Executive Branch Vocabulary Flashcards

President of the United States
Terms Definitions
secret (undercover)
Maine, Nebraska
Battleground states
freedom from punishment
rejection of a bill
Whig Model
Restricted presidential powers
to charge with a crime
how longs a term?
4 years
a plan to spend money
Head of the executive branch
Presidential Succession
President->VP->Speaker of the House->President Pro Tempor->Secretary of State->Cabinet (based on seniority)
Speaker of the House
2nd in line
Dept. Interior
Manages public lands, wildlife refuges, and national parks; operates hydroelectric power plants; helps native Americans manage their affairs
Being encouraged, or given something in exchange of something else
Legislative Power
Veto bills passed by congress
Pardon towards a group of people.
Continuing resolution
Appropriations legislation used by Congress to fund government agencies if a formal bill had not been signed into law at the end of the congressional fiscal year. Legislation passed by the House and Senate permitting executive branch agencies to continue operating in the absence of a budget. Also provides funds for the short term until the Congress and the President agree on an appropriations bill.
responsible for managing the monetary resources of US
making a convicted person's sentence less severe
Least Amount of Presidential Electors Today
Andrew Johnson
The first president to be impeached
Electoral College
Determines the outcome of the Presidential Election. Number of Votes per state is determined by the states population
general term applied to those people who work the closest to the Pres.
in charge of the very large Federal Bureaucracy that works for the Office of the Pres
a series of statements expressing the party's principles, beliefs, and positions on election issues
How many presidents have been removed from the office by being found guilty after the impeachment process?
What is the majority of electoral votes
an agreement among countries not to trade with a certain country (i.e. Cuba)
Fiscal Year
The twelve-month period designated by the government (October 1-September 30) for budget and accounting purposes
As ___ leader, the President deals with the economy and problems like unemployment, and must plan the federal government budget.
civil service system
government employment based on examinations and merit
A legislative grant of money to finance government program or agency
owe money to other countries or private citizens
a government document that allows a person to travel to foreign countries
Truman doctrine
President Truman's policy of providing economic and military aid to any country threatened by communism or totalitarian ideology
Number of years in a presidential term
power to release someone from the penalities of a crime they committed.
President who was removed from office
none ever were
Department of Defense
Provides military forces and domestic security
Who is the current Vice President ?
Dick Cheney
Robert Gates
The current US Secretary of Defense. Also President-elect Barack Obama's nominee for Secretary of Defense (Starting Jan 20)
executive order
a directive, rule, or regulation that has the effect of law
a government body with a specific job to do
Foreign Policy
nation's plan for dealing with other nations
Appointment Power
Power of the president to appoint office positions
Monetary policy
set of decisions a government makes, usually through its central bank, regarding the amount of money in circulation in the economy
congressional override
the power of Congress to pass legislation over a president's veto
regulation from the president that has the power of law
executive orders
Richard Nixon
Resigned from office because there was a great likelihood that he would be impeached and removed from office over the Watergate scandal
How many electoral votes are in the Electoral College?
examples of independent agencies
SEC- reulate markets and investmentsFCC - censorship of mediaNASA
War Powers Resolution
law passed that requires presidents to consult with Congress within 48hrs of deploying military force and to withdraw forces 60 days unless Congress declares war or grants an extension
reduction on punishment for a crime
What is a commutation?
qualifications of president
35 years old natural born citizen redsided in the us for 14 years
Government Corporation
A business run by the government (like the post office)
presidential primary
an election in which a party's voters choose some or all delegates to their party's national convention and express a preference among various contenders for their party's candidate
what does the 25th amendment do
sets up succession policy
One more than half the votes ex. In the senate (100 members), majority is 51--50+1
Impoundment of Funds
Impoundment is the power of the President to withhold from federal departments or agencies some or all of the funds appropriated by Congress
Right of Legation
The right to send and receive diplomatic representatives
Merit Systems Protection Board
an independent agency that oversees and protects merit in the federal government personnel system
What are the qualifications to be Vice President?
same as president
Who were the Democratic candidates in the 1800 election?
President: Thomas Jefferson
V.P.: Aaron Burr
Does NOT meet the constitutional requirements for US President?
US citizens born in Canada
Presidential Succession Act of 1947
Established the line of succession following the Vice President. The speaker of the house then the president pro temp of the Senate followed by cabinet members STD.... (Secretary of State, Treasury, etc.)
Commander in Chief
can send troops if U.S. troops are threatened
What does the OMB do?
Prepares the national budget that the President proposes to Congress each year. (What's tax revenue, how much we can spend, etc.)
heads of cabinet depts
the head of each department has the title of Secretary except the dept of justice what is the Attorney General
What are the duties of the State Department
Responsible for international relations
How does the president participate in the legislative process?
signing bills, vetoing bills, suggesting ideas for legislation
health and human services dept
works for the well being of the public
line item veto
when you edit or veto only part of the bill
Chief of the Political Party
Helps to promote the goals of the party and get other officals from the party elected to office
what is the presidents responsibility to the aspect of foreign relations, a) what is his title, b) what can he do ?
a) Chief of State, b) meets with foreign leaders
Two jobs for Vice President in the constitution
-serves as President of the senate
-determine if President is incapacitated
-have a succeeded to Presidency due to the death of President
-cannot be from the same state as the president
-chosen to "balance the ticket"
What are the qualifications necessary to become president?
At least 35 years of age, a natural born citizen, a resident of the US for at least 14 years
how is how many votes each state get in the electoral college deterimined?
one vote for each senator and rep.
What are the President's FOUR options for action on a bill?
1. Sign it and pass the law 2. veto the law 3. while congress is in session, he can not touch the bill and it will pass in 10 days 4. pocket veto, or while congress is not in session, he can not touch the bill and it will not pass.
