Surgical Instruments Test Out 3 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Babcock Forceps
Ribbon Retractor
Towel Clip
Leksell Rongeur
Kocher Forceps
Jorgenson scissors
kelly-crile clamp
Harrington Retractor
Sponge Forceps
Barnhill Curettes
leforce adenotomes
Mcgivor blades
Weitlanner Retractor
Kerrison Rongeur
Fisher Knife
Goelet Retractor
Cerebellar Retractor
Surgical Handles
Green Retractor
Gelpi Retractor
Senn retractors
Tissue Clamp
Tissue Clamp
Ferguson Angiotribe
Adson-brown forceps
russian forcep
Metzenbaum Scissors
Jones towel clamp
Lister bandage scissors
Kern Bone-holding Forceps
Kevorkian Endocervical Curette
Barnhill Adenoid Curettes
Adson Tonsil Forceps
Charnley Hip Retractor
yankauer suction tip
van buren dilator-male
heany needle holders
Forester ring forceps
right angle clamp
silver eye probe
Balfour Abdominal Retractor
Kelly Clamp, Hemostat
Brown Adson Forceps
#7 Knife Handle
sims sharp curet
weighted vaginal speculum
Schnidt tonsil clamp
Poole suction tip
Ferris-Smith Tissue Forceps
Toothed Tissue Forceps
Balfour Retractors
Abdominal retraction
Russian Tissue Forceps
Bone cutting forceps
Allis tissue forceps
Curved/Straight Crile Hemostat
Foerster sponge forceps
cushing vein retractor
edna-lorna towel clamp
plain tissue forceps
O'connor O'sullivan retractor
tischler biopsy punch
Edna Towel Clamp (non-penetrating)
adson forceps w teeth
become familiar with them
jacobs double tooth tenaculum
Toothed Adson Tissue Forceps
Palm Grip
Most powerful
Rarely used
Adson Forceps with Teeth
Curved or Straight Pean
No 10 Scalpel Blade
bakes common duct dilators
# 3knife handle Long
Collin Duval lung grasping forceps
Langenback (handheld) Retractors
Soft tissue retractor.
Designed to "scoop: away bone
Laser-etching is a permanent instrument marking process.
#7 Scalpel Handle
Same as #3
Brown-Adson (thumb tissue) forceps
more common
dental equipment
dental prophy or dental extractions
.To remove teeth from the mandible
Mayo_Hegar needle holders
no scissors built in
Thumb Forceps
♣Similar in appearance to tweezers
♣Used for picking up or handling tissue
♣Differences are based on jaw surfaces
Army-Navy retractor
to maintain wound exposure (handheld)
8 inches usally in pairs
Crile Hemostatic forceps
can also be curved
fully serrated
Used to graduallt dialate an orifice or duct to allow introducion of larger instrumentation or to open a stricture
Halstead Mosquito Forceps
small for occluding small vessels
Gelpi (self-retaining) Retractors
General soft tissue retractors. (Perineal)
Gelpi Perineal Retractors
Retraction of muscle and skin
The part of a ring-handled surgical instrument that locks the handles in place.
Oshner is used more in?
Large animal medicine
Hemostat clamp
to secure individual bleeding vessels for hemostasis
straight or curved serrations along entire lenth of jaws about
5 1/2 to 6 inches long
knnown as Halsted clamp
surgical aspirating tip
used in surgical can easily go into the socket or surgical site.
Grasping and holding
Designed to manipulate tissue to assist dissection or suturing or to reduce or stabilize fractued bone during internal fixation.
Surgical asepsis
free an item or area from microrganisisms
Frazer /suction tip
to evacuate small quantities of accumilated fluild
Thumb forceps are in what classification?
Grasping and holding
Debakey Thumb Forceps
Fine transverse ridges causing little soft tissue damage. Not for skin, fascia or suture.
T or F: Scissors are associated with less tissue trauma than scalpels?
What type of surgery is the frazier suction tip used in?
Adson forceps
To grasp superficial tissue ,
smooth end or with 1x2 teeth or 2x3 teeth 4 3/4 inches long
known as bunny forceps,toothed adson
surgical curettes
is like a large spoon excavator to remove tissue from the socket or diseased tissue
scissors / Iris
To cut delicate tissue during plastic , hand and minor vascular surgery straight or curved 4 1/2 inches long
What are bone clamps used for?
grasping and holding bone
Gillie needle holders
Combined w/ scissors. NO RATCHET = difficult to hold needle.
Tips,Jaw, Shank, Ratchet, Rings
Label the parts of the instrument.
Needle Holder / Heaney
to hold suture needles during procedures in which an angled tip faclitates proper needle placement
angled jaws 8 1/4 inches long
Roeder towel clamp
sharp ice tong clamps with balls near the base to prevent deep tissue penetration
what is an example of a bone clamp?
Lane bone-holding clamp
Towel clamps are used for what?
clamping drapes to the patient
what are examples of smooth forceps?
adson forceps, DeBakey forceps, and smooth crusing forceps.
Adson Thumb Forceps
♥Very fine teeth on each end of the tines
What are the features of an atraumatic clamp?
-usually has locking ratchets
-the tip does not close tightly over the tissue
What is the difference between the mayo-hegar and olsen-hegar needle holders?
The olsen-hegar need holds have scissors built in and the mayo-hegars do not.
What are suction tips used for?
to clear blood, fluids, and small bits of tissue debris
What is a distingushing feature of the littauer suture scissors?
One of the blades has a hook
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