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to defeat
Invented electricity.
Thomas Edison
Trial by jury
Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca
South; Main Crops.
Tobacco, Cotton
Seventeenth Amendment
direct election of senators
ruler of the ottoman empire
founder of the Mogul dynasty
Columbus discovered America and settled there
Thomas Jackson
known as stone wall Jackson
Zheng He
captain of the 7 voyages
- the free-swinging former bullmooser who headed the Public Works Administration (PWA). Although speed was an essential component in employment of the jobless, "Honest Harold" was determined to prevent waste and extravagance that he blocked maximum releif. (805)
Whig Party
formed in the united states
A British linerex. Germany declared that it would sink all ships carrying goods to Britain with U-Boats in retaliations to Britain's blockade on Germany. The sinking of this ship caused many deaths including some Americans. Germany justified the attck by arguing that the Lusitania was carrying weapons. When Wilson threatedned to cut off diplomatic realations with Germany, thoguh, Germany agreed to restrict its submarine campaigs. Before attacking any ship, U-boats would surface and give warning, allowing neutral passengers to excape to lifeboats.
Sacco-Vanzetti Case

involved a shooting in Massachusetts in 1920
a paymaster and guard were shot and killed, and two Italian immigrants were blamed for the crime
the trial was filled with discriminatory views and hatred towards the immigrants 
it was obvious they would be found guilty no matter what
got executed 
significance- showed the attitude of Americans at the time
Brass circle with carefully adjusted rings marked off with degrees
christian boys who were kidnapped and brainwashed by the ottoman turks and converted to muslim.
___ _______ wrote a piercing two-volume history of the Standard Oil Company.
Ida Tarbell
to deprive of the right to vote
African Americans
Largest non-English group in the colonies
Election of 1824
Only one party, Democratic-Republicans were present. 4 candidates were nominated. William H. Crawford had a stroke and was therefore not elected. John Quincy Adams was from the northeast and was the secretary of state for Monroe but was not very popular and aloof. Henry Clay was a warhawk and young republican. He was a speaker of the house and a powerful man. Called the Great Compromisor and made the "American System". He was charming, intelligent, and a great orator. Andrew Jackson was from Tennessee and was educated poorly. He spoke well but wrote badly. He had very little political experience and ran on few issues such as being a war hero. Called "Old Hickory" for being strong. Vice presidential candidate: John C. Calhoun was a young republican. Electoral votes: Jackson 99, John Q Adams 84, W.M. Crawford 41, Henry Clay 37. The election went to the House of representatives because of no clear majority. 1 vote per state. John Q Adams won.
the power to decide with one's judgment
an abandoned mission near San Antonio that became an important battle site in the Texas Revolution.
MAIN resons for WWI
Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism
Mughal Empire
New empire established by Babur. Muslims & very rich.
George Whitefield
Young, inspiring preacher from England who toured colonies from GA to NH. Described himself as a Calvinist. Anglican minister.Part of the First Great Awakening
Name for southern republican, also a name for small scruffy horses
an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, esp. as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wea
Zimmerman Note
Written by Arthur Zimmerman, a German foreign secretary. In this note he had secretly proposed a German- Mexican alliance. He tempted Mexico with the ideas of recovering Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. The note was intercepted on March 1, 1917 by the U.S. government. This was a major factor that led us into WWI.
Standard Deviation
A numerical description of how scores are distributed around the mean
Thirty Years War
Which war sparked by religious conflict and resulted in the increased power of France, the weakening of Spain and Austria, and the devastation of Germany?
Allied Powers
World War I alliance of Britian, France, and Russia, and later joined by Italy, the United States, and others.
Henry Stanley
newspaper writer from New York that found David Livingstone in central Africa
most sacred text of the Hebrew bible, including its first five books
Saddam Husain
President of Iraq from 1979 until overthrown by an American-led invasion in 2003. Waged war on Iran from 1980 to1988. His invasion of Kuwait in 1990 was repulsed in the Persian Gulf War in 1991. (p. 893)
James Meredith
~applied for the transfer to the University of Miss.
~when he tried to register gov. of Miss Ross Barnett was standing in his way
~Pres. Kennedy sent in 500 marshals to escort him into the school; a full scale riot broke out
~Kennedy then sent in several thousand troops and Meredith went to school under federal guard
Helsinki Accords
Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe held in Helsinki, Finland during July and August 1975; 35 states signed the declaration in an attempt to improve relations between the Communist bloc and the West
a policy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries politically, economically, or socially
Ignited and renewed French (v. English) nationalism
Joan of Arc
A companiy's taking over its suppliers and distributors to gain control over the quality and cost of its product.
Vertical Integration
sitting bull
American Indian warrior: leader of the Hunkpapa; victor at Little Bighorn, 1876.
King George III
King of Great Britain established The Sugar and Stamp Acts,
a person who is believed to have the power to foretell
Little Rock 9
incident in which troops (sent by president Eisenhower) helped integrate a high school by allowing nine black students to enter school peacefully and not be prevented by angry mobs.
slave code
the laws passed in the Southern states that controlled and restricted enslaved people
Who was the first person chosen to chair the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations?
Eleanor Roosevelt
Central Powers
in World War I, the coalition of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire.
first triumvirate and julius ceasar
rule jointly until ceasars death
Plessy vs. Ferguson
(1896) U.S. Supreme Court case that established the separate-but-equal doctrine for public facilities.
who, what- continental congress
delegates from all 13 colonies except for Georgia, congress that tried to give the patriots freedom
Dow Jones Industrial Average
most widely used barometer of the stock markets health
how was adams choosen?
people say its from a corrupt bargain
in the south, the US helped this person push bao dai aside and inaugurate the repub of Vietnam. Was a dedicated nationalist and anticommunist but he had little mass support. staged a fraudulent election that gave him 99% of the vote. Was a difficult ally.
ngo dinh diem
Grover Cleveland
There was a surplus of money and it got spent
more than $3 billion
by 1929, how much money was being spent on advertising
what characteristics distinquish mount kilimanjaro
a volcano that formed near a subduction zoneon of the only places on the equator with snowhighest free standing mountainhighest point in africa
Cavour thought the unification should be under whom
Piedmont- Sardinia stewardship - w/o domestic turmoil or negoiations with other italian cities
What did East German guards do
shot people trying to escape west berlin
Wagner Act (National Labor Relations Act of 1935)
This protects the rights of the workers in the private sector to make unions and participate in strikes to make their demands heard
Problems in france under Louise XVI
economy was in a decline, louis and wife were huge spenders. he was a weak leader and never paid things on time.
What happens at lexington and concord?
The first gun shot is fired, not a lot of violence takes place here.
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