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Terms Definitions
Men dominatng society
George hebert Mead
Role taking
Rosemary Gartner
homicide, crime deterrence, violence against women, & historical & cross-national variation in criminal violence
Rosemary Gartner
friend of Adie's
exaggerated belief about the appearance or behavior of a group and then assume everyone in the group is like that.
social patterns resulting from industrialization
-done in social activity.
-isolate independent variable to measure effects on dependent variable.
workers replaced by technology, factory moved to cheaper town/country, capitalism benefits
Pharmacological Mechanism:
*Drug use cause violence.
-little evidence for opiates which suppress primary needs.
-Stimulants promote paranoia/agitation. (cocaina)
-"Marijuana does not contribute to aggression and violence"
-Alcohol is the most significant correlate. (yes it contributes to violence)
sexual behavior between people of different genders
a statement of the expected relationship between two or more variables
working class
40-45%blue collar laborerswhite collar service jobs1/2 own homesless likely to votesuseptible to financial crisis (live paycheck to paycheck)
social norm
behaviors considered non deviant, generally accepted in society
"Traditional Family"
extended, arranged courtship, polygamy common, patrilineal and patriarchical
egoistic suicide
lack of attachment to groups
Intervening variable
variable that influences the relationship between an independent variable and a dependent variable
study of human behavior in society
Robert Merton
Macro. soc- large-scale phenomena, Micro. soc- small group phenomena, population vs sample
Compliance to a higher authority (military- must obey set rules)
collective behavior
the spontaneous, unstructured, and temporary behavior of a group of people in response to the same event or situation
occurring as an ordinary part of everyday life
a temporary gathering of people who are in close enough promiximity to interact
systematic differences in wealth and power among countries, often involving exploitation of the less powerful by the more powerful countries
global inequality
Material Culture
The material objects that distinguish a group of people, such as their art, buildings, clothing, weapons, etc. 
the genetics an organism inherits from parents
system of production that involves the production of goods and services sold to a wide range of consumers. Marx believed capitalism was an important factor in social change.
Whites need the compliance of other whites in order for race privilege to work:T/F
learning the rights, obligations, and expectations of a role to prepare for assuming that role in the future
anticipatory socialization
sexual harassment
any unwelcomed sexual attention at work or school, which may affect a person's job performance or create a hostile work environment
Agrarian society
The most technologically advanced form of preindustrial society. Members are engaged primarily in the production of food, but they increase their crop yields through technological innovations such as the plow.
____ refers to unwanted leers, comments, suggestions, or physical contact of a sexual nature that the recipient finds offensive and causes discomfort or interferes with academic or job performance.
Sexual harassment
position within a group of society
Ex. mother, teacher
sunset industries
industries declinging in output and employment
A folkway:
A standard governing everyday behavior (how to use an escalator)
egalitarian family
mother and father make decisions together and contribute to the family
informal economy
operates outside of govt regulation, bartering, drug sales
means of production are publicy owned, goal- meet population's needs, social health care, public schools
second shift
Arlie Hoffschild- among dual career couples, women had 15 fewer leisure hours a week than men due to housework and caring for children
Every member of society serves a role/has a prupose
the fundamental character or spirit of a culture; the underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs, customs, or practices of a group or society
Pew Report
Young people micro blog, older people macro blog (Twitter).
Cultural Theory:
the theory that cultural values of discipline, thrift, education, the family, and group orientation contribute to economic success (p. 262)
Role exit
The process of disengagement from a role that is central to one’s self-identity in order to establish a new role and identity.
social solidarity
the density and emotional intensity of attachments within a group
Gender Socialization
the learning of gender roles through social factors such as schooling, the media, and family
Thomas Theorem
Situations that are defined as real are real in their consequences
Peer groups
Individuals of roughly the same age connected by common interests. Standard of peer groups dominate our lives
a large city that dominates an urban area socially and economicaly
How people use symbols to develop their views of the world and to communicate with one another is the definition of what?
Symbolic interactionists
The group of people to whom the results of research are applicable
A recent trend whereby black Americans are moving back to the South in high numbers (having originally fled the South after the Civil War). Some sociologists argue that ________ ___________ is a result of the availability of job opportunities in the South
