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Sexual intercourse
Terms Definitions
Improper Photography
intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily injury to another while doing a theft
Creating a Criminal Instrument
Burglary of coin-operated Machine
AND Burglary of a vehicle
What is a Tomahawk?
A Club
intentionally or knowingly threatens or places another in fear of imminent bodily injury or death while doing a theft
Means a government or governmental subdivision or agency, trust, partnership, or two or more persons having a joint or common economic interest.
Means a bodily movement, whether voluntary or involuntary, and includes speech.
Assault Someone with a gun
2nd Degree
3 Burgularys
-Non Habitation - SJF
-Habitation 2nd
-entering house to commit a felony other than theft 1st (like Sex Assault)
If you threatin to assault
Assault (C)
DEFINITION:Alcoholic Beverage1.07. (4)
Sec 1.04, Alcoholic Beverage Code
DEFINITION:Actor1.07. (2)
Means a person whose criminal responsibility is in issue in a criminal action. Whenever the term "suspect" is used in this code, it means "actor."
Harassment by Prisoners
3rd (annoy, harass or alarm)
Deadly conduct
A unless fired a gun 3rd
Aggravated Sexual Assault
intentionally or knowingly
-causes the penetration of the mouth of another person by the sexual organ of the actor, without that person's consent; or
-causes contact with the sexual organ of another person, without that person's consent w/ force OR with someone under 14
Officer mistreats, arrest, searches, or detains someone unlawfully
Official Oppression -a
Sexual Harassment from an officer
Official Oppression -A
Unlawful Restraint
Class A Force, intimidation or deception
Assault a 65 Year old
Class A Assault
Assault during a sporting even
Class B Assault
Assault Agenst a Public Servant
Aggravated Assault (1st)
DEFINITION:Another1.07. (5)
Means a person other than the actor.
Disorderly Conduct
anything in a offensive manner in public - peeping tom - Fights - Displays deadly weapon, moons, ect..
uses or exhibits a deadly weapon during a theft
Agg Robbery
Credit Card Abuse?
use or poss of Creditcard (SJF)
threatens or places another person in fear of imminent bodily injury or death, to someone over teh age of 65 OR disabled during a theft:
Agg robbery
Cap Murder
Peace Officer, Fireman, in course of Kidnapping, burglary, robbery, Ag Sex Ass, Arson, retaliation T. threat, under 6. or judge
Punishment for a Capital Felony:12.31.
imprisonment in the institutional division for life or by death (death penalty)
A pimp receives money for a prostitute
Promoting Prostitution -A
Criminal Trespass
A person commits an offense if the person enters or remains on or in property of another, including residential land, agricultural land, a recreational vehicle park, a building, or an aircraft or other vehicle, without effective consent and the person
If you intend to burn someones house down what is it?
1st Arson
Arson Degrees?
1st if someone is injured, house or church 2nd any other case.
Someone files a law suite that doesn't have the rights
Barratry -A
Someone takes the governmental Jet that he has control over for personal means
Abuse of Official Capacity
acts or words occurring in the presence of the victim threatens to cause the death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping of any person;
to have sex with them
Agg Sexual Assault
Basically states that it is not a crime unless it's noted in the penal code
if you place a bet at a illegal gambing place.
Gambling (c)
Aggravated Kidnapping
Hold for ransom, use as a shield, hostage, inflict bodily injury or sexual abuse, use deadly weapon
If you punch someone and cause a black eye
Assault (A)
Charge for causing Serious Bodily Injury?
Aggravated Assault (2nd) (Almost killed them)
Having sex with someone OLDER than ____ is Agg Sexual Assault
65+ or disabled. (1st)
Have sex with someone under the age of ___ is Sexual Assault
17 (2nd)
Crim Mist
-50 C, 50 - 500 B, 500-1500A ,-20,000 sjf, -100,000 3rd, 200,000 2nd, + 1st
shotgun with a barrel less the __” and an overall length, butt to barrel, of __” is illegal
18 and 26
knife with a blade over ___ is illegal
5 1/2 in
Punishment for a Class C misdemeanor:12.23.
a fine not to exceed $500
Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle
SJF, take boat, plain, car, lawn mower.. anything that's a vehicle.
Use a Deadly weapon during an assault?
Aggravated Assault (2nd) (Almost killed them)
Cont Sexual Abuse
period that is 30 or more days, the person commits 2+ of sexual abuse,Doesn't have to be the same victims, must be under 14 1st
Second degree felony punishment:12.33.
* 2-20 years in prison* fine not to exceed $10,000
attempting to influence a public Servant
Coercing a public Servant or voter (A)
Punishment for a Class B misdemeanor:(12.22.)
(1) a fine not to exceed $2000(2) confinement in jail for a term not to exceed 180 days; or(3) both such fine and confinement
shotguns - a minimum of _ rounds of duty ammunition fired at a range of at least _ yards;
5 arounds @ 15 yards
Someone produces a porn with a child.
