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Terms Definitions
With will

implies a dilemma or struggle 

“Right &

 “Moral & Immoral”

 “Just & Unjust”

absolutely truth preserving
"gathering", a collective community in Israel, a combination of socialism and Zionism
There is no real truth.
List two forms of communication.
To do more than required
unlawful threat to harm another physically
Voluntary Manslaughter
intentionally killing another person “in the heat of passion” which was caused by provocation of the victim
care-based ethics
paradigm based upon contextual relationships which form the framework for moral decision making
Who made Utilitarianism famous?
John Stuart Mill
______ focused on pure math (quantitative) instead of the value of people (ie. Lynching is ok if most people agree).
perfect duty to oneself
duty against suicide
What is slander?
false, defamatory, or malicious statements that are verbal
The "Golden Mean"
ARISTOTLE's most unique ethical concept - defn. of virtues as being perfectly balanced between opposing, undesirable extremes(Ex:Cowardice - COURAGE - Foolhardiness)
Define Virtue.
Define Vice.
Virtue: good habit, selflessness
Vice: bad habit, selfishness
keeping private all info about a client, sharing info only with those who have a need to know in order to provide care
those whose attack as false or questionable those who challange
Foot Non-Volunatry Euthanasia
Active/ Passive= because uncertainty --> violation of justice In Practice: Active/Passive are impermissible
view that everyone is entitled to equal rights and equal treatment in society. Equality. Govt is suppose to regulate/ensure this distributive justice.
the ethical theory that holds that human beings should be viewed as members of a community with many interpersonal connections and attachments; also called care-based ethics or an ethics of caring
principle or standard of conduct that govern an in
the notion that only humans have moral status. other things are valuable only if they benefit human life.
a serious crime punishable by law with penalties ranging from imprisonment to death
Criminal Law Definition
maintain public order, safety, to protect the individual, to use punishment as a deterrent to crime and to rehabilitate the criminal for return to society
_________ can arise in trying to serve the _______ needs of each of these _____
HIPAA mandatory disclosure situations
Police and Law EnforcementPublic Health ReportingAbuse and Neglect ReportingLicensing and regulatory oversightLegal proceedings
Scenario 2: Discussion
If you were Sally, would you
accept the travel to the NRA meeting? How can a practitioner avoid this
type of situation? Does this situation constitute a
conflict of interest? Does this violate any principles
of the Code of Ethics? If, so, which one(s)? If you were on the Ethics
Committee, what next steps should be taken?
an ethical theory that begins from the idea that the ethical value of an action depends not upon the action's consequences, but upon the motive of the person who performed the action
T/F The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 states that an audit partner can only provide services, in a partner role, to a client for 12 years
False-5 years
What should be covered in informed consent?
Cost/collections procedures
Emergency contact information
Audio/video recording permission
Areas of expertise
Are you receiving supervision?
And so on...
if the action is represented as good in itself then
What is usually the best way to structure a private practice?
Sole proprietorship
Homologous Artificial Insemination
woman’s egg and husband’s semen is used
Conflict of Interest
A situation in which personal needs and interests are at odds with professional obligations.
Who was the founder of the Russian Anarchy?
Mikhail Bakunin
Before Making Formal Complaints
Discuss with individual FIRST 
Harassment Example


nIs it “right” or “ethical” not to
discuss? ' –Is there the
slightest chance that the individual did not know? 
–Can YOU talk to
THIS person? 
–Is it an
emergency or a legal issue?
a view that holds that ethical value is bound to a great extent to the ways of established communities
moral conservation
Independence in appearance is the
third parties view of circumstances.
Bar Kokhba
leader of the Bar Kokhba revolt, which was meant to establish an independent state of Israel over parts of Judea, but resulted in the Roman massacre of a million Jews/destruction of Jewish villages.
Who should a counselor consult on ethical issues?
peers/other mental health professionals
william baxter thinks that the natural environment has
anthropomorphic values; human values
What is the Traditional argument?
Argument that attempts to prove pornography is wrong
Plato’s method of philosophical analysis is:
propose analysis (iff), search for counterexamples, revise.
Difference between ethics and values:
Ethics are standards of practice, while values refer to judgments of right or wrong
Virtue and Ethics
The ethical study which seeks a full account of the personal traits an individual should have
6 types of Basic Human Rights
1)SECURITY RIGHTS - protect people against murder, torture,etc.2)DUE PROCESS RIGHTS - protect against harshness & have fair trials3)LIBERTY RIGHTS - protect people's freedoms4)POLITICAL RIGHTS - protect political protesting, voting & assembling5)EQUALITY RIGHTS - equal citizenship, no discrimination6)WELFARE RIGHTS - provide education & protect from starvation & poverty
What, according to Rachels, does the example of the Greeks and the Callatians illustrate?
different cultures have different moral codes
How many people died in the dropping of the first bomb?
200,000:100,000 instantly plus100,000 from radiation
A cash-back scheme involves...
A seller or agent colluding with a buyer and appraiser to create a phony inflated sale price for presentation to the lender. The lender lends more than the actual purchase price based on the appraisal and the seller or agent kicks back at least some of the excess proceeds to the buyer.
Character and Virtue describes and is related to which branch of ethical thought?
describes human AGENTS. termed character or human nature ethics focuses on the ind.
1. Strength of Character 2. Virtures 3. Integrity
Code of Medical Ethics VI
A physician shall, in the provision of appropriate pt care, except in emergencies, be free to choose whom to serve, with whom to associate, and the environment in which to provide medical care.
State the Greatest Happiness Principle.
Acts are right as they tend to promote happiness and wrong as they tend to promote the opposite of happiness
The most frequent casue of complaints to the Ethics Board is:
Sexual misconduct (also most frequent & most costly cause of malpractice claims)
Who determines what kinds of health care plan contracts can be sold?
ea. indl state, states also mandate which categories of professionals are eligible for reimbursement by health care plans
What 6 different claims have been made by cultural relativists, according to Rachels?
1. Different societies have different moral codes.
2. There is no objective standard that can be used to judge one society code better than another
3. The moral code of our own society has no special status; it is merely one among many
4. There is no 'universal truth' in ethics - that is, there are no moral truths that hold for all people at all times
5. The moral code of a society determines what is right within that society that is - if the moral code of a society says that a certain action is right then that action is right at least within that society
6. It is mere arrogance for us to try to judge the conduct of other peoples. We should adopt an attitude of tolerance toward the practices of other cultures.
What is a Consequential Ethical Rule?
Ethical rule that uses a balance of consequences to determine the rightness or wrongness of an act.
Character and Virtue: what is strength of character?
refers to the fortitude that allows ind to adhere to convictions or moral standards (Agents)
Chp. 6Define it when it relates 2 media communications
Principle of media comm. which imposes a duty 2 w/hold the names f sources of n4mation, or the n4mation itself, from 3rd parties under certain circumstances In journalism, everything a newsmaker says 2 a reporter can b used, but sumtimes, reporters r willing 2 promise confidentiality n exchange 4 nportant n4mation, & this bargain is ethically--& legally--binding
List 4 at Risk Functions of the RDH.
1. Assessment of a patients oral condition2. Delivery of Care3. Communication4. Confidentiality
what happends if there is no absolute standard of morality?
then we are left with conflicting opinions
What does Mill find to be the greatest sources of unhappiness?
selfishness and a lack of mental cultivation
T/F: insanity is a legal as well as psychological term
False. Insanity is only a legal term referring to a defendant's ability to distinguish right from wrong at time crime was committed. Is NOT a psychological term.
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