Reverse Migration
*Social Change*Macrochanges
Gradual changes that impact on a larger scale
Differential association
They learn attitudes favorable to norm violations from interactions
Who coined the phrase: Sociological Imagination?
C. Wright Mills
life course approach
look at how different biological things in our life are socially marked. birth, death, etc
dominant ideology
a set of cultural beliefs and practices that helps to maintain powerful social, economic, and political interest
What is homophobia?
Fear of homosexuality, used to socialize one into a certain gender, keeps you in rigid gender roles (tomboy, etc)
functionalists on racial hostility
Racist beliefs provide justification for inequality, inequalities discourage minorities from questioning their status, racial myths discourage change
primary group
a group of individuals living in close, intimate, and personal relationship
pastoral (or herding) societies
based on pasturing of animals. developed in regions where low rainfall made it impractical to build life around growing crops.
Social structure
The way in which a society is organized into predictable relationships.
Weber's 6 characteristics of beuaracracy
1. hierarchial authority structure2. division of labor and specialization3. rules4. expertise competence5. impersonal6. formal communications
sociological perspective
helps you to look beyond commonly helf beliefs to the hidden meanings behind human actions
Relationship density leads to...
-positive youth outcomes -true between AND within generations (when youths interact w/ other youths, parents w/ other parents, and youth w/ parents)
Natural science
The study of the physical features of nature and the ways in which they interact and change.
Macro Level Theory
studying actions of people ona broad level. Trying to figure out what causes so many people to act in a particular way.
the Marxist view
conflict is not merely a class phenomenon but a part of everyday life in all societies
life chances
Weber said class is related to the life changes you have- opportunities you have to social resources, #1 life chance= education, most people don’t have this chance
cultural universal
a common practice or belief found in every culture
false consciousness
Lack of an understanding btw your own class and the social situation that created it, connect class and influence of powerful social structures
The idea that one norm should apply to all groups, white privilege- all groups conform to white standard
assembling perspective
What motivates people to move to a common space? (Tailgating) Now, we are looking at this through virtual space too (internet)
power is distributed among many conpeting groups called "special interest groups", each seeks their own special interests.
what is the pluralist model?
Social Control Theory of crime
-why don't people commit crimes-1. attachment to others 2. investment in conventional lines of action 3. involvement in conventional activities 4. belief in the moral order & law
formal operational stage
Piaget's term for the level of human develpment at which individuals think abstactly and critically
distinguish between material and nonmaterial culture. provide examples of each.
material culture consists of tangible objects such as automobiles computers and art as well as the technology of a socitey. these are the objects that members of a society use share and create. material culture varies from society to society. nonmaterial culture refers to the intangible parts of a society that shape people's behaviors
human relationships approach
people motivated by a desire to help others
monogamy vs serial mon.
monogamy- a person is married and loyal to only one person, serial- one has several spouses over a lifetime
functionalists on gender
Men and women’s roles act in balance of one another; women are becoming sole bread winners
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
A law with the most sweeping antidiscrimination legislation since the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It went into effect in 1992, covering people with a disability, defined as a condition that “substantially limits” a “major life activity” such as walking or seeing. It prohibits bias in employment, transportation, public accommodations, and telecommunication against people with disabilities. It represents a significant framing of the issues of people with disabilities.
What was Durkheim's view of deviance?
a functional view of deviance. identifies positives contributions of deviance to society
Status group
A group of ppl w/ the same amount of prestige and the same lifestyle- sororities and fraternities
What is the functional vview of social stratification?
inequality is universal: has positive function such as assuring that most important positions in society are filled by the most competent people.
What is the colegiate subculture?
person that goes to school for social reasons vs school

Q: This theory focuses on is how members are recruited to social movements.

A: What is frame alignment theory?
In Roger and Me which was discussed in the conversation among the right as the main reason behind the problem in Flint?
workers reluctance to actively look for new jobs
- The amount of on the job stress
- Their income
- Their chances of promotion
- The benfits they receive
in 2001, a gallup poll showed that employees were most dissatisfied with what 3 things?
/ 89

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