Short Fiction Terms Review Flashcards

Terms Definitions
The Liar
Tobias Wolff
Crisis Action
turning point
The beginning of grief
L. Woiwode
the central character in conflict, whether sympathetic or unsympathetic
Ready to take place, hanging threateningly over one's head.
the reason for a character's behavior
person, place, or thing that represents an abstract idea or concept
variety in language used in a geographical region or by a group people
What the reader can determine about the authors feelings towards the book.
uncertainty or anxiety about what will happen next
when an author subtly drops hints about the plot developments to come later
Uses 3rd person- limited to reporting what a character says or does. No feelings or thoughts
Friendly Skies
T.C Boyle, a women takes multiple plane rides to New York to see her mother, none of the rides are pleasant for her.
The Lottery
Shirley Jackson, a story about a lottery that is not like normal lotteries. The whole town comes together and picks names out of a box whichever family is picked one person gets killed from that family.
The sue of tangible images or object to represent abstract ideas.
the turning or high point of a plot
Falling Action
series of events that follow the climax and end in the resolution
Stock Character
the stereotyped character in which he is immediately known from typical characters in history
Rich Brother
Tobias Wolff, 2 brothers one is rich one does not live a life like his rich brother but is rich in spirit
Unified plot
Type of plot where the action is continuous within a day.
1st person pov
one of the character's is the narrator
Dramatic Irony
when facts are not known by the characters in a work of literature but are known by the audience
First person
the narrator is a character in the story
suspension of disbelief
the reader accepts that some of the situations in the story couldn't or wouldn't happen in real life
developing character
a character who during the course of a story undergoes a permanent change in some aspect of moral qualities, personal traits, or outlook
A Worn Path
Eudora Welty, an older women goes on a walk and loses herself
Something to Do With Baseball
Richard Panek, a group of young boys play baseball everyday after school in the spring, their dads watch as they hit homeruns until the sun goes down.
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