Encountering Jesus in the New Testament Flashcards

Terms Definitions
"good news"
Pax Romana
Roman Peace
meaning "gospel writer"
meaning: "teaching"; involving Catechesis (to "sound down", or repeat and explain the message in more depth)
violent revolutionary group against the Romans
translates the greek word Kurios, which rendered the hebrew word for God.
means "anointed one" Translates the Hebrew word for Messiah
meaning: "worship of the Christians"; all faithfully recount the spirit of what Jesus did and said
from the Greek wrod for "assembly"
center of Jesus' early ministry; population was mostly Jewish; is in the north of the Holy Land
"separated ones"; more related to Jewish law than religion; accepted all Jewish writings
Jesus bar Joseph
Jesus, son of Joseph
a central truth of Revelation that catholics are obliged to believe
the core teaching about Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
Pliny the Younger
extra-biblical author from Bithynia; wrote to emperor Trajan about Christians; punished Christians that came to his attention
the Aramaic name meaning "oil press"; is the garden Jesus prayed in (there were olive trees)
the two Greek letters that begin "Christ" in Greek; symbol of Christ
in the north-central region of the Holy Land; directly south of Galilee; people there were considered foreigners by Jesus and followers
Divine Revelation
The free gift of God's self-communication by which he makes known the mystery of his divine plan
"The word became flesh"
Jesus became a man
Sacred Tradition
the living transmission of the message of the Gospel in the Church
the "place of the skull"; name Matthew uses for the hill Jesus died on
A core catholic teaching that the Son of God took on human flesh in the person of Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is .....
the fullness of God's Revelation, God's word made flesh who completed the Father's work of salvation
Miracle Story: Nature Miracle
powerful sign that shows Jesus' mastery over the elements
We can meet the living Lord in prayer by the grace and help of the Holy Spirit.
Salvation History
The story of God saving activity in human history
Josephus/Flavius Josephus/Joseph ben Matthias
extra-biblical author who was a Jew (NOT Jewish-Christian) and led the first Jewish Revolt against the Romans
Herod the Great
Idumean ruler who became the ruler of Palestine; father of Herod Antipas; was the better king; was the ruler of Galilee during Christ's life; killed John the Baptist; married his brother's widow
the title Son of God reveals Jesus'
unique relationship with God the Father, sharing his very nature from the beginning of time
The doctrine of the Incarnation holds that...
the Son of God became man in the person of Jesus Christ
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