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Terms Definitions
to support
Trinity Church
three-dimensional object
Positive space
la ligne
Colour Name (orange)
a través de
paint for ceramics
la obra
the work
el autorretrato
cuadro del artista
la naturaleza muerta
still life
Unfired pottery or sculpture
individual view/ subjective view
serious oral or written statements
adding grey to a hue
genre paintings
scenes from everyday life
The same on both sides
Middle Edo Period, Japan
Karaori kimono
Head of an Old Man
Abstract art
Imagery which departs from representational accuracy, to a variable range of possible degrees.
presence of differences between 2 things to create interest and tension
Complementary Pairs
complementary colors found opposite each other on the color wheel.
stories of the historical Buddha's previous lives
a system of components assembled together for a particular purpose
A pictorial technique for representing 3D objects on a 2D surface.
an emphasis is on realistic presentation of subject matter
Beigining of augustus rien
Won a battle between
Mark antony
At Actium 31 BCE
He used art to send political messege
Made after his death
We know he is dead because his feet are bare
Augustas has been deified
His successor deified him it then became a traition
Militay costume
Arm raised in a gesture of adress
Pose called contropasta
Prima Porta Augustus
Ad locutio gesture
GI Bill
Veterans returned to universities in large numbers during 1945
the organization of line, form, color, value, texture, and space in an eye-pleasing arrangement
the arrangement of elements such as line, value, and form within an artwork
having height and width, but not depth
in christianity, the partaking of the bread and wine, which believers hold to either Christ himself or symbolic of him
Marcus Agrippa
Augustus's long time friend. Augustus chooses Agrippa as heir and marries daughter to him. They have 5 children and Augustus adopts Gaius and Lucius.
a process used to eliminate air bubbles from clay
placing distant objects higher up in picture, closer and lower down
light sensitive surface was a copper plate coated with sliver iodide
(no) estoy de acuerdo
I agree; I disagree
In graphic art, the disposition of text and images on a page, or the overall design of typographic elements on a page.
documented art
evidence of the work's existence in the form of writing, photocopies, or film
Warm colors
colors that range for the yellows through the oranges and the reds
Relief Sculpture
A sculpture which, intended to be viewed from one side, which is carved or modeled from a flat tablet or plaque.
the three properties of color
hue, value, and intensity
Paul Gauguin, The Day of the God, 1894
Informal Balance
Organizing parts of a design involving balance of unlike object
modified contour
drawing while looking at the object and glancing at the paper occasionally for proper placement
visual weight
The apparent heaviness or lightness of the shapes and forms arranged in a composition. When both sides have equal visual weights, the composition is balanced.
la raie
une ligne qui separe les cheveux sur la tete
diptych, triptych
artwork consisting of 2 panels, or 3 panels that can be hinged together
Female personification (Tellus)
Woman nurturing 2 babies. Animals in background. Augustus
art show
a display of artwork that people are invited to see
negative shape (ground)
empty areas- just as important as positive shapes
who is the main character??
Death of Sarpedon, Euphronios
Red figure technique reverse of black technique
Painted lines before firing no incisions
Paint is around the silloetes
Illegally excavated
Used to mix water and wine
Scene from the storis of homer
Prince Sarpedon carried off by winged fig and the god hermes behind the guide of sould to the under world
Sleep and death
The prince is at the height of beauty
Eyelid is just partially closes
What are some possible colors found in an analogous color scheme?
Blue-Green, Yellow-Green, Blue-Violet
central axis line
divides right and left sides of the head
In the left foreground, angelic figures watch the titular figure seated on a very luxurious chair with green and red pillows at her feet. The title figures elongated fingers hold back her shawl, and her eyes focus on the very alien-looking child in her la
Madonna with a Long Neck
1. Flyer 2. Clerestory 3. Buttress pier 4. Triforium 5. Nave archade
Plan of a Gothic Cathedral
Masaccio's Brancacci Chapel Adam and Eve
noted for its emotion, energy, human mortality, and deep realistic shadowing.
What are the 9 DO's of good composition?
