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Hugo Ball
Mayan Head,250-900,Copan,Honduras,Mayan Art
Aerodynamic Design
Durham Cathedral
egg based paint
Machu Picchu,1450-1530,Peru,Incan Art
multiple shifting viewpoints
glazed ceramic tile
Concert at the Tuileries
Frans Hals
Jolly Toper
Dutch Baroque
The Sculptor Jules Dalou
Marcovaldo Crucifix
1260 early Renaissance
Renoir, The Loge 1870's
define: fresco
painting on plaster
imagery which departs from representational accuracy. abstract artists select and then exaggerate or simplify the forms around them
Andhra, India
70 BCE- 400 CE
Reaction against modernist formalism (it was seen as elitist). More encompassing and accepting than the more rigid confines of modernist practice, it offers something for everyone by accommodating a wide range of styles, subjects, and formats, from traditional easel painting to installation, and from abstraction to illusionistic scenes. Includes irony or reveals a self-conscious awareness on part of the artist.
codex (codices)
Mayan and Aztec writing
Dedicated to Athena Parthenos, designed to house a gold and ivory (chryselephentine) statue of Athena 40ft
Organization according to a conventional pattern or preconceived system. Also, the absence of naturalism in representation.
The Persistence of Memory
20th century

Woman in the Loge

Mary Cassatt
Arabic, "bench." An ancient Egyptian rectangular brick or stone structure with sloping sides erected over a subterranean tomb chamber connected with the outside by a shaft.
Hatshepsut with offering jars, ca. 1500 BCE. (New Kingdom)
the representation, usually in ancient or Early Christian art, of a standing figure praying with outstretched arms.
Chris Burden
White light White heat, 1975
Oath of the Horatii, Jacques-Louis David, 1784, Louvre, Paris,Neoclassicism
30,000-28,000 BC
Wooly Rhinos of Chauvet Cave
..., 50,000-30,000 human species that made tools-known for cave painting
Voltaire and Diderot promoted the importance of
The Stone Breakers
Courbet, 1849, France, Realism
-reflecting the idea that art should show the unvarnished truth
-poor and ordinary people
-complete expression of poverty
-in labor such as this one begins ones life that way and ends the same way
-didnt want to emulate anybody, rejection of reinstitution of kingship, instigated by poor
a covered walkway, outdoors or indoors; especially the passageway around the apse and the choir of a church.
tall, thin pillars with pyramid-shaped tops
Melun Diptych
Jean Fouquet. Late Gothic. Ditych. Etienne Chevalier (patron) and St. Stephen (matyred by being stoned). Mary breast feeding Jesus. Red/blue angels are cherubs. Used red/blue to create contrast.
Meret Oppenheim; fur cover cup, saucer and spoon
___________ in art is where a depiction represents something more than the actual depiction that is shown.___________ is used quite often in Christian art.
Severus and Celer of the octagonal hall of the Domus Aurea, Nero, Rome, Ca. 1st Century CE
An ancient Greek vessel for mixing water and wine
Archaic women
clothed, man's property, not supposed to be sexually available
Late 19th century: developemtn of high speed photography. Down in California at Stanford. . Stanford family made vast amounts of money bc they were owners of union pacific railroad (before the university) raised racehourses. Debate: stanford wanted to see if his horses ever had all 4 legs off the grounds. He hirede this person to take pictures. The set up 60 cameras and the horse triggered the string as they ran by. Can record things that the eye cant see. Before in paintings, horses depicted with all 4 legs splayed out (not actually like this)
They had similar traits as the Assyrians with brutality towards protest, however they shared a combined for our emperor feel that many places were represented and allowed for freedom of religion.
a protective or ornamental facing of brick or stone
A curved structural member that spans an opening and is generally composed of wedge-shaped blocks (voussoirs) that transmit the downward pressure laterally.
Painting in the "shadowy manner" using violent contrasts of light and dark as in the work of Caravaggio
Artwork created by two and/or three dimentional found objects
In Egyptian architecutre, a temple erected for the worship of a deceased pharaoh.
mortuary temple
lancet window
in Gothic architecture, tall narrow window ending in pointed arch
peripteral temple
temple having columns on all sides (ex: Pantheon)
classical line
a line that is mathematical, precise, rationally organized
new realism
using mechanical means to produce the things around us
Woman and Child on the Balcony
Berthe Morisot, 1872
Idol with Pearl
Paul Gaugin, 1892, Wood. Elevated crafting to high and fine arts status.
Letting the hand go and move without restraint or process. Use hand as direct expression. Comes from belief that you can contact the dead. Emergence of frued: let your hand just write without thinking. Access to the subconscious.
an ornamental form that has four lobes or foils; it may resemble a four-petaled flower.
Ecstasy of Saint Theresa
Bernini, Baroque in Italy, 1600-1700
one of a series of superimposed bands or friezes in a pictorial narrative, or the particular levels on which motifs are placed
high relief
Relief sculpture that is nearer to being in the round.
middle part of the Stone Age beginning about 15,000 years ago
_papier collé_
ainting technique and type of collage. With papier collé the artist pastes pieces of flat material (paper, oil and cloth?) into a painting in much in the same way as a collage, except the shape of the pasted pieces are objects themselves
One-point perspective
A method of presenting an illusion of the 3D world on a 2D plane
intuitive perspective
A method of giving the impression of recession by visual instinct, not by the use of an overall system or program.
Abstract Expressionism
Abstract art meant to appeal to the emotions.
Maniera Greca 7 style features
centered composition, frontal profile poses, bilateral symmetry, gold background, no space, figures flat, nieratic scale
Victory Stele of Naram-Sin
Ancient Near East, 3500-500 BCE, Akkadian
upper most portion of the capital of a column, usually a thin slab
Name, Artist, "-ism"
Target with Four Faces, Jasper Johns, Pop
what values are rejected in modern China
Confucian values example marxism
Where is the shrine for st. james at?
santiago de compestela
Well of Moses, detail of Moses and David, for the Chartreuse de Champmol
Claus Suter
Dijon, France
Paleolithic era: "Aurochs, horses, and rhinoceroses", ca. 30,000-28,000 or ca. 15,000-13,000 BCE. (description)
Drawings done in cave over time by different people, 2 animals, possibly bulls fighting eachother head on, drawings are known to be over time because of overlapping, lighter and darker colors
Augusta Savage, Harp (Lift Every Voice and Sing), 1939
-Woman sculptor
-Actively involved in supporting African American artists in and around Harlem
-A try to make busts of famous people, fails, and ends up in NY
-Develop her talents more in NY
-Was head of Harlem Community Arts Center
-Largest and most ambitious piece
-16ft tall
-12 figures mimic shape of harp being held in hand of God
-Show contributions of African American singers at the Worlds Fair
-No longer exists
-Painted plaster
-Destroyed after fair because no one wanted to purchase it
-Shows understanding of figure
What innovation was used in the stain glass at Holofernes Army Crossing the Euphrates River
used foreshortening to give the illusion of space and depth
to the age its art, to the art its freedom
house of secession in vienna, austria; germany
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