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What is nuture?
socialization experiences
advancing thru moral stage
culturally and socially defined positions
physical difference growth spirt, parental control is less, peer groups become important
life of the party, enthusiastic, social, fast paced, fun loving, great story teller, energy, ....downsides: center of attention, all about them, poor listener 
Drives and instincts that Freud believed every human being inherits, but which for the most part remain unconscious. Of these drives two are most important: aggressive drive and the erotic or sexual drive (called libido)
An individuals changing yet enduring personal identity
power assertion, ultimate power love withdraw parent withdraws love
significant others
those individuals who are most important in our development, such as parents, friends, and teachers
Illustrated the harmful effects of social isolation through his experiments with rhesus monkeys
Harry Harlow
things they don't know and things i don't know=
the patterns of behavior and ways of thinking and feeling that are distinctive for each individual.
Argued for a cultural interpretation of human behavior as opposed to a sociobiological interpretation
Stephen Jay Gould
What are Baney's four social styles?
analytic, driver, amiable, expressive 
looking-glass self
Phrase used by Cooley to describe the three-stage process through which each of us develops a sense of self.
Term used by Mead to include those individuals who are most important in our development for example, parents, friends.
Significant Others
kohlberg's moral development
Obedience and punishment (how can i avoid punishment
mischief self control experiment
4 year olds marshmallow v bell , ring bell one marshmellow, no ring come back get two marshmellow
confident, pragmatic, driven
What is nature
inherited characteristics
good team player, supporter, relationship oriented, needs everyone to like them, not good with conflict in social setting, dont know how to deal with interpersonal problems 
inherited units of biological material
interpersonal accord and conformity
social norms
represents society's norms and moral values as learned primarily from our parents
The process of social interaction that teaches the child the intellectual, physical, and social skills needed to function as a member of society.
Learning to have meaningful interactions and affectionate bonds with others
Social attachments
In regards to Courage (Johari's Window)...things I know and things they know=
open area 
Proposed a developmental model for adult socialization.
Daniel Levinson
Argued that the individuals inner, spontaneous self and society's demands were in continual conflict
Sigmund Freud
Moral order
A shared view of right and wrong.
tries not only to mediate in the eternal conflict between the id and the superego, but also to find socially acceptable ways for id's drives to be expressed.
In his studies of children, he demonstrated they moved through predictable stages of identity developments
Jean Piaget
things they don't know and things i know =
hidden area 
social identity
the total of all the statuses that define an individual
A society's shared view of right and wrong
Moral Order
What are the social goals? 

w Desire for status, popularity, and admiration as a measure of personal competence

w Desire for love and belonging

w Fear of rejection, engulfment, abandonment
What does the concept of self include?
1. An awareness of the existence, appearance and boundaries of one's own body (you are walking among the othermembers of the crowd, dressed appropriately for the occasion, and trying to avoid bumping into people as you chat); 2. The ability to refer to one's own being by using language and other symbols("Hi, as you can see from my name tag, I'm Bob Smith")
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