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World Wide Web
Terms Definitions
Attributes of Text**
i. Fontii. Trackingiii. Kerningiv. Leadingv. Boldvi. Underlinevii. color
template code(DW)
"!-- TemplateBeginEditable name="GraphicsandText" --"
web pages are written in?
Domain Name System
DNS stands for
library item code(DW)
"!-- #BeginLibraryItem "/Library/footer.lbi" --""style type="text/css"""/style"
outlining the project using words
Director stores multimedia elements in its?
which part of this URL "http://www.company.com/home.html" represents the second-level address?
4. You can connect Windows and Macintosh computers using the ? networking protocol.
the technique that allows multiple users to simultaneously access the same data stream without duplication of data across the Internet is called?
web scripting language that enables behaviors (interactivity) with web pages
Depth Structure(MM)
represents the complete navigation map, which describes all of the links between all the components of your project
multimedia in public places; provide information and help for customers
digital information about a sound taken every nth fraction of a second
5. The technique in which playback of a video starts as soon as enough data has transferred to the user’s computer to sustain this playback is called this
a software-based architecture
QuickTime is best deifned as?
Adobe Acrobat
the helper application most commonly used to display documents with fonts and images embedded is?
painting and drawing programs
image-editing applications often include many of the features and tools of?
Content acquisition(MM)
obtaining the text, images, sounds, and video contained in a multimedia project- can be expensive and time consuming
Icon (MM)
- symbolic representations of objects and processes common to the graphical user interfaces of many computer operating systems
- graphic objects designed to be meaningful buttons; graphic represenation should be symbolize the action, determine how the user will know that the button is active
a working test of creative and engineering ideas- when you decided that a project is worthwhile, develop one of these-test along several fronts: technology, cost, market, human interface
Site map(MM)
representation of the entire content of a web site, usually clickable
1. Package and deliver the project to the end user
MIDI file**
MIDI = Musical Instrument Digital Interface
Programs that run within a browser and allow users to view and interact with files within the browser’s window are called ?
icon-based, event-driven tool
for a project that requires complicated navigational structures, the charting capabilities of this type of authoring system are particularly useful?
When the audio, image, text, and video data is combined in one stream, it is said to be ?
computer monitors draw the lines of an entire frame in a single pass; this technique is called?
cat-5 cable.
For the best network connections, be sure to use ?
Handler – Ch 11#
in a message-passing programming languagem code that tells the application what to do when an event occurs- based on a even like amouse clip or when a button is pressed Ex: to handle button up go to next pageend button up
read Universal Product Code patterns
a barcode reader can?
drawing and painting
a graphics tablet is recommended for?
Column span** #
td colspan= "2"  /td indicates that two cells have been merged together in a row
Computer network(MM)
Two or more computers that are connected together to share resources such as hardware, data, and software.
Hierarchical navigation(MM)
linear with branching - users navigate along the structure that is shaped by the logic of the content
Event handler (DW)
things like onClick and onDblClick that describes the user event involved
Frame (DW)
distinct web page with its own content; contains an individual web page, used to define areas of a page
line that is described by the location of its two endpoints
which of the following is a valid IP address?- www.apple.com- [email protected] http://www.pages.net/index.html- 12 Dreamcatcher Way, Hope, ME 04847
on the client computer outside the browser
helper applications run?
wide area network (WAN).
A network of workstations spanning great distances, typically set up and managed by large corporations and institutions for their own use, is known as a ?
Lossy – Ch 10#
compression method that loses image, audio, or video quality in favor of reducing file size-ignore picture information that the viewer may not miss - that information is lost even after decompression
Handler – Ch 11 #
in a message-passing programming language, code that tells the application what to do when an event occurs - based on a even like amouse clip or when a button is pressed Ex: to handle button up go to next page end button up
name the frame where the new file will open
Action (DW)
task to be performed when an HTML object and an event handler are selected
Interactive multimedia
when the end user controls what and when the elements are delivered
card- or page-based tool
for a project whose content consists of elements that can be viewed individually, this type of authoring system is particularly useful during development
National Television Standards Committee (NTSC).
television signal format used in the United States, Japan, and many other countries is known as this
a Dynamic Link Library
to extend most scripting languages on the Windows operating system, you would use?
domain name
an IP address can be exchanged with a ?
