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Financial audit
Terms Definitions
situationally influenced language variations (motherese)
An example of a/an _________________________ would be women who have survived breast cancer.
language rule system used by identifiable group of people that varies from the ideal language standard. differences w/in a language
_________________________ is a form of electronic communication that would allow participants to pick up on a person's nonverbal language.
How many pounds = 1 kilo
Copper tubing is manufactured and calssified as type K, L, and M. Which type would offer the greatest wall thickness for a given nominal size?
vernacular variation
casual, informal, or intimate register (uses contractions more often)
ability to consider several aspects of a problem at once
invented spelling
names of letters used in spelling
Putting an NCLEX practice exam program on your home computer is an example of installing software.
True or False
How many liters = one US gallon
Which metal offers the best resistance to sea water corrosion?
7. A possible loss, stemming from past events that will be resolved as to existence and amounts, is referred to as a(n)a. Analytical processb. Loss contingencyc. Probable lossd. Unassertive claim
b. Loss contingency
9. An auditor accepted an engagement to audit the 20X8 financial statements of EFG Corporation and began the fieldwork on September 30, 20X8. EFG gave the auditor the 20X8 financial statements on January 17, 20X9. The auditor completed the audit on Februa
c. February 10, 20X9
7. Which of the following sampling techniques is typically used for test of controls?a. mean-per-unit samplingb. difference samplingc. attribute samplingd. probability proportional to size sampling
c. attribute sampling
dialectal differences
language of kids and families reflect environmental influences of language spoken around them. geography, socio-economic level, race/ethnicity, situation/context
Mary is assigned to orient a new graduate nurse. She shows him the daily routine of the unit and how to use the charting system and the medication system. Mary is acting in the role of:

Auxiliary steam at a full operating pressure is supplied from the boiler directly to the
soot blowers
5. The search for unrecorded liabilities for a public company includes procedures usually performed through the a. Day the audit report is issued b. End of the client’s yearc. Date of the auditors’ reportd. Date report is filed with the SED
c. Date of the auditors’ report
executive function relation to reading
self-regulation and includes ability to attend, set goals, plan and achieve goals. speed changes w/difficulty of reading. makes predictions
A patient has the right to choose to stop dialysis. This illustrates the moral principle of _________________________.
Prussina blue is commonly used when?
inspecting valve seat contact
8. the risk that the auditors will conclude, based on substantive procedures, that a material misstatement does not exist in an account balance when in fact such misstatement does exist is referred to as:a. business riskb. engagement riskc. control riskd
d. detection risk
four goals of child language research
1. confirm general linguistic principles2. discover principles of lang devel3. clarify the relationship of lang devl in other areas like cognition4. provide more or less theoretical description of lang devl
Narratives from age 2-10
more mental states and initiations and motivations
Hospitals were originally established so that surgeons could perform surgeries in a more sterile environment.
True or false.
False. Hospitals were established to quarantine individuals with contagious diseases.
Rapid wear on the extreme outer corners to the cutting edges of a drill bit is the result of the drill having
too much clearance angle
Which of the gasket types listed is typically used on high perssure steam flange joints?
spiral wound flexitallic
9. Which of the following elements underlies the application of generally accepted auditing standards, particularly the standards of fieldwork and reporting?a. adequate disclosureb. quality controlc. materiality and audit riskd. client acceptance
c. materiality and audit risk
sample size and variability
too small a sample will restrict the conclusions that can be drawn and too large will be unwieldy. large enough for individual differences
Match the following terms and descriptions:
Terms Descriptions
1. Kohlberg
2. Whistleblowing
3. Veracity
4. Ethical dilemma
5. Formalism A. Identification of an unethical practice to authorities
B. A moral principle
C. Progressing levels of moral d
1, C
2, A
3, B
4, E
5, D
When do you replace zinc anodes?
after they have been 50% consumed
Bilge suction lines led through tanks, without using a pipe tunnel, must be?
made of schedule 80 pipe
1. Which of the following is an element of sample risk?a. choosing an audit procedure that is inconsistent with the audit objective.b. concluding that no material misstatement exists in a materially misstated population based on taking a sample that inclu
b. concluding that no material misstatement exists in a materially misstated population based on taking a sample that include no misstatement.
