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French Calvinists
Da vinci
From Vinci. He was a painter, sculptor, math matician, inventor, writer, architech, anatomy, military aranger. He was a true embodyment of the Renaissance. True conversationalist. Greatest words: Great supper, monalisa, and his note books.
Da vinci
Ben Jonson
Liteary dictator
Michelangelo's Moses
Michelangelo's Moses
Muslim state in Spain
sail around the world
the capiatl of Italy
1466-1536 b. Rotterdam, Holland. Prince of Humanism. Educated in School of Brethren of Common Life - studied Greek and Latin Classics. Ordained in priesthood but devoted life to study of classics. Two most famous works were Praise of Folly & Handbook of the Christian Knight. Satire on church & how to lead a moral but active life. Studied classical language to get deeper understanding of Bible. Published annotated edition of New Testament in Greek which revealed errors in R.C. Ch's accepted version of Bible. Saw religion and learning as bound together. While a critic of abuses by church - was NOT a Protestant. Thought institution could reform itself from within. Opposed Luther's reformation & thought him even more doctrinaire and intolerant than R.C. Church. Was deeply disturbed by the religious upheavals unleashed in the 1520s and 1530s before his death.
began with Charles II reign
the principal Christian church building of a bishop's diocese
new technology, exploration
caravel..sail, astroloabe..muslim, compass..china
where the Renaissance started
Florence, Italy
Italian architect celebrated for his work during the Florentine Renaissance. His greatest achievement is the octagonal ribbed dome of the Florence cathedral.
Italian, literally "four hundred"; it refers to the 1400s— the fifteenth century, especially in reference to Italian art of this time (the late Middle Ages and Early Renaissance).
Revolutionized medicine at Univ. of Basel. Wild prophecies; mixt. of Scientist and Charlatan but science still mixed up with occult at this time.
April 23, 1616
When did Shakespeare die?
an intellectual movement that focused on education and the classics
age of enlightenment and exploration around 1450 AD
claimed it wasnt asia after all
Motet form
an unaccompanied choral composition with sacred lyrics, Polyphonic choral work set to a sacred Latin text other than that of the mass; one of two main forms of sacred Renaissance music.
Renaissance poet and scholar who helped change education
"universal man"
Renaissance writers introduced the idea that all educated people were expected to create art. In fact, the ideal individual strove to master almost every area of study. A man who excelled in many fields was praised as this. Later ages called such people "Renaissance men."
the Italian city where the Renaissance began
how an artist organizes form by placing shapes on a flat surface or arranging shapes in space.
William Shakespeare
English poet and dramatist considered one of the greatest English writers (1564-1616)
Lorenzo de'Medici
Considered a dangerous genius- often very skeptical of people, thinking they'd take over
What type of poetry tells a story?
Johannes Gutenberg
Invented the movable type printing press
The First Folio
earliest collected edition of Shakespeare
The _________________ or mass for the dead was the most important of the special masses
Johann Gutenberg
German craftsman who developed the printing press
High Renaissance
Michelangelo, Rafael, and Leonardo Da Vinci all contributed to art in this period
searched for western sea route between asia and europe, reached america
Spanish Inquisition
to insure consistency among the citizenry in regard to religion
Story of Jacob and Esau by Ghiberti
ca. 1435
Liberal Arts
Renaissance supporters of the visual arts — architecture, painting, sculpture, classed as mechanical and manual arts — argued their inclusion to the liberal arts, among said advocates were Leon Battista Alberti, Leonardo da Vinci, and Giorgio Vasari. In Italy, and among Renaissance humanists, the academic matter was decided around 1500, yet it required another century in Spain and England.
Liberal Arts
Northern Renaissance
Who wrote chorales?
- Michael Praetorius
- Hans Leo Hassler
Luca della Robbia
ITALIAN RENAISSANCE, Madonna and Child (sculpture)
Baldassare Castiglione
Humanist and Papal diplomat; wrote The Book of the Courtier w/ rules of gentlemanly behavior.
Sculpture was the chief art of the Greeks, because among them the aim of the artist was to represent physical beauty or strength. But the problem of the Christian artist is to express spiritual emotion or feeling through the medium of the body. This cannot be represented in cold, colorless marble. Thus, as Symonds asks, "How could the Last Judgment be expressed in plastic form ? " The chief events of Christ's life removed him beyond the reach of sculpture.
Catholic Reformation
movement in which the Roman Catholic Church sought to make changes in response to the Protestant Reformation
Council of Trent
A catholic reformation council who made decisions about stuff such as Purgatory, the sacraments, and cult of the saints. Pope ran this council.
Italian sonnet
also known as Petrarchan; includes an octave and a sestet
sea coast
Because of being located here, Genoa and Florence had an advantage over inland trade cities.
michelangelo buanorotti
most famous statues : David, La piéta. in 1508 Michelangelo painted the Vatican's Sistene Chapel.
what is christian humanity
humanism and christianity are combined.the value of reason
This man was the leader of Florence after the Medici were overthrown in 1494, as well as a Christian preacher and reformer. He was up against tyrants and corrupt clergy, specifically the Duke of Milan and Pope Alexander VI. He was eventually martyred for his ideas.; BONFIRE OF VANITIES
Leonardo da Vinci
true "Renaissance man," painted Mona Lisa and Last Supper
The renaissance f. Reawakened interest in the civilizations of
Greece and rome
the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt.
The Medici Family
a powerful banking family who had branch offices throughout Italy and in the major cities of Europe.
peasants making a deal w/ the lord to do work on their manor for food and shelter
Margarette Navarre
the sister of king fransis the 1, protected John Calvin from being executed for his beliefs while he lived in France
Elizabeth I
Queen of England and Ireland from 1558 until 1603 who supported the establishment of an English Protestant church
Describe the NOrthern Renaissance.
THe italian culture spread northwards and fused with existing tradictions. Pepole learned and created new works w/ influence
status of artists
the status of the artists improved. most was done because of the prince. artists were recognized and rewarded.
urban society
a system in which cities are the center o fpolitcal economic and social life
Classical Revival
renewal of interest in greek and roman knowledgescholars recovered classical writings and philosophyartists began imitating classical sculpture
Reichstag and Electoral College
honest dynasty nvr formed b/c this body chose emperor of HRE
n. a man who held land granted by the king or by a military nobleman, ranking between an ordinary freeman and a hereditary noble; (in Scotland) a man, often the chief of a clan, who held land from a Scottish king and ranked with an earl's son
Which of the following common sayings is a paradox?
A. Less is more
What is an example of Sofonisbas work?
the artist siters playing chess
Ancient greek and roman culture
the renaissance is a rebirth of what?
Treaty of Westphalia
put an end to the Thirty Years' War between Protestants and Catholics and to the Holy Roman Empire
prior knowledge and strength
Why does Eve believe Adam is to be blamed?
School of Athens Compisition & Theme -
Michael Angelo
1. Law of philosophy - philos= love sophia = knowledge
Man thinking & discovering
2. Symbolizes human struggle for knowledge, wisdom, understanding & truth
3. Grand scale composition w/ Roman style bldg with arches leading to sky
4. Central figure's vanishing point - (L) Plato & his student on (R) Aristotle
a) Plato - finger points upward = intangable, spiritual
b) Arostotle - hand reaches for viewer = real world, tangable, phyisical
church didn't want ruler to control church and pope
What was the first reason that there wasn't one ruler to unite Italy?
How did the 100 Years' War begin? (2)
1. French King Charles IV died leaving no heir.
2. 2 claims to the throne > Edward III Grandson from England
> Phillip Nephew from France
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