summer of my german soldier characters Flashcards

Terms Definitions
ruths husband
mr kishner
memphis lawyer
sue ellen
sharons friend
mary wren
jenkinsville gossiper
jimmy wells
boy scout leader
Edna Louise
pattys rich friend
tom gilford
mr pierces bureau chief
john pierce
fbi agent looking for anton
phil mcfee
fbi agent looking for anton
gussie fields
clerk at the bergans store
charlene madlee
reporter researching the escape and becomes friends with patty
quetin blakely
editor of the rice county gazette
anton reiker
german prisoner that becomes friends with patty
juanita henkins
one of pattys friends and classmates, her sister is friends with sharon
george c henkins
president of jenkinsville rotary club and is the father of juanita and sue ellen
bergans maid who is black and is very close to patty
rev bens wife
screams navi at the prisoners and says jew nazi lover to patty
pattys sister
sheriff cauldwell
town sheriff
Mr. Kishner
Pattys lawyer
eugene jackson
edna louises grandfather
Freddy dowd
pattys poor friend
charles hammett
publisher for commercial appeals
marcy wren
telephone operator, is big gossip
ruths son who is a soldier
sister parker
works in the bergans store
price cook
the head man at the draft
Calvin Grimes
Drove patty to the reform school
mrs fried
pattys grandmother and is nice to patty
john rusk
the man at rice county national bank
miss hooten
pattys teacher who gets mad at her
cj peters
yells out saved by the bell when patty gets in trouble
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