12. A difference of opinion concerning accounting and auditing matters relative to a particular phase of the audit arises between an assistant auditor and the auditor responsible for the engagement. After appropriate consultation, the assistant auditor as
d. document the assistant auditor’s position and how the difference of opinion was resolved.
4. An auditor may compensate for a weakness in internal control by increasing the extent of:a. test of controlsb. detection riskc. substantive test of detailsd. inherent risk
c. substantive test of details
Suzie is instructed by the charge nurse of the unit to restrain her confused, older patient. Suzie believes she can control the patient's behavior by using alternative means, such as music therapy and calling in the patient's family. Suzie is honoring whi
A. Nonmaleficence. The other responses are incorrect because a confused patient may not be competent enough to make his own decisions (autonomy), there was no promise made in this scenario (fidelity), and this is not an example of having to tell the truth (veracity).
In a windshield survey, the nurse would place questionnaires on car windshields throughout the community.
True or false.
False. A windshield survey entails observing the community through a car window.
One disadvantage of using a mechanical shaft seal instead of mechanical packing is that
seal failure usually requires the immediate removal of the pump service
Coast Guard Regulations require all power-operated valves, other than those opened against spring force, to have an energy storage system. that energy storage system shall be capable of?
cycling all connected valves from teh initial valve position to the opposite position and return
Cylinder inlet valve failure in a low pressure air compressor can be caused by?
mechanicla failure in the unloader
1. Which of the following is least likely to be considered a substantive procedure relating to payroll?a. investigate fluctuations in salaries, wages and commissionsb. test computations of compensation under profit sharing for bonus plansc. test commissi
d. test whether employee time reports are approved by supervisors
A community health nurse works in a sexually transmitted infection (STI) clinic. She sees clients who believe thy have contracted an STI. What type of nursing interventions does this nurse perform?
Primary intervention
Secondary intervention
Tertiary inte
Secondary intervention aims to reduce the impact of the disease process by early detection and treatment.
The nurse strongly believes in honoring a patient's desire to use herbs as complementary therapy while she is hospitalized. The physician refuses to order the herbs even though there are no obvious drug-drug interactions. The nurse may experience which of
The answer depends on how the nurse sees the situation.
• If the nurse focuses on her own action so that she is unable to do what she believes is right, the answer would be moral distress (response C).
• If the nurse focuses on the physician's actions and judges that the physician is not doing the right thing and that she can do nothing to change it, the answer would be moral outrage (response B).
Families are of great support to patients who are trying to make lifestyle changes that will promote a high level of wellness.
True or false.
False. This is not always true. Sometimes, certain family members are threatened by or jealous of changes being made.
Piping is sized by its nominal
Inside diameter from 1/8 inch to 12 inches
What would a crackling noise in a pump indicate?
excessive suction lift, cavitation, abnormal pump suction
5. Of the following, which is the least reliable type of audit evidence? a. confirmations mailed by outsiders to the auditors b. correspondence between the auditors and suppliers c. copies of sales invoice inspected by the auditors. d. canceled checks ret
c. copies of sales invoice inspected by the auditors.
It is important for student nurses to reflect on their own health behaviors when planning health promotion interventions.
True or false.
True. Nurses often serve as role models, and we must be aware of how our own unhealthful behaviors will affect our credibility with clients.
Small leaks in flange gaskets should be stopped immediately after installation because?
the leak may cause damage to the flange mating surface over a period of time
When welding or burning with an oxy-acetylene torch
never allow more than 15 PSIG pressure from the acetylene hose
3. Which of the following should not normally be included in the engagement letter for an audit?a. a description of the responsibilities of client personnel to provide assistanceb. an indication of the amount of the audit fees.c. a description of the limi
d. a listing of the client’s branch offices selected for testing
It is good for nurses to all use different terms to describe the same data because this will increase diversity in nursing language.
True or False
False. It should be a professional goal to make our professional language uniform.
What is the best hacksaw blade for for cutting brass?
All hard blade - 18 teeth pitch
With respect to machine shop "taps and dies", a plug tap is correctly used for?
the second cut when threading a blind hole
11. In using the working papers of a specialist, the auditors referred to the specialist’s findings in their report. This would be an appropriate reporting practice if the:a. client is not familiar with the professional certification, personal reputati
b. auditors as a result of the specialist’s findings give a qualified opinion on the financial statements.
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