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Health Care
Terms Definitions
pseudomembranous candidosis
herpes simplex virus
salivary gland enlargement
Archives of OT.
Began Publishing literature about OT.
-Arts and Crafts movement begins.
-the civil war was during this time and there were many injured soilders as a result and increase in the influence of Rehab.  
scholarship of practice
-theorists/researcher and practitioners together generate knowledge about what can/should be done in practice.
-ideally practitioners and theorist work together.
-practitioners distinguish the areas where new theories and research is needed.
CAMBRA benefits to the patient
human papilloma virus
-emphasize what we think is important.
-what we think is important is considering the quality of life that people have to engage in their everyday activities. if everyday activities are disrupted; their QOL gets impacted.
-injury disrupts ways to engage in occupation.
mechanistic paradigm
-increased technology for remediating impairments
-understanding of how body structures influenced performance
-development of device and environmental adaptations
-focused on intrapsychic impairments/conflicts/and psychodymaic conflicts.
-this paradigm occured during the 1940s and 1960s. aka the Rehabilitation movement.
-worked well during this time becasue alot of soilders were returning home from war, more people began to survive diseases and injuries.
Arts and Crafts movement begins
John Ruskin (philospher)
Clinical categories of HIV/AIDS
Category A

Category B

Category C
AIDS - indicator conditions
Aztecs begin to use diversion as treatment
400 b.c
Socrates & Plato
Body and Mind connection
(Gail fidler)
- activites of "doing" experiences must be analyzed and matched to the individual's developmenal needs and skill readiness in motor, sensorimotor integration, cognitive, psycholgoical, and interpersonal components in ways that are relevant and significant to the needs and values of teh person's socio-cultural group and satisfy the self.
Pinel uses OT in Paris.
Willian Tuke- England
(Gail Fidler)
- connotes performing, producing, or causing purposful action in order to:
1. test a skill.
2. clarify a relationship
3. create and end product
3 types of knowledge
1. paradigm
2.conceptual practice models
3. related knowledge
(Mary Reilly)
- intrinsic drive to do things.
-using the persons internal resources, interests to moviate them.
-use occupations in the clinic setting to get them to do it in a therapeutic way.
Curettage healing - 1-2 days
bluish-red in color
*epithelial cells begin to migrate within 12-24 hours
Immunosupression (under CD4 100) is highly predictive for what condition?
necrotizing periodontitis
theorist and educators
-practitioners do not keep current with changes in theory.
-theory is changing alot and more research is being created to back up the information.
-theory is thinking and framing the situations.
-problematic that research is not used enough, which is why evidence-based practice is being pushed so much.
moral treatment Era
Too resource consuming. meaning too many employees were needed to have the treatment work, and without the people to hire there were too many employment issues in the facilites.
-Still in the arts and crafts movement era
-Hull House was founded. AKA healing houses places of refuge, not run by medical professionals.
1915/ E.C Slager
Founded the first school of occupations
Benjamin Ruch is the 1st US medical doctor to use Moral treatment.
OT Clinical Practice
(Mary Reilly)
1. interview: occupational history, play assessment scales, interest checklist
2. evaluation results: identify patterns of soccuess and failure, learning style, level of function, provide data for plan of treatment.
(Mary Reilly)
- people that are functional. if something happens to you negatively, you are still able to function, you may just have to adapt.
9 contraindications for curettage
fibrotic tissue
pockets deeper than 6mm
infrabony pockets
thin, fragile tissue or mucosa
lack of attached gingiva
frenum pulling on gingival margin
incomplete tooth debridement
systemic problems or medications which cause gingival enlargement
Curettage healing - immediate
blood clots begin to form
What are you removing when preforming curettage?
necrotic tissue
Resarch Agenda: GOALS
- collaborate with AOTF and global partners
-examine priorities of key federal funding agencies.
-leadership development initiative (cultivate academci leaders in research)
integrative process
(Gail Fidler)
-specific actions of an activity or task elicit distinguishable and measurable sensory integrative, motor, cognitive, psychological, and social behaviors.
1. activities are an integral part of human development
2. activites represent real life situations
3. valuable and realistic way to acquire or re-develop skills that are necessayr to perform life roles and provide satisfaction.
Competence and Mastery
(Gail Fidler)
-facilitated by "doing"
-we have a sense of competency and mastery in our environment.
-humans strive for competency and mastery.
Activity analysis
(Gail Fidler)
- activities should be selected that correlate to the specific need of the patient/ client.
Susan Cox Johnson
-Arts and Crafts teacher at ah H.S
-influential in establishing minimal standards for educational programs in OT.
-taught and directed OT in nursing progams.