Sexual Performance by a child 2nd Unless under 14 and its 1st
If you threaten a witness so they dont show up
Obstruction or retaliation 3rd Degree
You give a witness a trip to FL so tehy dont show up?
Tampering with a witness SJF
precision rifles - a minimum of _ rounds of duty ammunition fired at a range of at least 100 yards or at _ but at 90%
20 rounds, or 50 yards at 90%
Using drugs for someone to have sex /w you is what?
must be rohypnol, gamma
its Agg Sexual assault
fully automatic weapons - min of _ rounds of duty ammunition fired at ranges from seven to at least _ yards, including at least _ timed reload and _ at Fully Auto
minimum 30 rounds from seven to at least 10 yards, including at least one timed reload
how long does a felon have to wait to pos a firearm?
5 years after all charges are done.
Whats a Mace?
A Club
2nd Degree - Reckless
Prohibited Sexual Conduct
3rd & up
Culpable Mental States6.02.(d)(1-4)
(1) intentional(2) knowing(3) reckless(4) criminal negligence
How many ppl is a riot?
Pos a Criminal Instrument
Lowers 1 charge
Theft of services?
Follows Crim Mist penilitys
Offenses are designated as:_________ and ___________(12.02. Classification of offenses.)
felonies and misdemeanors
interfering with child cust; takes child under the age of __ its a ___
18 SJF
when can a Felon pos body armor?
causes serious bodily injury to another while doing a theft
Agg Robbery
Someone that solicits someone to have sex for money
Receive any benefit for decision, opinion, recommendation or other exercise as a public Servant
Bribery 2nd
If you punch a police officer
Assault (3rd)
(a) The state has jurisdiction over an offense that a person commits by his own conduct or the conduct of another for which he is criminally responsible if:(1) either the conduct or a result that is an element of the offense occurs inside this state;(2) the conduct outside this state constitutes and attempt to commit an offense inside this state;(3) the conduct outside this state constitutes a conspiracy to commit an offense inside this state; or(4) the conduct inside this state consititutes an attempt, solicitation, or conspiracy to commit, or establishescriminal responsibility for the commission of, an offense in another jurisdiction that is also an offense under the laws of this state
causes bodily injury to another person that is over 65 or disabled during a theft
Agg Robbery
Places Weapons Prohibited
premises of a educational institution -polling place on the day of an election
on the premises of a racetrack - or 1000' of TDJC
Agg Robbery
Serious Bodily Injury, uses weapon or causes, threatens, or places someone 65+ in fear of bodily injury.
2nd degree Forced labor, if under 18 for prostitution OR anyone dies 1st degree
Forces someone to be a prostitute
Compelling Prostitution - 2nd
Run a gaming ring that TAKES PROFITS
Promotion of Gambling
A knife that is designed to be throw is what?
Someone that has Sex for a fee
Prostitution - B
Drug Someone and have sex with them
Agg Sexual Assault
Impoper Relationship W/ Educator
sexual contact, sexual intercourse, or deviate sexual intercourse with a person who is enrolled (ANY AGE) 2nd Degree
Having Sex with someone under the age of ____ is Agg Sexual Assault
14 (1st)
the actor compels the other person to submit to sex or participate by threatening to use force or violence against any person, and the other person believes that the actor has the ability to execute the threat
Sexual Assault
the actor is a public servant who coerces the other person to submit or participate sex
Sexual assault
A person attains a specified age on the day of the anniversary of his birthdate.
Grab someones ass and they find it offensive
Class C Assault
elements of conspiracy?
2 people get together and conspire to do a FELONY
lowers the charge
rifle with a barrel less than __” and an overall length of __” is considered an unlawful act.
16 and 26
Telling someone you will hurt them if they dont have sex with you is what?
Sexual Assault (1st)
Have sex with a 17 year old and your 25
Sex Assault
IF you carry a weapon and don't have a CHL including club
Abandoning a child or endangering under the age of ___
2nd degree for endangering and abandoning is SJF
A person may not be prosecuted for or convicted of any offense that the person committed when younger than 15 years of age except: (blah blah blah)
Third degree felony punishment:12.34
* 2-10 years in prison* fine not to exceed $10,000
First degree felony punishment:12.32.
* 5-99 years or life* fine not to exceed $10,000
Whats different from Conspiracy and Solicitation
Solicitation is when you force, ask, intice someone to do a Cap Feloney or F1
Conspiracy is when you just intend on doing a Felony w/ someone.
Both Lower Charge
Someone sees a felony but doesn't report it
Failure to report a felony -a
Punishment for a Class A misdemeanor:12.21.
(1) a fine not to exceed $4000(2) confinement in jail for a term not to exceed one year; or(3) both such fine and confinement
You take money from someone to patrol their area more?
Gifts to a public Servant -A
threatin to harm someone else if they dont have sex w/ you
Sexual Assault (Just harm not serious body injury)
/ 105

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