1 be creative, use angles & views
2 start with most interesting towards center, start there
3 include several sizes, remember neg. space is a shape too
4 try to have verticals, horizontals, and diagonals,
5 make sure images touch your edges
6 avoid drawing with eyes down
7 concentrate & follow lines
8 look at the line relationships
9 check the neg. space around and inside what you are drawing
la cancion
Records images
swimming pool
tomb paintings
el entrada
sense of equality
Andromache Mourning Hector
La creación
Diego RIvera
Claude Monet
Impression Sunrise
Destacar (se)
to stand out
Primary colors
Red Yellow Blue
Means "believing in nothing"
Deer's Skull with Pedernal
real space that is visible
yellow, yellow-green, green
What is Analagous?
Cave 45, Dunhuang, Gansu, 725CE
One man movement in Romania
Color Schemes
Achromatic, Monochromatic, Analagous, Complementary, Split-complementary, Triads , Warm and Cool
2nd Greek Order- Ionic
curled capital
a functional manufactured object that is displayed as a work of art for its unintentional aesthetic qualities
What the work of art expresses
two-dimensional flat
shapes are described as being....
(Islam) a Muslim place of worship
refers to the surfaces'squality, its smoothness, roughness or softness
The School of Athens by Raphael
What is pigment in paint?
powdered color
Rape of the Sabine Women
(Nicolas) Poussin
"The Girl with a Pearl
Earring" - Johannes
what is a palette?
container to hold paint
slab construction
Method of hand-building where sheets of clay are rolled out using a rolling pin and dowels. Forms are created by joining pieces together through the slip and score method.
The Two Fridas, Mexico, "HIGH" MODERN ART IN NORTH AMERICA, Kahlo
In Neolithic
Farming, end of the Ice age
An aesthetic theory which requires a strong communication of feelings, moods, or emotions from the artwork to the viewer
Color wheel
red, yellow, blue, green and violet
hard ground
employed for finely detailed linear work
The woman printmaker whose drawings Mrs. S showed as examples of different kinds of lines
Cathy Holwitz
golden mean
proportions of the golden rectangle; width is to length, as lengh is to length plus width
The process of compressing and rubbing fibers together to make a mat
Art Forms
drawing / painting / printmaking / ceramic / sculpture
the empty or open area between around above below or within objects
to feel compelled to do sthg.
sich genötigt fühlen
a 20th century movement of artists who used strange dreamlike images
a public facility to meet for open discussion
Photo Essay
collection of photographs on a single subject that tell a story or convey a mood.
the type of eraser that can be reshaped and used to lift pencil lines to lighten without completely erasing
_______, the Aztec goddess of life and death is recognizable in the culture's art by her necklace of human hearts, severed hands and skull.
Atmospheric perspective
a technique used by painters for representing three-dimensional space on a flat two-dimensional surface by creating the illusion of depth, or recession within a painting or drawing. Atmospheric perspective suggests that objects closer to the viewer are sharper in detail, color intensity, and value contrast than those farther away. As objects move closer to the horizon they gradually fade to a bluish gray and details blur, imitating the way distant objects appear to the human eye. Also called aerial perspective.
Gustave Moreau
The Apparition (Dance of Salome). C. 1876
What feelings does Mark Rothko hope to evoke with his large, luminous canvases?
Spiritual, enlightenment
Product Design
A career relating to the design and creation of models for commercial products.
Duchamp Mona Lisa L.H.O.O.Q
-humorist- drew mustache on her -questions the value of the uniqueness of art because of mechanical reproduction
horizontal line
A line that travels right to left. Comes from "horizon" which is the line created where the land meets the sky.
The side of the brain which is better able to handle complex artistic tasks
complementary colors
two colors that are opposite on color wheel
Cool Colors:
Hughes on half of the color wheel with blue in the center. (Blue, green, purple, gray is the neutral color included with cool colors.)
A Bird in the Air Pump
Joseph Wright of Derby, 1768
Tertiary colors
Combinations of primary and secondary colors
DCs in Sports
In on staff of NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. (neuromusculoskeletal knowledge important). In 2010, Chiros were at two top leadership positions for U.S. OC medical team
Yong soon min ''dwelling''
born in a small village in Korea move to United States at seven was mostly raised in the United States trips back to Korea she feels distant from her country of origin
Por qué no dejamos para la próxima semana?
Why dont we wait and do it next week?
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