eye anatomy Flashcards

Terms Definitions
phak/o, phac/o
both eyes
superor rectus
elevates eye
transparent mucus membrane
loss of transparency
corneal dystrophy is
lateral rectus
moves eye laterally
canthus, corner of eye
lacrimal sac, drains tears
what is presbyopia
old eyes
cornea, anterior portion of eye
impairment of color vision, color-blindness
what is a cataract
cloudy lens
steriods are a
anti inflammatory agent
choroid coat
vascular, dark brown membrane provides nutrition
Amsler grid
test to assess central vision
hardened swelling of a meibomian gland
core/o, cor/o
pupil, dark center of iris
what is keratitus
inflammation of the cornea
what is enuclueation
removal of the ye
scleral buckling used in conjunction with
anti inflammatory agents are also known as
macula lutea
"yellow spot" region of retina, enhances visual acuity
enucleation of the eye
removal of entire eyeball
what fluid replaces vitreous humor after a vitrectomy
soduim hyalurinate
what is the bulbar conjuntiva
covers the sclera
area of decreased vision in the visual field
corneal incision procedure
cornea is cut to change shape
what are the intrinsic muscles
involuntary, ciliaruy muscles, iris
what is the name for the surgical removal of the eye
is the lens anterior or posterior to the vitreos humor
what is hyperoxia
farsightedness, globe is too narrow, focal point passes fouvoea centralis
retinal tear, detachment
separation of the retina from the choroid layer
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epiretinal membrane is
scar tissue whci forms over the macula, excision required
what is another name for the blind spot
optic disk
what is used as a catalys for lidocaine
wydase (hyaluridase)
what is the treatment for astigmatism
radial keratotomy of glasses
what forms a chalazion
a blockage/infection in the membonian glands
eyeball consists of 3 layer
Fibrous tunic, Vascular tunic and Nervous tunic
which nerve is supplied by the 4th nerve (trochlea)
the superior oblique
what is sceral buckling
silicone strip sewn into the eye, increasing pressure
wher do the anterior and posterior chamber lie
in the anterior cavity
what does the cornea look like
transparent & almost circular in shape
what would be the reason for performing an exenteration
malignancy 9cancer of the eye)
what are the 7 bones that form the orbit of the eye
frontal, sphenoid,ethmoid, superior maxillary, malar (zygomatic) lacrimal & palate - fsemmlp
why would you need to measure IOP
to determin if glaucoma is present
what causes the aqeous o become cloudy
irisitus/uvitis - infection of the iris
what is the function of the ciliary muscle
accomodation ( adjusts the lens, focusing near and far)
how does the path of light travel
thru the refractive media, to the fouvea centralis which is in the centre of the macula
when is an intra ocular lens used
it replaces the lens in cataract extraction
what is the contraindication for an IOL
if intra ocular pressure is increases, the lens will not stay in place
what is a goniotomy and when is it used
surgical opening of the membrane covering the angle of schlemm, used for treatment of congenital glaucoma
what is the fuinction of the angle of schlemm
allows drainage of the aqeous humor
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