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During the Holocaust, Hitler completely ___ the European Jewish population.
The Thanksgiving Holidays provided a well-need _____ from school and homework.
The indecisive woman possessed such ____ that she changed her mind every other day.
His _____ sense of superiority dominates his personality in much the same way as his beetling brow dominates his face.
Though some writers have emphasized Jefferson's human weaknesses, his greatness is also a(n) _____ part of the historic record.
When asked directly for his position on nuclear disarmament, the candidate only _____.
The student overslept and because of her rush in getting to school appeared ____ and tired.
name the simple predicate of this sentence... I ran a mile.
There is quite a difference between the austere furnishings of my little apartment and the _____ accommodations of luxury hotel.
Many a now-forgotten "movie great" has discovered to his or her chagrin that fame may indeed be as _____ as a passing shower.
At the funeral for the fallen soldier, the minister gave a/an ____ speech about self-sacrifice.
The weary mother ____ crying baby with a warm bottle.
the steak i accidently left in the broiler too long wasn't just overdone it was positively _________
though they had been there all along grandma Moses did not discover her _artistic talents until well into her seventies.
Although Mrs. McCormick was still in a state of shock after the accident she was _enough to answer the questions posed about the police.
As soon as he struck the opening chords of the selection, we realized that we were listening to a(n) _____ master of the piano.
The man is _____ to have mob connection, but so far no one has actually substantiated the allegations.
The _____ of her analysis not only clarified the nature of the problem but also suggested its most promising solution.
Jonathan Swift so came to loathe human folly, vice, and hypocrisy that he died a virtual _____.
The ____ window was so dirty I could not tell whether it was day or night.
The ____ comment made by the young man was taken seriously and led to a major misunderstanding.
when the head o ur golf club has reached the _______of the swing pause for a second before u begin the downwad motion.
as it wound its way through the desert the mighty river became a mere ____that travelers could easily wade across.
what is a exlamatory sentence?
explamation. I can't believe it!
Most people I know are so busy dealing with the ordinary problems of life that they have no time for _____ philosophical speculation.
whe it is time to end one of our meetings a member must make a motion to _________
It is _____ on all of us to whatever we can to help our community overcome this crisis.
What time is it?
Where is Ichiro's friend?
おすしよ たべますか
Do you eat sushi
He can do it well.
なにも たべませんでした。
I didn't eat anything.
いちろうの ともあちわ どうですか
Where is Ichiros friend?
わたしの あさごはんわ どこですか
Where is my breakfast?
Did you do your English homework?
きょうは しゅくだいが ありました。
There was homework today.
きょの しゅくだいを あります
There was homework today.
ごぜん 6じはんい あさごはんを あべます
I eat breakfast around 6:30
For breakfast, I ate eggs and toast.
ひるごはんを どこで たべますか
Where do you eat lunch?
ときどき えいごで はなします。
Sometimes I talk in English.
おなたわ えいごの しうくだいを しましたか
Did you do the English homework
まいにち なんじに べんきようしますか
What time do you study everyday
ともだちと しゆうくだいを
I do my homework with my friends
おみるではんに おちゃを のみます
I drink green tea for lunch
わたしは とこどき えいごで はなします。
Sometimes I talk in English
わたしたちは たいてい TVを みます。
Usually we watch TV together
あさごはんを ははと たべます
I eat breakfast with my mother.
ははと あさごはんを たべます。
I eat breakfast with my mother.
ゆうべ おなたの どもだちは でんはしましたか
Did your friend call last night?
Last night, I talked to my friend on the phone.
ゆうべ たべものと のみものを がっこうで あります
Yesterday night, there was food and drinks at school.
たまごと toasは あさごはんに たべました。
For breakfast, I ate bread and toast.
ゆべ がこうに たべものと のみものが ありました
Yesterday night, there was food and drinks at school
わたしは まいにち がこうで ともだちと コンプタで にほんごを べんきょうします。
Everyday, I study Japanese with my friends at school using a computer
いま ねわ としよかんい います
My older sister is at the library right now
ともだちに てがみを にほんごで かきました。
I wrote a letter using Japanese to my friend.
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