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go around
Auto Burglary
Christopher Columbus
discovered America
fast or quick
Newfoundland, after Columbus, english
Juan Ponce de Leon
Galveston Island
found by DaVaca
A navigational instrument introduced in the sixteenth century for measuring the altitude of the sun.
John White
leader of Roanoke colony
Journey taken for religious reasons.
another word for prolonged attack
Who did he sail for?
1519; Spain; Explored Mexico and conquered Aztecs
Italian navigator who discovered the New World in the service of Spain while looking for a route to China (1451-1506)
Walter Raleigh
1554-1618. England. Founded Roanoke. Explored from North Carolina to Florida and claimed the area that is now known as Virginia in the name of the Queen. Then went in search of El Dorado (suposed city of gold), but after aborting the expedition he introduced tobacco to Ireland and England. He went back again in search of gold only to come back empty handed.
3. John Cabot
Rediscovered Newfoundland(east coast of north America)
Mansa Musa
-To set up trade agreements
Texan, looked for Sasquatch, Abominable Snowman, Loch Ness Monster, and Noah's Ark along with the Titanic-but never found
Jack Grimm
1st person to circumnavigate the world. Claimed the Philippines.
Vasco da Gama's exploration was from _____
english who sailed for Dutch. Sailed to Albany and Manhattan, Ny
Jacques Marquette/ Lois Joliet
Explored the mississippi river
Jaques Cartier
France. Paved way for French exploration in Canada
how many cities of cibola were there?
name of the first European settlement in the Americas
What did the Indians call San Salvador
Ferdinand Magellan
"First" man to circumnavigate the world. Actually killed in Phillipines by natives before finishing his journey.
move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment
giovanni de verrazano 1st euroepean to reach ny harbor
Sails for Spain and Portugal, explores east coast of North and South America
Francisco Pizarro
- sailed for Spain
- conquered the Incas
Who founded the oldest American city, St. Augustine?
Pedro Menendez
The printing press was not first used in Europe, but actually in ____.
Contour feathers
Feathers that are not used for flying.
Ferdinand Magelan
Spain-first to sail around the whole world
Samuel de Champlain
French explorer who established a settlement on the site of Quebec, Canada
Salmon, timber, and furs
Valuable resources James Cook discovered in the Pacific Northwest
A trip taken with the goal of exploring.
a group of traveling traders in the desert
Jacques Cartier
1st European to discover the St. Lawrence River, France claims it.
What was Columbus trying to find?
The West India's
Which explorers crew was first to sail around the world?
Ferdinand Magellan
Pedro Alvares Cabral
Sailed to Brazil; claimed it for Portugal-Portuguese
Jacques Cartier explored what place?
The St. lawrence river valley
Cabeza de vaca
1528-36- Sailed for Spain (Traveled to the Colorado River) : was an important explorer because of his detailed accounts of the many tribes of Native Americans. He published these accounts in a book called La Relación. It was initially published in 1542
Sir Henry Hudson
Sailed for England and the Dutch. Sailed in 1607, 1608, and 1610 for England to find the Northwest Passage. In 1609 he was hired by the Dutch to also find Northwest Passage. Sailed to Hudson River, Hudson Bay, New York, and Hudson straight which were all of his A and Ds.
Francisco Coronado
1540, While looking for Cities of Gold traveled through present day Arizona and New Mexico, Claimed Southwest US for Spain
Advances in technology
Lead to improved ship design and sophisticated navigational instruments
Hernando Cortes
Cuban explorer who went in search of the lost Spanish expedition. Found and destroyed the Aztec empire
Bartolome de Las Cacas
Who spoke out against the mistreatment of native americans
Giovanni de Verrazano
when- early 1500
from- italy but was a french explorer
to- atlantic coast of north america
other- a bridge is named after him
El Dorado
Legend had it that there was a whole city made of gold. Conquistadors Cortez and Pizarro were searching for this city in the Americas to gain fame and fortune.
Journals and diaries were an individuals what?
first hand account of the day
vasco da gama
looking for a route to india for silk spices sailed around the tip of africa
Which Spanish explorer sailed down the Amazon in 1541?
Francisco Orellana visited Peru in 1535. He crossed the Andes to the Napo River. He sailed down this until he reached the Amazon and continued his voyage eventually reaching the Atlantic. He described meeting some female warriors whom he called the Amazons after the Amazonz of Greek mythology
What were the motivations for the voyages of Columbus?
Riches and a western sea route to asia
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