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Terms Definitions
within a state
the act of nullifying
Establish foreign policy
national government power
define crimes and their punishments
initials of creative federalism president
Supremacy Clause
The constitutional provision that makes the Constitution and federal laws superior to all conflicting state and local laws.
special governments
local governmental units establishes for very specific purposes, such as regulation of water and school districts, airports, and transportation services
clauses in legislation that direct state and local governments to comply with national legislation and national standards.
The effort to transfer responsibility for many public programs and services from the federal government to the states.
Lincoln appointed him as chief justice
national supremacy
Constitutional doctrine that whenever conflict occurs between the constitutionally authorized actions of the national government and those of a state or local government, the actions of the federal government prevail.
federal mandates
regulations that the national government imposes on state and local governments
project grants
federal categorical grants given for specific purposes and awarded on the basis of the merits of applications.
categorical grant
one type of federal grants-in-aid; made for some specific, closely defined, purpose
the process of sharing powers between levels of government such as state and federal
delegated powers
Powers specifically given to the federal government by the US Constitution, for example, the authority to print money.
Unitary System
A centralized governmental system in which ultimate governmental authority rests in the hands of the national, or central government.
procedure enabling voters to reject a measure passed by the legislature
federak funds provided to states and localities
10 amendment reserves those powers not delegated to the nat. gov. to the states and the people. ex traffic laws, licensing
3 ways of organizing gov system
unitary, confederate,federal
federal rule that states must follow, whether or not they recieve federal grants
Block Grants
Money from the national government that states can spend within broad guidelines determined by Washington.
a legal process whereby an alleged criminal offender is surrendered to the officials of the state in which the crime was commited
Expressed Powers
Specific powers granted to Congress under Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution.
enumerated powers
Powers of the federal government specifically listed in the Constitution; Article 1, Section 8
Dual Federalism
Doctrine holding that the national government is supreme in its sphere, the states are supreme in theirs and the two should be kept separate
14 th am. gives ___ more power
national government
Which of the following is not a concurrent power of national and state governments?
A. protecting the public's health, welfare, and morals
B. borrowing money
C. chartering banks
D. establishing courts
E. levying taxes
Concurrent Powers
Powers shared by national and state government
cooperative federalism
System of goverment in which powers and policy assigments are shared between sates and the national govermetn. They may also share costs administration, and even blame for porgrams that work poorly.
The doctrine of dual federalism grew out of a protracted debate on the subject of
A) commerce.
the act of forming an alliance or confederation
Daniel J. Elazar
This man praised federalism, arguing that "the virtue of the federal system lies in its ability to develop and maintain mechanisms vital to the perpetuation of the unique combination of governmental strength, political flexibility, and individual liberty, which has been the central concern of American politics." He considered that, in some states and cities, ruling factions had taken the lead (long in advance of the federal government) in developing measures to protect the environment, extend civil rights, and improve social conditions.
Commerce Clause
The section of the Constitution in which Congress is given the power to regulate trade among the states and with foreign countries.
what type of grant is designed for special things
Police Power
State power to enact laws promoting health, safety, and morals.
Fiscal Federalism
The pattern of spending, taxing, and providing grants in the federal system, it is the cornerstone of the national government relations with state and local governments.
Article VI
Supremacy Clause - federal laws > state
Implied Powers
Powers not stated in the Constitution but implied by governments need to carry out functions
Privileges and Immunities
Visitors to each state receive the same rights as citizens
In 2000 ______ became the first state to santion _____ _____ between same sex couples
civil unions
McCullough v. Maryland
An 1819 Supreme Court decision that established the supremacy of the national goverment over state governments
A fund created by Congress in the late 1970s and renewed in the 1980s to clean up hazardous waste sites. Money for the fund comes from taxing chemical products.
Conditions of Aid
Terms set by the national government that states must meet if they are to receive certain federal funds. This is one of two federal controls on state government activities.
Necessary and Proper Clause
section of the constitution allowing congress to pass all laws "necessary y and proper" to its duties, and which has permitted Congress to exercise powers not specifically given to it (enumerated) by the constitution
Tenth Amendment
Part of the Bill of Rights, says that those powers not given to the Federal Government and not prohibeted for the states by the constitution are reserved for the states and the people
Full Faith and Credit
all states have to recognize official documents and court rulings of other states
Gibbons v. Ogden
"Steamboat case", state of NY tried to grant a private concern a monopoly of waterborne commerce between NY and NJ. Developed interstate trade.
Devolution Revolution
The effort to slow the growth of the federal government by returning many functions to the states.
categorical grants
a federal grant that can only be used for a specific purpose, or category, of state and local spending; these grants usually require that the state contribute money in addition to the national money
Clean Air Act of 1970
The law aimed at combating air pollution.
Alien and Sedition Acts
consisted of four acts passed by a Federalist Congress and signed by Adams 1798; Naturalization Act- increased the residential period of immigrants before becoming a citizen; Alien Act- empowered the president to arrest and deport suspicious aliens; Alien Enemy Act- allowed the arrest and deportation of citizens of countries the US was at war with; Sedition Act- attempt to stifle Democratic-Republican opposition, limited 1st amendment rights (25 arrested and only 10 convicted)
Privileges and immunities (clause)
A clause of Article IV, Section 2, of the Constitution guaranteeing citizens of each state most of the privileges of citizens of other states.
Which statement best summarizes Madison's view of federalism?
C) He was first an ardent supporter of national supremacy, then of states' rights.
One of the reasons that our local governments are independent of the national government is
C) the commitment of Americans to the ideal of local government.
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