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Parotid gland
Terms Definitions
Angular cheilitis
What is perleche?
Strawberry gingivitis presents early in this disease, for which elevated pANCAs and cANCAs are diagnostic.
Wegener's granulomatosis
- strawberry gingivitis is erythematous, granular gingival hyperplasia usually on facial attached gingiva
Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)
___ is HHV-4.
Herpes Simplex infection of fingers - found in dentists before universal precautions.
Herpetic Witlow
True or False?
Keratoacanthoma is benign
- surgical removal is still treatment of choice, even though they can spontaneosly regress
- removal improves cosmesis on healing and provides bioposy to rule out SCC
Irregular, fluid-filled grey and pink papillations are almost pathognomonic for this neonatal malformation when it occurs on the anterior dorsal surface of the tongue.
Oral lymphangiomas
____ are calcified structures within salivary ducts. It is most common in the submandibular and less common in the parotid gland.
Patient with type II diabetes, steroids, broad spectrum, dentures, iron deficiency anemia or immunosuppressed state may suffer from:
herpes simplex
Tzanck cells are histopathologic features of acantholysis characteristic of which virus?
Dentinogenesis Imperfecta ___ = not associated with osteogenesis imperfecta
Which keratinized masticatory mucosa has a submucosa beneath it?
The lateral hard palate
"Anti-Smith" antibiodies are an immunologic finding that is virtually pathognomonic for what disease?
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
- diagnostic criteria is based on the presence of at least 2 clinical and at least 2 abnormal immunologic findings
i.e. positive "lupus band test", ANAs (SSA-Ro)
- treatment with systemic corticosteroids, antimalarials, NSAIDS
- 90% 5 year, 80% 10 year, mostly due to kidney failure
tubules with eosinophilic coagulum
pleomorphic adenoma
- most comon type of salivary gland tumor
- most occur in the parotid, although this is the most common type of minor salivary gland tumor, with these occuring most often in the palate and upper lip
. What disease produces diffuse, generalized widening of the periodontal ligaments seen on radiographic exam?   
Scleroderma (PSS)
sjogren's syndrome
Anti-SS-A and Anti-SS-B are two nuclear autoantibodies in ___ ___.
___ is an uncommon fungal infection caused by dimorphic blastomyces dermatitidis.
Herpes simplex (1 and 2)
Gingivostomatitis and phyaryngotonsilitis are primary infections of which virus?
T/F: Dentin dysplasia type I more common than type II.
Remove caries
How do you treat reversible pulpitis?
In micro-examination of what oral lesion would you see:
microabscesses (Monroe abscesses)
migrating neutrophils in upper epithelium
A Psoriaform Lesion
Erythema Migrans (migratory stomatitis/geographic tongue)
Reiter's syndrome
Which two bilateral white lesions primarily affecting  the buccal mucosa demonstrate vacuolization of cells in the spinous layer?
White sponge nevus
Where in the mouth does leukoplakia most commonly occur?
lower vermillion
buccal mucosa
What disease produces acantholytic, intraepithelial blisters?   
Pemphigus vulgaris. Blisters (vesicles, bullae) b/c epithelial cells no longer bond to each other     (acantholysis); can be preceded by lymphoma/leukemia
Canalicular adenoma
___ ___ are found almost exclusively in minor salivary glands. They are slow growing and painless and >75% are found in the upper lip.
angular cheilitis (perleche)
Fissuring inflammation at the angles of the lips associated with anemia, drooping, loss of VDO and immune suppression describes what?
Rubeola (measles)
___ is caused by paramyxovirus spread through respiratory droplets.
___ is the loss of cellular cohesion found in Tzanck cells of herpes simplex virus.
enamel = dentin density
Explain how amelogenesis imperfecta: hypocalcified appears radiographically.
periapical granuloma
___ ___ are mostly asymptomatic, but may be mildly painful to percussion. It is not sensitive to thermal stimuli because pulp is necrotic.
Where is desmoglein 3 found?
In desmosomes, which are intracellular bridges connecting keratinocytes to each other in the stratum spinosum.
SSA(Ro) and SSB(La) are elevated in which two autoimmune diseases?
How would you test for these anitgenic non-nuclear DNA components?
Sjogren's and SLE
Use indirect immunofluorescence (IIF) to test serum
In which disease is it imperative to refer patient to opthamologist: P. vulgaris or Cicatricial Pemphigoid?
Cicatricial Pemphigoid
- 2/3 of patients have ocular lesions --> symblepharon & ankyloblepharon
- eyes not as severely affected in Bullous Pemphigoid

single row of cells often form canals with central lumina
Which of the following factors is/are not strongly linked to leukoplakia?
A. Trauma
B. Smoking
C. Sanguinara
D. UV radiation
E. Microorganisms
F. Alcohol
A. Trauma
F. Alcohol
. What cranial nerve is involved with Bell’s palsy?
Chronic mucocutaneous candiasis
Chronic candida infection of the skin, fingernails, scalp and mucous membranes describes what?
