Faith First Vocabulary Flashcards

Terms Definitions
26 hallowed
Means very holy.
who invaded and destroyed Jerusalem
The relationship between God and humans that results in a body of beliefs and a set of practices.
11 Sacramentals
Special opbjects, blessings, words, and actions to help us worship God and celebrate the sacraments.
14 contrition
Being truly sorry for our sins
the offical teaching authority of the Church.
5 Bethlehem
The city where Jesus was born
26 Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of Heaven
When Israel fights with Moab, they teamed up with who?
15 Mass
The most important celebration of the Church. At Mass we worship God. We listen to God's word. We celebrate and share in the Eucharist.
a person who denies the existence of God.
19 missionaries
People who travel to teach others about Jesus.
12 annoint
To bless a person with holy oil.
17 Eucharistic Prayer
The Church's great prayer of thanksgiving that we pray at Mass.
After the prophets of Mt. Carmel didn't get a reaction from their god, what did they do?
Cut themselves
Who was the main person to get Naboth's vineyard?
7 Mary Magdalene
One of the first disciples Jesus appeared to after He was raised from the dead. She stood by the cross of Jesus with His mother Mary and other disciples.
14 Zacchaeus
A tax collector who asked Jesus for forgiveness.
5 Covenant
God's promise to always love and be kind to His people
20 commandments
Rules that help us to live holy lives
12 Baptismal Candle
A candle received at Baptism, lighted from the Easter candle. It reminds us that we are to live our faith.
When Babylon came into Jerusalem's temple The First Time, what did they do?
Took all the gold
Who is Ahab's son that is later killed by Jehu?
16 Holy Communion
Receiving the Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharist.
15 homily
When the priest or deacon helps us to understand God's word
Jesus Christ
Son of God, the second Person of the Holy Trinity who became one of us. He is true God and true man.
11 Sacraments
The seven signs of God's love for us that Jesus gave the Church.
17 heaven
Living with God and with Mary and all the saints in happiness forever after we die.
23 venial sin
A less serious sin that hurst our relationship with God and other people.
26 trespass
To do or say something that hurts our friendship with God and with other people.
16 Jewish people
The people God chose as His people in the Old Testament. The name of the people to which Jesus belonged.
6 John the Baptist
The son of Elizabeth and Zechariah. He helped the people get ready for Jesus.
17 Holy Sacrifice
The Mass. We share in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.
What was unique about Judah getting the birthright?
he wasn't the first born
19 Great Commandment
To love God above all else and to love others as we love ourselves
18 Teresa of Avila
A saint from Spain who was a great teacher of the faith of the Church. She was a Doctor of the Church.
20 St. Vincent de Paul
Took care of the sic, gave clothes and food to the poor, helped people to find jobs and to build homes.
17 Liturgy of the Eucharist
The second main part of the Mass. The Church does what Jesus did at the Last Supper.
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