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Secular Authority
French Calvinists
a French Protestant
Clarifing the church.
One's own religious beliefs.
a post of authority
Italian religious and political reformer
(1452-1498). An italian priest who publicly called out for religious reform. Because of his outspokenness, Savonarola was burned at the stake in the central square of Florence.
Edward VI
Henry VIII's only son
John Calvin
1509-1564. French theologian. Developed the Christian theology known as Calvinism. Attracted Protestant followers with his teachings.
John Wyclif
Leader of Lollards
Made 1st translation of Bible into English
Protestant group which disagreed with Martin Luther on the issue of infant baptism
person who maintains opinion contrary to church doctrine
Pardon releasing a person from punishments due for a sin.
Martin Luther believed salvation came through ____ alone.
angelican church
in 1559, parliament followed Elizabeth's wishes and set up this church with Elizabeth as its head. this was to be the only legal church in england
Criticized the Church and the corruption in its clergy in the 1300s. Challenged papal infallibility and called for the power of the clergy to be supplanted with the Bible and individual interpretation of it by all Catholics. Together with Jan Hus he set the stage for the Protestant Reformation.
a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves
A Protestant religion inspired by Luther's religious movement; after Geman rulers (supporting Luther) took control of Catholic Churches, and set up new religious services (based on Bible teachings, preaching, and song, versus the Catholic Church's services of rituals and practices of devotion), this doctrine became official over all the reformed churches.
an effort within the Catholic church to correct those abuses that had led to the Protestant Reformation
Johann Ec
a Catholic theologian that opposed Luther in the Leipzig Debate
The official head of the Roman Catholic Church.
Orthogonal Lines
Lines that help show perspective, invented during Southern Renaissance.
Lord's Supper
Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli disagreed mostly on the significance of the ____ ____
Religious Toleration
acceptance of the fact that differeeent religions could have different beliefs
Martin Luther
from germany, professor at university of wittenberg. He believed that salvation could come from faith alone and not good works. He wrote the 95 theses.
Thomas Cranmer
archbishop that influenced Edward VI with the Book of Common Prayer. Simplified the liturgy so people would understand it
"New Jerusalem" where John of Leiden believed he would be king
Giving up on reforming the catholic church, Martin Luther & his followers start a seperate religion
Spanish Armada
the Spanish fleet that attempted to invade England, ending in disaster, due to the raging storm in the English Channel as well as the smaller and better English navy led by Francis Drake. This is viewed as the decline of Spains Golden Age, and the rise of England as a world naval power.
Followers of Knox. The term came from a group of laymen called elders or presbyters. Led by Knox a group of Protestant nobles made Calvinism the official religion of Scotland. They deposed Mary Queen of Scots in favor of her son, James.
The date when Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses
White Mountain
The battle outside Prague ended the Bohemian phase of the war and spelled defeat for the Protestants
A religious order founded to serve the pope and spread Catholic teachings; missionaries
S. Hofman
Henry VIII
The first Tudor of England, married Catherine of Aragon after his brother married her, then died.
A statement or an idea that people argue about or try to prove
derived from protest by small group of German princes in 1529
Abuses in the RCC
Priests led a secular lifestyle
Phillip Melanchthon
close friend of Luther who wrote Luther's teaching in a book
30 Years War
War during the Reformation that started over religion but was made more political by Cardinal Richelieu of France.
Society of Jesus
an orginization of people that wanted to spread catholicism especialy to the new world
A way to remove sin by paying the Catholic church money
Martin V
The Schism was finally healed when wat pope was selected.
an assembly of people that belong to a church
order in the universe
argument to intelligent design, some things are true because of something else
The idea that God knew who would be saved even before they were born.
The Medicis
A Rich family in Florence who started a successful banking business.
Who replaces Cardinal Wolsey?
Cromwelll and Cranmer (both are Protestants...shh!)
German monk sent by Pope Leo X. He sold indulgences.
anne boleyn
she was henry's next wife after he divorced catherine. she had a daughter also and was accused of treason put to death later on
Christian humanism
A movement based on the humanists of the Italian Renaissance, where people tried to reform the Catholic Church; these people believed in the power of humans to improve, and used this to institute that citizens should read the classics (especially early Christian scriptures) so that they could improve the Catholic Church; one famous Christian humanist was Desiderius Erasmus.
Paul III
Pope from 1534 to 1549 he took four important steps. He had the Council of Cardinals investigate infulgence selling and other abuses in the Church. Second, he approved the Jesuit order. Third, he used the Inquisition to seek out heresy in papal territory. Fourth, he called the Council of Trent.
Peace of Pyrenees
This ended the war between France and Spain after Westphalia had been signed
Mayflower Compact
First form of law brought to the new world signed by 41 men.
John Tetzel
He was the man known for stopping any religious functions that went against or interfered with his preaching. He preached near Wittenburg with the focus of financial angle. He said, for a common man to receive forgiveness of sin, he could get a faster route to purgatory by paying for indulgences.
Jane Seymour
3rd wife of Henry VIII, gave birth to Edward then she died.
Who were the Jesuits?
a religious order set up by Ignatius that helped strengthen up catholicism
Henry VIII (8th)
King Henry VII wanted to have a son with another woman so he asked the pope to annul his marriage to his wife, Catherine. When the pope refused to annul the marriage, he was furious and took over the English church.
error has no rights
part of the cannon law, heretic has no rights because he's not in good standing with the church
Jan van Eyck/ Albrecht Dürer
A Flemish (Flanders is one of the northern European Low Countries) painter who first used and mastered oil painting, using varnish from linseed oil and nut oil, and resins; the technique allowed him to paint bright colors, creating strikingly realistic paintings, like 'Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride'; like other painters of the North Renaissance, he observed nature and imitated it with detail, rather than studying perspective as the Italians did/ A German artist who made 2 trips to Italy, and used the methods of perspective, combined with the North Europe style of details, to create famous works like 'Adoration of the Magi'.
the oration of the dignity of man
says the greatest of god's creation is humanity, even greater than angels because angels have one purpose but humans have the ability to learn and grow
we need to reform and we need to assert our power
The Council of Trent's two goals were:
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