Toefl Phrasal verbs and Expressions Flashcards

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Terms Definitions
dream up
have on
hold on
get rid of
feel like
want to
do over
do again
drop off
leave something
for good
forever, permanently
find out
discover, learn
let someone down
keep on with
look after
take care
hear of
know about
get over
recover for disease
give away
distribute for free
fill in for
substitute for
keep an eye on
learn the ropes
become familiar
in a nutshell
in brief
hand in
give back, return
iron out
solve a problem
look for
try to locate
hear from
be contacted by
in person
face to face
fill in
write in a blank
fill out
complete an aplication form
get in the way
block obstruct
go eas on
not punish severely
hit the road
leave, go away
get along with
have good relations with
get in one's blood
become a habit
kill time
spend time doing unimportant things
join the club
have the same problem
drop someone a line
send someone a letter
few and far between
not frequent, unusual, rare
get off the ground
start to be succesful
have the time of one's life
have fun
in the same boat
in the same situation
get carried away
go too far, do too much
follow in one's foodsteps
do what someone else did
have a word with someone
talk to someone briefly
know like the back of one's hand
be very familiar
a fish out of water
someone who is uncomfortable in a particular situation
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