US History Benchmark Review Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Someone against slavery
This nationsl organization legally protects African Americans
Northwest Ordinance
document created guidelines for territories to become states
Colony that Catholics sought refuge in
Plantations, Cash Crops, and slavery helped support what type of economy
This republican became president in the 1920s. He called for a "return to normalcy"
Bill of Rights
Anti-Federalists wanted strong states' rights, limited executive branch and...
Technology, resources and labor led to what economy in the North
Andrew Jackson
president removed American Indians to Oklahoma
Declaration of Independence
document that listed colonial grievances against the King of England
These were people who brough alcohol into the country illegally during prohibition
W.E.B. Du Bois
This man founded the NAACP
Sojourner Truth
reformer was both an abolitionist and women's suffragette
Dollar Diplomacy
President Taft came up with this foriegn policy idea that encouraged American business to invest in latin america to gain control of the area economically
This man was the communist leader of the Belcheviks who took over the Russian gov. in 1912. He pulled Russia out of WWI
La Follette
This was the progressive governor of Wisconsin
Women who adopted new styles of dress during the 1920s were called:
Checks and Balances
A President vetoing a law is exercising what Constitutional principle?
Popular Sovereignty
People having a say in the government (voting) is what Constitutional principle
Bull Moose
This was the name of the progressive party founded by TR when he ran for president the second time
Lost Generation
This is the collective name given to the writers of the 1920s. They generally wrote about materialism and the pointlessness of life
Harlem Renaissnace
This was the name given to the explosion of african american creativity during the 1920s in the area of music, painting, theatre and poetry
Boxer Rebellion
This was a rebellion of Chinese common people to get foriegners to their nation
Women's Suffrage
Susan B Anthony is the leader of what movement
Sacco and Vanzetti
The arrest and punishment by death of these two men in the 1920s showed the anti-foriegn feeling that exsisted in the US at the time
Alice Paul and Lucy Burns
These women were instrumental in pressing the 19th amendment.
Henery C Lodge
This man was the republican leader in congress who attempted to block the entrence of the US into the League of Nations
French and Indian War
What war did the British win on American soil that put them in so much debt they had to tax the colonists
Square Deal
What was the name of TR plan to make society better for the common man
Gifford Pinchot
What was the name of the man the TR put in charge of the land that was set asside for conservation
define he magna carta
great charter 1215 signed by king john of england
Graduated Income Tax
This is the name given to a tax that increases in percentage with regards to how much money a certain individual makes
Pride in Unity and Back to Africa
What two messages did Marcus Garvey preach to african americans in the 1920s
what is th separation of powers?
divions of power into 3 branches of govt. Legislative(congress, law) Judicial(senate house of representives, make up congress) executive-enforce(president)
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