Age Requirement
negotiation between nations
20th Amendment
Presidential inauguration
Delay a person's punishment
Military Power
Appoint federal officials
Independent Agencies
Preform specialized jobs.
25th Amendment
presidential succession, vice presidential vacancy, and presidential disability
written agreements with other countries.
the postponement of legal punishment
secretaries of the executive departments, the vice president, and other top officials that help the president make decisions and policy
Chief Jurist
power to reduce sentences
50. Congress can override a presidential veto with a _______ vote in Congress.
staff agency
serve in a support capacity
declaration of forgiveness and freedom from punishment
which article of the constitution descusses the executive branch?
The building where a consul works.
Executive Privilege
The power to keep executive communications confidential, especially if they relate to national security.
What's the group of advisors which leads a
"Department" for the federal government?
What is a reprieve?
Temporarily delaying the punishment.
formal agreement between US and other countries
Spoils system
Rewarding people with govenrment jobs on the basis of their political support
Diplomatic Powers
1. Making treaties
2. Executive agreements
3. Recognition
What are Units of Cabinet rank called?
washington 1789
which presiddnt created the cabinate? when
Iron Triangle
A close relationship between an agency, a congressional committee, and an interest group.
In a presidential system the president is separate from the legislative branch
Granting favors or giving contracts or making appointments to office in return for political support
Enforce the laws
Duties of the Executive Branch
Dept. of Education
Public school systems, educational facilities, and qualified teachers.
three major gov departments
department of state
department of defense
department of justice
Drawback of being President
stressful, assassination or assault attempts, no privacy
acts as the jury in an impeachment trial
judicial leader
appoints judges to supreme court and other federal courts..can issue pardons and reprieves
Emergency Power
An inherent power exercised by the president during a period of national crisis, particularly in foreign affairs.
how many years max, could a president serve?
Military Title
commander in chief of the armed forces; all decisions regarding navy, army, air force, and marines are his responsibility as the president
True or False: the only requirement to be an American President is to be an American citizen.
Executive agreement
an agreement between the President and the leader of another country
lame duck
president's power is at the absolute lowest, after a new president has been elected but not yet inaugurated and the current president doesn't do anything
Schedule C job
Appointments to jobs that are described as "confidential or policy-determining character" below the level of the cabinet and subcabinet posts.
War Powers Act
Prevents the president from committing troops for more than 60 days without Congressional approval to keep presidents from abusing power as Commander in Chief
Diplomatic Powers (C&B)
-prez. chief negotiator with foreign nations but Senate must approve all treaties w/ 2/3 majority
Continuing resolutions
At fiscal year deadline, Congress says that agencies must spend at the previous year's level if there's no new budget yet
Where does the decision go if the winner doesn't win the electoral college?
Presidential Electors
A person elected by the voters to represent them in making a formal selection of the Vice President and President.
Chief executive
By carrying out the nation's laws, the President if fulfilling this role, Presidential title that includes powers such as running the bureaucracy and using the executive order fall under.
Campaign Finance Reform
Bans the use of "soft money"; restricts the use of political ads; governs where campaign money can come from
open primary
an election in which all voters may participate
Battleground state
a state in which the outcome is unpredictable and where nominations are close: Maine and Nebraska and Florida
Imperial Presidency
Term used to describe a president as an "emperor" who acts without consulting Congress or acts in secrecy to evade or deceive congress
Health & Human Services
directs programs concerned with health and social service needs of Americans
Department of Homeland Security
Protects the nation against further terrorist attacks.
What does it do
Proposes laws, administers laws, commands armed forces, assigns a job to ambassadors and other officials, conducts foreign policy, and makes treaties. Executive departments do most of the executive branch work using secretaries
national security council
small group whose job is to discuss and advise the Pres on issues of Ntl security
What are the 5 sections?
Foreign Affairs, Domestic and Military Administration, Legislation, Appointments, and Judicial Functions.
electoral vote
the official vote for pres and VP by electors in each state
chief of staff
is head of the White House Staff, is the president's most loyal aide, acts like a gatekeeper by deciding who can and can't talk to the president
Executive Office of the President (EOP)
Agencies and Individuals who DIRECTLY help the President
Duty of the Lt. Governor
Performs the duties delegated by the governor
constitutional powers of the president
veto power; commander in chief of army; convene Congress; power to make treaties (w/ advice and consent of Senate); pardon power
Explain what the president looks for in a Cabinet member (3) and general characteristics for his Cabinet (3)?
SHOULD look for:
· Persuasiveness
· Personal stability
· Broad intelligence
· Flexibility
· Sense of duty
· Thick Skin.
· Patience and impatience
DOES look for:
· Loyalty to the president and his policies
· Certain demographic characteristics (e.g. race, gender, geography)
State of the Commonwealth Address
It is a message addressed to VA citizens, where the governer sits down and addresses all of the issues and current policies
Chief of State
One of the 8 Roles, this is when the President acts as a symbol or representative of the United States
what are the fuctions of the executive branch
1. chief of state
2. chief executive
3. chief diplomat
4. commander in chief
5. head of his party
6. chief citizen
What does the office of management and budget do?
1. help president prepare executive order
2. prepare federal budget
3. oversee the execution of budget
15 (There are 15 cabinet members and the vice president.)
How many departments are in the President's Cabinet?
if the vp and majority of cabinet disagree that pres is ready to resume...
congress has 21 days to decide disability by 2/3 vote of both houses
What are the major flaws in the Electoral College system?
1. Winner of popular vote is not guaranteed presidency.
2. electors not required to vote in accord with popular vote
3. any election may have to be decided in House of Representatives
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