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illusionism, collage
Mortuary temple
Antonia Canova
Stuart Davis
Swing Landscape
Aristide Maillol
"Le Mediterranee"
Dying Lioness
Nineveh, Iraq
Remains of Saints
afraid of outsiders
Sandro Botticelli, c. 1482
Last Judgement, Pietro Cavallini
Madame de Verniac
David 1798-1790
splash or flown ink
AUGUSTUS OF PRIMAPORTARoman EmpireRomeOctavian, controposto, composed expression, devine lineage (baby=Venus riding on back of dolphin) iconography: writing in picturesTHIS IS PROPAGANDAINDIVIDUALIZED Breastplate: cornocopia=mother earth, symbols of war victories, sun rising=new era, apolloHONORS HIM FOR BRINGING PEACE TO THE EMPIRE (ends civil war)
(principle) placement of repeated elements in a work of art to create a visual beat
-Duccio, Maestá Altarpiece, Sienna, 1308-1311.
-commanding space inside and outside of the cathedral and representing Siena.
-Front: Madonna and Child Enthroned, Madonna is huge
Gericault, Raft of the Medusa
Ludovisi Battle Sarcophagus, 250-260 CE, marble,Roman Art
Death of Sarpedon; Potter/painter: "Euphronios/Euxitheos (potter); Greco-Roman;
Slave Ship. Turner
1800's. Romanticism. English
"Spiral Jetty" Robert Smithson 1969-1970 (The Final Assault on Convention) Earthworks
Battle of IssusLate classicalRoman copy of greek original, shows alexander the great in one of his great battle, first time to see horses behind
dutch, geometric shapes and primary colors, broadway boogie woogie, abstract
Those Neoclassical artists who took Nicolas Poussin as their model. Contrast with Rubeniste.
triangular gable found over major architectural elements
Hierarchies of Angels
principalities thrones and dominations
Nike of Samothrace; Hellenistic
name and period
animal style
using animals in the art
Golden Buckle from Sutton Hoo, Anglo-Hiberno Saxon, 600
In the round
freestanding object 360* view
Photomontage Artists
Hannah Hoch and John Heartfield
Descent of Jesus on the cross
low-relief carving, carving sticks out from low carbon wall, can't see behind
an underground complex of passageways, and vaults, such as those used by Jews and early christians to bury there dead.
pop art
popular culture influence in the 1960's, repetitions, artist who did this were: Warhol who painted famous people/products and brights colors, Johns who used symbols, numbers, alphabet, Oldenburg who created blown up sculptures, and Hanson who stereotyped american people
Still Life in the Studio
Daguerre, Early 19th
two panels of equal size, decorated with paintings or relief and hinged together.
Tuscan Doric
Among the classical orders of architecture, it is the most solid an least ornate column.
The dining room of a Roman house.
a person who commissions (hires and pays) an artist to create a piece of art
Econoclasm debate
debate over religious images
-8th to 9th century
-centered around biblical comandment not to make engraven images
=images destryoed and uprisings ensued
brother of Osiris, god of chaos, murdered Osiris and cut him into pieces
branch of philosophy that studies art and the nature of beauty/by German philosopher Alexander Baumgarten in the early 18th century
The Venus of Urbino, Italy, High Renaissance
A shrine to a Christian martyr saint.
imitation of the Greco-Roman style in another age
cosmopolitan charater of Teotihuacan
the citys diverse population
Venus of Willendorf
Style/Period: Paleolithic, in the round
Iconography: Symbolisim, fertility of a female
Medium: limestone, red from oxide
Size: 4 inches high, very small, appears big by over exaggeration(mammoth)
stylistic evidence
an artists distinctive manner of producing an object the way a work looks
courses of strone or brick in which each course projects beyond the one beneath it.
painting with water colors on a wall covered with wet plaster
Photograph of Picasso in his studio in the Bateau-Lavoir
Paris, 1908
was a Greek sculptor of the 4th century BC. Together with Scopas and Praxiteles, he is considered one of the three greatest sculptors of the Classical Greek era, bringing transition into the Hellenistic period
a statue created of charlemagne in the 9th century,
"Arrangement in gray and Black No. 1" Arrangement of forms, mother is not important.
The Blue Rider
German expressionist who organized in Munich.
the converging lines that meet at the vanishing point in the system of lineal perspective
Implications of the Industrial Revolution (5)
1. inventions, technological innovations 2. large scale machine production 3. agricultural workers move to urban factory centers 4. led to the exploration of a laboring population 5. a canal system was developed in England and western Europe to transport industrial coal
stele -A carved stone slab used to mark graves and/or to commemorate historical events.
a situation where you have an older image under a newer one and you can still see the old one
Name/Time Period/Artist (if applicable) {pg.108}
Peplos Kore/Archaic (Ancient Greece)/ [none]
Archbishop Maximanus
The man responsible for the church of San Vitale's completion
Rome, Italy
Santa Maria Maggiore
Good vs. Evil
parting of lot and abraham
Heraldic composition
is one which is symmetrical around a central figure
Self Portrait of John Singer Sargent. 1892
No slide.
This is...
Titre de la peinture : Les Robateurs de parquet
Le peintre : Gustave Caillebotte
La date : 1875
Le mouvement :
La location :
Taille :
Autres choses :
18. Caillebotte Gustave, Les Raboteurs de parquet, 1875, huile sur toile, 102 x 146,5, Paris, musée d'Orsay.
• Un menuisier →
• Un ébéniste → fait des meubles
• Entre les classicisme et les impressionnisme
• Il montre un sujet des Impressionnistes mais avec la technique d'un classiciste
• Être torse nu → bare-chested
• Un camaïeu →
Nana Ziggurat

Mud Brick

Stockstad figure 2-6
The Ancient Near East

Ur (modern Warka, Iraq)
circa 2100 BCE
Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Michelangelo
c1508-12 (high). took four years- did it himself, Pope Julius project to restore triumph of the Catholic Church- also to promote self, illusionistic architecture, fresco inside. Much more into line- not arch. and landscape, complicated poses, harsh lighting.
Based on Genesis- creation story
Frank Lloyd Wright "architecture of democracy"
Believed architecture should be "natural" and "organic"--for individuals to move around in a free space that had nonsymetrical design and interacted spatially with surroundings.
post and lintel construction
a system of construction in which two posts support a lintel (a horizontal beam used to span an opening)
Why was the Mosque of Cordoba an example of conversion?
Increased size, quadrupled layout
Masaccio, Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden
expulsion, emotion, pain, grief, hazy background, 1424-1427
ArchaicMedusa= a gorgon, a demon w/ woman body, bird wings. Hideous face, snake hair, turns anyone gazed at her to stoneconventional Archaic bent-leg, bent-arm, pinwheel-like posture that signifies running or flyingmythological
Battle Between the Gods and the Giants, North Frieze of Siphnian Treasury, Marble, c. 2ft
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