The Spanish-American War Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Cuban port city
George Dewey
American Naval commander
Results of the war
-Puerto Rico
-Cuban Protectorate
USS Maine
Exploded on February 15
Yellow Journalism
Creating stories and sensational headlines that will make the newspapers sell but may not be necessarily true. They turned American public in favor of the rebels.
U.S. battleship destroyed in Havana harbor
Americans were worried that problems in Cuba would disrupt the markets between our countries and the ____________ we had there.
delome letter
writin by enrique dupuy criticizing president mckinley
Jones Act
made Puerto Rico an U.S. territory
this nation gained its independence in the spanish american war
roosevelt corollary
Roosevelt's 1904 extension of the Monroe Doctrine, stating that the United States has the right to protect its economic interests in South And Central America by using military force
The land invasion forces disembark at ___ beach
After the Spanish American war, Cuba gained it's ______________. This means they ruled themselves.
_____ was trying to win independence from ________
Cuba, Spain
Panama issues
left ill will among Latin Americans toward the United States. After Roosevelt died, congress paid $25 million to Columbia in 1921 in recognition of the illegal means used to acquire the Canal Zone.
Rough Riders
Volunteer regiment of US Cavalry led by Teddy Roosevelt during the Spanish American War
Treaty of Paris 1898
-dissolved the Spanish empire
-Cuba became and American protectorate
-gave the island of Guam
to which nation did the treaty of paris of 1898 guarantee independence from spain?
this volunteer cavalry unit fought in a famous land battle near santiago, cuba
rough riders
General Weyler
Spanish general who forced Cubans into detention camps and killed them if they refused
stick policy
by roosevelt. speak softly and carry a big stick.
Open Door Notes
reaffirmed Open Trade in China and created a stronger means of the United States preserving it.
U.S.S. Maine
-the American ship blown up in Havanah harbor in 1898
-it is unknown if it was sunk by the Spanish
War in the Philippines
U.S. Commander George Dewey defeats Spanish fleet in Manila Bay and sinks ten ships.
In 1897, who favored the annexation of Hawaii and takes over the presidency from cleveland
william mckinley
The Battle of Manila Bay gave the US its first foothold in the___.
This country gained a lot of power as a result of the Spanish American war.
Open Door Policy
gave the U.S. equal access to China's many consumers.
three imperialist powers in the late 1800s
japan spain united states
Where did the USS Maine explode?
the harbor of Havana, Cuba.
soon after this was destroyed the united states declared war on spain
u.s. mainE (battle ship )
remember the maine to hell with spain
article blaming spanish for maine disaster
who were the newspaper tycoons during the cuban rebellion?
William randolph Hearst and Joseph pulitzer.
Why does the US want Cuba?
Cuba is 90 miles south of florida and would give spain the advantage in a war.
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