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who is tituba ?
parris slave
what is wrong with betty
shes paralyzed
Elizabeth blames herself for....
John's affair with Abigail
What does Hathorne ask Marry Warren to do in court that she cannot do?
what does hathorne make about mary fainting? why cant she faint on command
to much pressure
What happens to Elizabeth?
She is arrested for attempting to murder Abby
who is abigail to parris
abigal is the niece of parris
What does Abigail do as soon as Danforth begins to question her?
She threatens him
what events begin to change hales opinion about the arrests?
when john told the truth
What does John tell the court about his wife?
She will NOT lie
The people who have been accused of being witches by the court may save themselves from hanging by....
confessing to being witches
What is Ann Putnam's greatest grief?
Seven of her children died in infancy
who is tituba what is her relation ship to the family
the slave cooks cleans baby sits
when parris comfronts abigail about the witch craft what does she say ?
she denies about having anything to do with witchcraft and insist that it was just dancing
At opening of act 4, Ezekiel Cheever reveals that
there is much confusion and disagreement in the town
what info does mary provide about the trial? what role is she playing at the trial? why does john forbid her from attending?
elizabeth was mentioned, she can turn on him
What does John Hale urge Elizabeth to do?
Persuade her husband to confess to witchcraft
how and by whom are the other villagers accused of witchcraft?whats the motivation?
girls did the accusing bcuz of what happened
how is every one convinced on the cause of mrs putnam lost of children
they believe all of her chldren died because of witch craft to murder them
Danforth does not want to find out that the girls' accusations are false because he...
will be blamed for the deaths of innocent people
Why does Giles Corey and Francis Nurse come to see John Proctor?
They come to see him because both of thier wives have been accused as well.
Elizabeth tells John that she kept a cold house, meaning....
that she was not a loving or proper wife
Who wrote the Crucible?
Arthur Miller
Setting of the play
Salem Massachusetts, 1692
In the Overture, Miller says that Salem was run as a....
In his confession, John admits to...
seeing the devil
who beat's tituba?
Reverend Parris beats tituba in order for her to speak of what happened
Why did Elizabeth fire Abby?
Abby had an affair with John
where does the play take place ?
in Salem, Massachusetts, 1692
what is the significance of proctors plowing on sunday
he didnt go to church
why does hald suggest that proctor should have a lawyer?
bcuz he feels hes innocent
One of the chief conflicts established in Act 2 is between
John Proctor and Ezekial Cheever
why does parris suggest calling in reverened hale
to ask for a ghost hunter
What secret does Proctor reveal to prove that the girls are lying?
He says that Abigail seeks vengance
why does reverend hale come to the proctors home
check for witchs and ask questions
What does John Proctor predict will happen to Abigail before she's twenty?
She will be put in the stocks
Why did he write the Crucible?
To comment on 20th century red scare, or communist scare.
what do the town believe happened to betty?
that Betty is the victim of witchcraft
Marry Warren's motivation for joining the girls in their accusations of witchcraft is
that she is a lonely girl who craves friends and attention
who is rebecca nurse? role in the play?
well liked in her 70's knows alot about kids
where did Reverend Parris find the girls dancing
in the forest in the middle of the night
Who is taken to jail at the end of act three?
Giles Corey and John Proctor
what secret does proctor reveal about himself and abigal? why does he reveal it?
that he had an affair, to put and end to everything
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