Sports Psychology 2 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
reduction in intrinsic motivation
Psychological Skills Inventory for Sport---is an objective test used in the assessment phase. It measures 6 cognitive (teachable) abilities.
Self Confidence
Belief in your powers/abilities
Self-concept and trait anxiety differences have been shown to be evident between male and female atheletes.
theoretical bases for imagery processing
psychonueromuscular---symbolic learning theory--information processing theory---triple code
Task/Social Cohesion
how well to work together
General Principles of Cooperative Games
on powerpoint
Additive principle
Extrinsic motivation or rewards encourages participation
Life stress
positive and negative stress associated with living. exercise reduces negative stress
What does AAS stand for?
Anabolic-androgenic steroids
Based on psychological data only, Morgan was successful in predicting _ out of 16 rowers who eventually made the U.S. heavyweight rowing team.
master imagery
to learn/enhance performance to master a particular skill/movement
3 forms of assessment
structures (or semi-structured) interviews, objective tests, performance profiling
Effects of overtraining
positive) adoption + improved performance, (negative) decreased performance + mal adoption.
Social Factors
Success / failure; Cooperative / competitive; Coaches behavior
Ego-protecting strategies
All failures attributes to external causes
enlarged organs and bones dies effect of HGH
An implication of Morgan's profile of Mood States (POMS) research is that personality tests should be used to select athletes for teams.
What orgs can tell me cert. sport psychologists?
Symptoms of burnout
low motivation, lack of caring, lowered affect, blunted affect, flat affect, and anxiety.
Negative dimensions of friendship
in youth, betrayal, conflict, unattractive personal qualities
Multiplicative principle
Extrinsic rewards can either add or detract from intrinsic motivation
_____ is an important factor in thinking about motivation, confidence, self efficacy, etc.
Perceived ability
____ refers to disposition towards an achievement situation
Goal orientation
Anabolic effects of AAS
tissue building effects associated with steroid use
The POMS instrument is not a useful means of monitoring the appropriateness of athlete training loads.
o Example of football coach who implemented a point system.o Coaches, trainers, family members, other significant people in life, self-reinforcement
structure (or semi-structured interviews)
used to gather information about athlete, person, and current objectives(ex pg 180)
Criteria of substance abuse
continued despite..., recurrent use in physical hazardous situations.
Social loafing
individuals within a group or a team putting forth less than 10% effort due to motivation losses.
Two levels of emotional response:
Attribution free (primitive level); Attribution dependent
Test anxiety is an example of a.
situation-specific trait measure
____ people tend to exhibit adaptive motivational patterns
Task-oriented; Choose challenging tasks which allows them to demonstrate persistence and effort. Also, self-improvement is crucial
The phenomenological approach to personality is consistent with the interactional approach except that it focuses on.
the individual's interpretation of the situation and himself or herself.
Major reasons for dropping out of sports
have other things to do.
According to results from in-depth interviews with Olympic athletes, medalists exhibited which of the following mental strategies...
A) more positive self-talkB) more extensive mental preparationC) better preparedness for unforeseen negative events.
People who underestimate their competence…
tend to drop out of sports and exercise activities
Human chorionic gonadotropin, or human growth hormone (HGH)
a substance used by AAS users to restore testicular size lost in a steroid cycle; also promotes creation of natural or endogenous testosterone
# of items measured by TOPS and the # of strategies used by exceptional athletes
64; 8--> goal setting, imagery, self-talk, relaxation, emotinal control, attentional control, self-confidence, automaticity
/ 40

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