Swedish Massage Test Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Rapid shaking.
Neuromuscular Technique
Paul St. John
The therapeutic relationship's purpose and goal are to serve the?
includes movements such as kneading, pressing, rolling, and compression.
The first written accounts of therapeutic rubbing(massage) originated in?
Massage reduces edema by reducing lymph circulation.
The biceps brachii and coracodbrachialis muscles share what attachment site?
Coracoid process
types of petrissage
rolling; wringing; kneading; picking up; squeezing
the most effective stroke for breaking up adhesions and realigning scar tissue.
Effects of Friction
Generating heat, Dilating the capilaries, increaseing circualtion, promoting venous blood flow, loosens stiff joints, relaxes muscles, improves glandular action in skin, promotes proper scar formationthrough collogen,breaking down adhesions,reduceing trigger and tenter points formation and activity
deep friction
used to separate tissues, break adhesions,form healthy scar tissue or create movement in less-muscled areas (in joints and over the head). Performed in cross-fiber, parallel or circular motion.
Massage applied to scar tissue helps reduce keloid formation in scar tissue beneath the site of massage application.
Covering the client's body with a cloth for professionalism, emotional privacy, and warmth, while accessing the body for massage.
During massage, client feedback includes;
all the above
What landmark serves as an attachment site for the rectus femoris?
Male MT's are more susceptible to repetitive stress injuries.
The _______ gland sits on top of muscle tissue and pectoralis major.
This concept in massage refers to the uninterrupted flow of strokes and to the unbroken transition from one stroke to the next.
If a client is lying horizontally on his or her back.
What movement will lengthen the palmaris longus?
extending the wrist
What attachment site do all the hamstrings have in common?
Ischial Tuberosity
What muscle group is on the thighs anterior lateral side?
purpose of effleurage
to acquaint the client with your touch, prepare the muscles for deeper massage, provide relaxation and comfort
touch w/o movement
touch w hands w/o any visible movement. used to impart heat,calming effect or balance energy
Which muscle is located on the lateral side of the lower leg?
Peroneus Longus
applicators of effleurage
palmar surface of hand or ulnar border of the forearm for larger muscle groups
Cross Fiber Friction
A very precise and penetrating form of friction, popularized by Dr. James Cyriax of London, in which the direction of movement is across and perpendicular to the pattern of muscle fibers.
What are 3 worst substances for your table and accessory vinyls?
Bleach, Oil, Alcohol
what is a linear aspera?
rough line on back of the femur
12 to 18 months
If stored in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight, massage lubricant should remain usable for how long?
muscle approximation
muscle spindles
Connects bone to bone
Golgi Tendon organ release
musculotendinous junction
What is a process?
Bony Projection
Client neglect
Unintentional physical or emotional harm sustained by the client resulting from lack of knowledge or insensitivity on the therapist's behalf.
What is the primary comfort consideration in regard to draping a client?
Inflammation and swelling of the tendon is?
purpose of kneading
muscle fiber serparation, disrupt unwanted interfibapprous adhesions, alleviate fasicular adhesion between muscles, assist in deeper vascular changes, increase hyperemia
long strokes past the next proximal joint is called?
used to begin a session, apply lubricant, accustom the receiver to touch, connect or transition and conclude.pressure, rhythm and pace is varied.slide or glide over the skin with smooth, continous motion. STIMULATES CIRCULATION OF BLOOD IN THE VEINS OF THE MUSCLES AND WITH GREAT PRESSURE MAY INFLUENCE DEEP LYMPH FLOW
What occurs when the client transfers feelings, thoughts, and behaviors related to a significant person in one's early life onto the therapist?
3000 BC
Records discovered in China have revealed that the practice of massage goes back as early as?
What muscle creates downward rotation of a scapula?
Levatator scapula
When blood flushes towards the surface of the skin it's called?
muscular damage
friction helps the collagen fibers to be aligned in the direction of healthy fibers increasing tensile strength and pliability
is the rhythmic striking of the body with the hands.
mennell's superficial stroking
very light effleurage in one direction. either proximal to distal or distal to proximal but never in both directions.
Body Mechanics
The practice of foot stances, body postures, and leverage techniques to enhance treatment effectiveness and reduce the risk of injury.
This concept refers to the change of your hand position over time or how rapidly(or slowly) a massage movement is being executed.
Warrior Stance
Foot stance used to perform massage strokes that traverse relatively short distances, with both feet placed on the floor, toes pointing forward a little more than hip distance apart.
An increase of the size and diameter of muscle cells without cell division is?
applicators of kneading
palmar surface of all digits, thenar eminence and pisiform of both hands
mechanical effects of friction
create heat; disrupt various tissues; break down adhesions; separate muscle fibers; promote circulation; stimulates granular activity at the cellular level (immune system)
Which of the Quad muscles crosses 2 joints?
rectus femorus
The erectors lie deep in the lumbar region to what connective tissue?
Thoracolumbar Aponeurosis
The edge of what muscle helps find the sub-occipitals?
Lymph fluid and venous flow
Massage manually moves ______ and ________.
What is an action of the tibialis anterior?
Invert the foot
how are speed and pressure related when rolling?
slow allows client to accept more pressure which can affect more tissue; fast may cause a reflexive contraction, nullifying the intended benefits
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