-combined teaching and nursing aspects.
-created a set of standards/statments stating what students must know when they are done with the OT program.
What is most influencial on the development of OT?
Moral Treatment Era
philosophical base
-how we view the world as an OT
-helps us frame the knowledge that we have in our field.
(centennial vision statement)
- leadership role in health care delivery system
-education as basis for power
-active in policymaking
-use of technology to provide services
-influence cahnge to benefit society
-proliferation of private-pay practices
consumer definitions
-public statements that we put out to the public to let people know what OT is all about.
CAMBRA benefits to the office
patient acceptance, respect & referrals
patients may decide to accept more complex & financially productive restorative procedures
does not require DDS to preform data collection
more production time for DDS for other procedures
product sales
Curettage healing - 4 days
less edema
more normal color
*tissue is forming & epithelial cells are progressing but not complete
Curettage healing - 10-14 days
normal & firm gingiva
no BOP
*connective tissue maturation - 21 to 28 days
*keratinization increases
OT Clinical Practice
(Mary Reilly)
1. learned, relearned or modified life skills
2. increased decision making skills
3. increased a sense of competency
4. developed a balanced daily living pattern within the daily life space
5. developed healthy adaptive behavior.
Values of the Paradigm
-values come from the idea of practical action. OTs are engaged in practical action, which requires ideas about the good they are serving and about proper ways of going about what they do.
-factors that affect ADLs, IADLs, education, work, play, leisure and social particpation.
1.client factors, including body functions (such as neuromusclar, sensory, visual, perceptual, cognitive) and body structures (such as cardiovascular, digestive, itegumentary, genitourinary systems)
2. habits, routines, roles and behavior patterns. (teens get disrupted when something happens out of routine.)
3. cultural, physical, environmental, social, and spiritual contexts and activity demands that affect performance. (look at performance components that are affected.)
4. performance skills, including motor, process, and communication/interaction skills.  (upper extremity injuries are considered performance skills. )
1920: Industrial Rehabilitation Act
Thomas Bessell Kidner
-this act led to safety precautions that were put into place at the factories.
Eleanor Clark Slagle
-Highest award that you can be awarded in the profession.
-Established Habit training classes.
-She was concerned about the idlenss of patients in hospitals.
-Developed Habitat Training: Work, selfcare. designed by her and Dr. Adolph Meyer.
-Founder and Leader in OT.
-Only person to hold all offices in the American Occupational Therapy Association.
communication process
(Gail Fidler)
-activity serves as a way to express thoughts and feelings nonverbally.
-actions may express unconscious thoughts.
-disruptions of routines may upset people; try and understand what is important to the person so that it can help them better in therapy.
-mediate the persons inner feelings and the outer world.
-actions express our feelings
What should the result be when preforming curettage?
long junctional epithelium re-attachment
Early stages of HIV/AIDS progression
500+ CD4+ count
may have lymphadenopathy
may have dermatologic lesions
oral lesions - apthous ulcers, herpes simplex and hair leukoplakia
Definition of curettage
a closed procedure used to remove the ulcerated epithelial lining and the subjacent inflammatory tissue from the gingival pocket
What type of stroke is used with curettage?
long and horizontal
Florida OT practice Act
- means the use of skilled observation or the administration and interpretation of standarized or nonstandarized tests and measurements to identify areas for occupational therapy services.
the practice of OT includes:
a. methods or strategies selected to direct the process of interventions.
b. evaluation of factors affecting activities of daily living (ADL), instrumental activities of daily living (IADL), education, work, play, lesisure, and social participation.
c. interventions and procedures to promote or enhance safety and performance of ADLs, IADLs, education, work, play, leisure, ane social participation
Consumer Defintion of OT
- OT focuses on enabling people to do activites of daily life. the word occupation means an activity which "occupies" our time.
FL physical agent modalities rule
- the use of devices that are identified by the board is prohibited except for an OT or OTA who has recieved tranining as specified by the board.
Medicaid defintion of OT
- OT is the use of purposeful activity or interventions to achieve functional outcomes by maximizing the independence and maintaince of health of any individual.
-services include evaluation and treatment to prevent or correct physical and emotional deficits.
What instruments do you use for curettage and where?
11/12 gracey curette for DISTAL surfaces
13/14 gracey curette for MESIAL surfaces
facial and lingual surfaces as well
Willian Rush Dunton, JR. M.D
-he was a doctor and he had people teach him OT, so that he could treat his patients.
what kind of definition is the AOTA practice model act?
-a professional definition that is proposed to use to guide licensure definitions.
 "giving thanks"
Cosmic law
place of sacrifice
the season before Christmas
Key ChapterJeremiah 23
Wicked shepherds
Rabbinic Texts
Mishnah, Talmud, Midrash
What is "dorje?"