Oral/Cervical cancer
HPV 16, 18, 31 and 33 cause what?
dentinogenesis imperfecta I / II
Bulbous, rounded crowns, slightly narrow roots, poor DEJ formation, no detectable pulp chamber describes ___ ___.
periapical granulmoa, periapical cyst, chronic apical abscess
Which three pathologies could periapical radiolucency indicate?
What are Birbeck granules?
Where are they found?
small vesicles with a bulbous extension (tennis racket or rod-shaped granules) that are found in Langerhans cells of the oral stratified squamous epithelium
Most likely location for Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma?
For Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma?
Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma - palate
Mucoepidermoid - parotid
What disease is associated with Liebman-Sachs endocarditis?   
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE); heart valve damage is common.
Acinic cell adenocarcinoma
___ ___ ___ is a malignancy with serous acinar differentiation. It is most common in the parotid gland and has a better prognosis than other tumors.
verruca vulgaris (common wart)
HPV 2, 4 and 40 cause what?
Chronic Apical Periodontitis
___ ___ ___ is chronic inflammation at the apex of a non-vital tooth. It produces obvious radiographic changes in bone and causes periapical granuloma or periapical (radicular) cyst.
A raised, submucosal hemorrhage is called a _______.
An large non-raised, submucosal hemorrhage is a ____.
raised - hematoma
large (> 2 cm) non-raised - ecchymosis
Mutations in collagen type VII cause which type of Epidermolysis Bullosa?
Which type is caused by mutations in the subunits for laminin?
Where does clefting occcur in each?
collagen type VII mutation -> clefting below lamina densa
= Dystrophic types
recessive dystrophic can be fatal
laminin subunit mutation -> clefting at lamina lucida
= Junctional type
dental abnormalities
The most important factor in the development of Osteoradionecrosis?
tooth extraction after radiation therapy
. What genetic disease shows the signs of sparse hair, absence of sweat glands and malformed or missing teeth?
    Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia
What are the clinical and histologic findings in pyostomatitis vegetans   
Clinical: multiple yellow pustules (may have snail track appearance), swollen & red oral mucosa, papillary     folds & grooves w/ pebbly surface, most common on facial gingiva, vestibule, buccolabial mucosa, not     uncomfortable     Histologic: eosinophilia
Sialothiosis ( Sialolith)
A 50 year ols woman presented with a firm, hard nodule in the floor of the mouth. Based on the clinical and radiographic features, what is the diagnosis?
1. hereditary hypohydrotic ectodermal dysplasia and 2. down syndrome
Which two syndromes are related to hypodontia?
Name the 6 categories of MUCOSAL RAISED LESIONS
G. Normal Colored, well defined nodules
H. Discolored well defined nodules
I. Irregular ulcerated enlargements
J. Verrucous enlargements
K. Multiple enlargements
L. Generalized gingival enlargements
Antoni A areas and Antoni B areas
- found in biopsy of Neurilemoma

- Antoni A areas contain Verocay bodies (palisaded Schwann cell nuclei surroinding a nuclear free zone), and are solid and cellular
Antoni B areas contain looser, myxoid tissue
What is the mechanism and initial pathologic site of osteoarthritis?  
 Slower and less complete replacement of chondroblasts and chondrocytes in joint cartilage leaving bone     exposed; may have inflammatory components; occurs in weight bearing joints (hip)
Parotid (64-80%) followed by minor salivary glands (9-23%)
Which gland are salivary gland tumors most commonly found in?
. What disease will show positive lab findings for serum rheumatoid factor, antinuclear antibodies and antibodies to double-stranded DNA?  What can oral form look like?   
 Lupus erythematosus;  oral can look like erosive lichen planus
mucoepidermoid carcinoma -- Low-grade tumors have good prognosis
___ ___ is a malignancy of a muxture of mucus-producing cells and epidermoid or squamous cells.
Hairy leukoplakia caused by EBV / HHV-4
White, linear lesions on the lateral border of the tongue found in immunosuppressed individuals that often leads to early Dx of HIV describes what?
What are the clinical features of a conventional (solid and multicystic cystic) ameloblastoma?
most often posterior mandible, may be assoc w/ unerupted tooth in equal gender incidence; slow expansile growth; tooth displacement or mobility; root resorption; may cross midline
What are the differences between the odontogenic keratocyst and the keratinizing odontogenic cyst?
OKC - epi thin lining 6-8 cells thick with prominent palisaded basal cell layer and a corrugated  parakeratin surface - High recurrence rate; highest of any jaw cyst
KOC - epi lining may be thin also but lacks a palisaded basal cell layer and has an orthokeratin surface - Low recurrence rate 
D. It is NOT a true cyst w/an epithelial lining
Which of the following is NOT true for a mucocele: a. Mucus extravasation phenomenonb. Common lesion due to spillage of mucinc. Often result of local traumad. It is a true cyst with an epithelial lining
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