1400 BCE, fresco. The women have light skin and the men have dark skin, a common convention. Elongating the bull's body creates the look of a powerful charge.
Lion Gate
Mycenae, ca. 1300-1250 BCE, limestone. The gate consists of two great monoliths and a lintel. The lions are there to symbolically guard the main gate of the city.
legendary king minos fought minotaur here, great planning in light and ventilation
palace at knossos
man on bull flanked by 2 women
bull leaping
cyclopean masonry in thick walls, Mycenaean citadel
citadel at tiryns
Harvester Vase
Crete, Minoan, ca. 1500 BCE, Steatite. This is one of the first representations of the underlying muscular and skeletal structure of the human body.
Crete, c. 1800 BCE, pottery with fish
Kamares ware jar
Warrior Vase
Mycenae, ca. 1200 BCE. Depicts a woman bidding farewell to a column of heavily armed Mycenaean warriors depicted using both silhouettes and outline and twisted perspective.
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