"thunderbolt"represents compassion.
priests, divine reality underlying world of appearance
the incarnation of a deity
Jews established in Canaan (Israel)
according to catholic teachings, devils do not really exist; they are only a symbolic way to explain the existence of evil
Who is surya?
the sun personified.
Section 57
The Center Place of Zion
Key PassageNumbers 21:4-9
Plague of fiery serpents
indicating the goal or end result
extreme feelings, in biblical context refers to the suffering of Jesus on the cross
Transcendence—Means that God is not merely a quality of nature or of humanity; he is not simply the highest human being. He is not limited to our ability to understand him. His holiness and goodness go far beyond, infinitely beyond ours, and this is true of his knowledge and power as well.
19th century sociologist that focused on the interaction of religion with other social institution and studied major religious traditions such as Confucianism, Taoism, induism, ancient Judaism, and the rise of Protestant Christianity.
free will
the freedom and ability to choose
a supernatural gift from God that gives sanctification and salvation
god that causes altered states of consciousness
(reincarnation) the movement of a soul or spirit from one existence to another
37-100 CE, best historical source for Judiasm.  Wrote the Antiquities, Jewish Wars, doesn't write about Jesus, believes Romans are the future
holy spirit assumed human nature while being truly god
the one underlying reality which is experienced as Yin and Yang
sins can be acts, attitudes, and failures to act
Adam and Eve
first humans, lived in Eden
lords prayer in didache
3 times a day
the art or science of teaching; education; instructional methods.
the sacrament in which we are freed from sin, become children of God, and are welcomed into the Church
Holy Trinity
One God, three divine persons: God, the Father, God the Son; and God, the Holy Spirit, who share the same divine nature, are equal but distinct, and eternal
Key PassageEzekiel 36:24-27
Renewal of Israel from the inside
Temple Wall
wailing wall, holiest spot on earth for judasim, only remaining portion of harods temple
Diaspora Jews
the Jews living outside Judah, amongst the Gentiles during the Babylonian exile
The book of the writings that contains 150 psalms.
a nation that held and enslaved the isralites for 430 years until god heard his people and had moses lead them out after he gave the Egyptians the ten plagues.
Who is Vardhamana.
Mahavira's original name. founder of jainism.
insider's view
that of the participant in a religious tradition. pros: greater hope for sympathetic understanding of a particular religious tradition. worst: can become defensive/prejudice (all other religions are work of satan)presupposes religous commitment and promotes an understanding that will lead to greater commitment.
Yom Kippur
Day of Atonement, the most sacred day of the Jewish year
World Council of Churches:
Orthodox and Protestant are involved while Roman Catholics refuse to participate. It is based in Geneva Switzerland, just like UN.
# of storys in old testament
catholics- 46 protastants- 39
Immaculate conception
the Church dogma that holds that the Blessed Mother, by a special grace form God and by virtue of her Son's merits, was preserved immune from all stain of original sin from the very first moment of her human existence. this feast is celebrated on December 8, a holy day of obligation.
Mount Zion-Jerusalem
-a sacred place -It became the “holy mountain”
How are gov reducing polloution
Kyoto protocol
investing money into research
Encourage green lifesyle
Why do christains follow the ten commandments?
Because Jesus followed it
Stereotyping and Terror Management Theory (TMT)
David Schneider - stereotyping is shorthand for describing people; self-defeating

Solomon, Greenberg, Pyszczynski - fear of other
- Distance and violence
- Increased self-esteem vs. increased
Who is Kalki?
Final avatara yet to come. Will come at the end of the age and destroy evil.
The blood represents
the life of the people offered to God to reconcile them with him
What is the religious view of Wilhelm Schmidt?
monotheism origional/corruption led to polytheism because even primitive people believe in a high God.
what 4 reasons explain why pentecostalism is growing, especially with poor:
-many of the poor population today are becoming part of the Pentecostal movment: 1.) first there is a stability offered in Pentecostalism (social, theological, familial; Pentecostal men are less likely to have affairs, their income goes up) 2.) rejection of scientific interpretations of faith 3.) hope of healing and of the efficacy of prayer 4.) Radical change of lifestyle
the desire of the spirit that Mary remain a special creation in her role as Mother of the Living God
what does mary's perpetual virginity reflect?
Pope St Gregory the great helped to establish
the gregorian chant, used in the liturgical life of the Church
What Council was somewhat instrumental in the establishment of the OT canon?
The formal pronouncements made by the Jewish authorities of the Council of Jamnia defined the limits of the canon, even though there is little evidence to support the existence of such a council.
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