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lord's estate
worlds first space satellite
21st Amendment
Repealed 18th Amendment (Prohibition).
movies shown on large panoramic screens
declaratory act of 1766
made virtual representation
Elizabeth I
Mary I's Protestant half-sister
used the monarchy and Parliament to prevent conflict and promote Protestantism
pledged service and loyalty to greater lord
a large building which machinery is used to manufacture goods.
james otis
protested writs of assistance/ hired by boston merchant to protest 1761. "no taxation w/o representation."
they could not recieve 'sacraments' if excommunicated
Egyptian trade
This was tightly controlled by the government. Food was one thing exchanged. This was done by caravans and then by sea.
joseph r mccarthy
senator who accused everyone on communism
elizabeth gaskell
a british writer whos novels showed sympathy for the working class.
Tariff of 1832
South Carolina nullified the 1832 Tariff and threatened to secede. Jackson initiated the force bill but Henry Clay engineers a compromise to end the threat of civil war and both sides claimed victory.
Ming Dynasty
China became the dominant power during this dynasty (1368-1644) In recognition for their power, vassals states from Korea to Southeast Asia paid their respects by paying regular tribute. China expected the Europeans to do the same, they were not going to let outsiders threaten the peace and prosperity they brought after they ended Mughal control.
most popualar poet of the Tang dynasty;poem often centered on nature
Li Bo
Old Kingdom
Existing from 2680 BC to about 2180 BC. Society was split into 2 classes. Lower class was peasants and farmers, upper class the pharoh, royal family, priests, scribes and government officials.
william h. whyte jr
assailed the similarity many business orginizations cultivated in order to keep any individual from dominating
Federal Reserve Board
To reduce temptation to gamble on stock market, ___ given power to fix margin requirenments.
The Middle Passage
The voyage of slaves across the atlantic
intolerable acts
enclosed port of boston, sent troops & british navy to stop trade from boston.
Which dynasty reunited china and how long did they last
Sui; 37 years
Processing tax
Money from the AAA came from this on industries that made raw goods into finished products; passed tax along to consumers through higher prices.
French & indian war
battle between france & england for control of North America & Europe.
French and Indian War
a war between the British and the colonists and the French and Native Americans that lasted from1754-1763, that was essentially a struggle for control of eastern North America.
boys at the age of 7 would be sent a away to train to be a knight, to the castle of his father's lord
What were the results of Prussia's attack on Austria?
Prussia won and then annexed several other north German states
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