Audio Video Interleaved (AVI).
the Microsoft Video for Windows format is also known as
which of these tags would most likely be used in HTML to view a multimedia element on the web?- BLOCKQUOTE- OBJECT- OPEN- MM- FLASH
Lossy – Ch 10 #
compression method that loses image, audio, or video quality in favor of reducing file size -ignore picture information that the viewer may not miss - that information is lost even after decompression
Flattening – Ch 8 #
interleaving the audio and video segments of a video clip together in a data file - you interleave the audio and video segments together
What is noframes content?(DW)
basic information in case the user's browser can't display frames- links to your content pages are good information to include
"noframes" (DW)
tag that tells you what to displays if the browser isn't capable of frames
Are digital audio files device dependent?
no they are device independent
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).
Many web sites include pages that have answers to common inquiries. These pages are known as ?
read-only memory (ROM).
the type of memory that is not erased when power is shut off to it is called ?
Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE), Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA).
7. The type of interface system that allows a computer to control a master/slave pair of drives is called ?
an analog tape is copied to another analog tape
generation loss occurs when?
Advantages of Jpeg file format** #
- designed for digitized color photographs - supports millions of colors - stores the image using a lossy format, which means that when the image file is saved it is compressed, which means that some of the image sharpness and color is lost
What is the difference between depth structure and surface structure? (Chapter 16)(MM)
Depth structure represents the complete navigation map and describes all the links between all the components of your project while Surface structure represents the structures actually realized by a user while navigating the depth structure
Extending a particular browser’s capabilities requires cumbersome plug-ins.
which of these isn't an issue related to the so-called browser wars?- developers must program workarounds to compensate for browser differences- official HTML standards lag behind the browsers' capabilities- browser developers are releasing new browser versions quickly, making it difficult for third-party developers to keep pace- Extending a particular browser’s capabilities requires cumbersome plug-ins- developers must test the performance of their site on different browsers
card- or page-based authoring system.
Elements are organized as pages of a book or a stack of cards in a(n) ?
turns bitmap shapes into vector-based outlines
in a paint program, the autotrace tool?
the type of file being sent
the MIME-type assigned to a data source depends on?
Frame – Ch 10 #
one in a sequence of bitmapped graphic scenes/images - made up of two field that are interlaced (ch 8)
Go to URL (DW)
open a new page in a specified window or frame or change the content of two or more frames with one click
smaller than the actual monitor’s capability
a computer's output on the monitor is calibrated to display an image?
Be prepared to identify interface design problems. (Chapter 16) (MM)
model problems - tend to confuse the user;
GUI - best to stick with accepted conventions, no hidden commands and unusual keystroke/mouse click combinations audio - too many special effects, no toggle switch to disable sound things to avoid in a
graphical approach:
clashes of color,
busy screens,
using a picture with lots of contrast of color or brightness,
clanging bells or squeaks,
frilly pattern borders,
requiring more than two button clicks,
too many numbers or words,
too many substantive elements too quickly
Never remove the break-off tab on the back of your original video cassettes; doing so renders the tape unusable with some decks.
which of the following isn't a recommendation for caring for video tapes?- always fast-forward new tapes to the end and then rewind them to make sure that tape tension is even from beginning to end- run your tape through the recorder once with the lens cap on and without audio input- don't reuse 8mm video cassettes, as their small size makes them susceptible to stretch- always make a backup copy of these tapes before you begin editing- Never remove the break-off tab on the back of your original video cassettes; doing so renders the tape unusable with some decks.
Cell spacing** #
  is used to designate the amount of spacing between cells
What is a derivative work? (Chapter 17)(MM)
material that is derived from another work
"a href = “file.htm” target = self"(DW)
open a link in the same frame as the link
it allows you to create your own tags for data.
one of the greatest benefits of XML is that?
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